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thousand meters today right you lot get in the pool Henry don't tell me sorry sir I can't swim today because enough excuses Henry whew horrible child I don't care if you've got a slight touch of leprosy or bubonic plague you're swimming today get changed no fortunately I forgot my trunks spare costumes put one on them I can't wear any of these I won't get changed I gotta swim leeches without drowning he's a scaredy cat sir he's scared of the water the water swim do you really want to be the only one in the class who hasn't got his 5 meter badge how stupid do you think I am [Applause] you're not getting out of this pool till you've got your five meter badge the shallow end the big fat losers and they should call it control you I'm just so happy to be learning to swim hey what were you going oh sorry I wasn't looking I was looking at you know the shark Andrew about the shark latest news it escaped into the sewage system no yes so he'll probably swim and end up here hiding in the deep end no yes don't tell anyone line up everyone how to leave a tear William okay I know William can keep a secret for about five seconds and then the ants painstakingly burrow their way down through the soil to build their nests out of what food crisps carrot sticks room yummy peanut butter sandwiches what Lenti of apple juice I written to the trip – laters up moon-goddess collective stretch limos no no limos much too expensive one bus is much greener than lots of limos know why you're bothered you're not coming Henry Peters your brother of course he's coming no Peter no party all right but you better keep out of my way yes the birthday boys name is Henry Henry when you went to lasers at 4 outs birthday party did you break all the lasers no and put slime in everybody's spacesuits what about the gearing new boots oh yeah that was great well Laser zap have banned you that means the party would have to be here I know lots of good games don't be horrid stop that at once hey let me play with the box Henry I told you to share the box with Peter and don't forget miss lovely I'll be here soon to talk about the school play costumes miss lovely let's make the box into a little cottage just for now I'm just popping next door for a minute so Henry behave don't windows here the paint flowers don't you touch my books it's a time machine you cold came in it if it looked like a time machine everyone do you know anything it's in disguise anyway then watch this I'll prove it's a time machine by traveling to the future stand back you don't want to get scorched by the vortex blast I don't believe you're going to the future it really is a time machine what if he is stuck in the future although he never comes back I could watch whatever I want on TV me Peter I've been to the future your road welcome to King Henry's the largest chain of super stores in the world Henry have you seen my big bottle of perfume no bottle of perfume I thought she'd never notice and where's Peter he's not in his room oh I uh I sold him what do you mean you sold him oh I've sold everything I don't want and I certainly don't want Peter I sold him to Ralph well you go round to Ralph's right now and buy him back you horrid boy when I'm kidding parents won't be allowed to have any pocket money Henry mothers have got to buy Peter back I'll give you 50 P for him I gave you one pound fifty secondhand goods now I could go to 60 P but that's my last offer doesn't matter anyway I sold him what Margaret I got two pounds for him idiots sorry miss Morris well we don't want them now you've tossed them all around the countryside go and get some drinks and don't spill a drop or I'll make you wish you'd never been born yeah never been born no God a deal's a deal please I'll do anything you can keep the 20p all right I'll see what I couldn't do you're blocking my Ray's my mum says I have to buy Peter back well you can't I pay good money for him all right 50 don't waste my time he's fully trained now worth at least ten pounds paid ten before I take his place you a servant you be hopeless yeah hopeless Henry thank you sweetie I'll be right back with its tea time Peter important boomerang businessman oh right [Applause] alright then I need my pink box back you can have your pink box back here thank you but you've got to get handy to change the purple hangang world's first what's change the rules nevermind Henry there's still time Oh waves it not sir still looks like a fake donkey I can't wait to take my Mukesh and Peter Laureus into school tomorrow miss lovely will be so proud of me and I'm so proud of you too Peter I wonder why it's called a bogus son beetle aureus it's called a bogus and beetle aureus because it's not really your people no it's a bunkie thank Eve's calling my bogus and B Denarius of bogey Henry any more comments about bogies and y'all go straight to your room smell something burning oh nice Henry you are not going to show that to anyone Henry that is going straight into the bin come on Peter time for beddy-byes [Laughter] you could do it Henry that is one big bug

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