Hope Sabbath School Lesson 12 What they see in my house

[Applause] welcome to Hope Sabbath school an in-depth interactive study of the Word of God I'm glad you joined us today as we continue an amazing series on family seasons different places in our journey today our house is a place of hospitality and witness the question what have they seen in your house you say where did we get that title well stay with us you'll see a king who made a foolish mistake God wants our homes to be a place to witness about him we're glad you joined us today great series of studies and I must admit today studies thinking about what they see in my house that's really personal right mmm that's getting really practical and we're praying that you'll be blessed wherever you are as you think about what people will see in your home we're praying they'll see God lift it up amen here's some notes cannot let on it from Botswana writes and says the Lord used hope TV to win me to his eternal Kingdom it brings me to tears that the Lord could do such wonderful things for me first when I joined the church I struggled to understand the Bible study but thanks to hope Sabbath school I started to have an idea how it works now I'm confident to stand in class and share my views in front of the people god bless hope Channel we say Kenneth Lyon a God bless you too there in Botswana thanks for writing here's a beautiful note this is actually a hand written letter I'm not going to read it all but it's from a donor who said I want to help the Ministry of Hope Channel I'm writing this letter today to tell you how much I appreciate hope Sabbath school and the Hope Channel it has literally saved my life with God and that doehner thank you so much from the state of Illinois sent a gift of $1000 to help the Ministry of Hope channel but more valuable than that is saving our life with God right and I think our team here including me we could testify that being part of Hope Sabbath school has also saved our lives with God right keeping us close to Jesus I pray that that's your experience too Angelita Thanks for writing from Texas in the United States I enjoy watching hope Sabbath school every week I look forward to watching as early as Monday or Tuesday of each week sometimes there may be a few things I don't get as I study on my own but I make sure I study before watching hope Sabbath school now that's interesting isn't it god bless everyone that's helping in any way or form to be such a great blessing please pray for my husband that he may want to attend church with me soon well I want to tell you we're talking today about making our homes a place of hospitality and witness when we are connected to the power of heaven people around us will be blessed right but Angelita we will certainly be praying for you and for your family Teresa writes from Zambia and says I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus that was pretty weak I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus I'm pleased to inform you that hope Sabbath school is really touching my life in a positive way as I prepare for the soon coming of Jesus stay blessed Teresa says and we say stay blessed to you Teresa thanks for being part of our Hope Sabbath school family one last note from Desmond Nicole there are just so many in Jamaica I don't know we must have tens of thousands and they all hopefully happen to have a representative of the team my name is Desmond from Jamaica I've been watching hope Sabbath school since I gave my heart to Jesus three years ago I just want to share with you how much Hope Sabbath school has changed me and my entire family we all were baptized together I pray that God will continue to bless this ministry people need to know the love of Jesus may the good Lord bless you all amen well thank you so much Desmond and what an amazing thing his whole family gave their hearts to Jesus together we're just so glad what a beautiful introduction to our study today about making our homes a place of hospitality and witness but before we go into our study we have a three thousand-year-old song to sing praise Him in the heights if you enjoy it sing along with us Oh gratefully while you stop light you know I remember complaining one time I said Lord do I have to sing in front of people and the Spirit of God rebuked me and said you still don't understand Derek do you it's not about you and if tens of thousands of people around the world can be lifting their hearts in praise to God the angels of God would say Amen or maybe hallelujah praise the Lord right as we join together and today as we look at this beautiful topic it could seem like a bit of a rebuke an ancient king made a foolish mistake but we can learn from our mistakes and we can say Lord let my home very humble maybe or very spacious whatever it is let it be a place where you were lifted up let's pray as we study today father in heaven we thank you that we can learn lessons from your word to help us today and we we've studied about different seasons in the family but now how our homes can be a place of hospitality and witness guide us in our study we pray in the name of Jesus amen amen what have they seen in your house well let's go to an ancient story and Kyle if you could begin our study today we're in second chronicles chapter 32 and the King's name is Hezekiah now Hezekiah did some good things during his reign but this particular story well let's see what he does we're in second chronicles chapter 32 and let's look at verses 27 through 29 see how God has blessed this king okay and I'll be reading from the New King James Version Hezekiah had very great riches and honor and he made himself Treasuries for silver for gold for precious stones for spices for shields and for all kinds of desirable items storehouses for the harvest of grain wine and oil and stalls for all kinds of livestock and folds for flocks moreover he provided cities for himself and possessions of flocks and her birds and abundance for God had given him very much property do you see any kind of slight warning red flag at all in what Kyle just read from second Chronicles anybody yes if he made for himself ah there's just a little clue there isn't it kind of reminds us of that story about the rich fool who said I want to build a bigger barn rather than saying is there any of my neighbors do you need anything right some of them would have come forward or could I make my home a place of hospitality for those who don't have as much so there's a little red flag there thanks for catching that let's look at the testimony of the prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 39 Malena if you have that would read it for us the first five verses now again if this is not be mean to Hezekiah day okay but this story is included for our admonition or learning isn't it let's see what happens according to the prophet Isaiah chapter 39 verses one to five I'll be reading from the New King James Version at that time muriatic paladin the son of paladin king of babylon sent letters in a present to Hezekiah for he heard that he had been sick and had recovered and Hezekiah was pleased with them and showed them the house of his treasures the silver and gold the spices and precious ointment and all his armory all that was of all that was found among his treasures there was nothing in his house or in all his Dominion that Hezekiah did not show them then Isaiah the prophet went to King Hezekiah and said to him what did these men say and from where did they come to you so Hezekiah said they came to me from a far country from Babylon and he said what have they seen in your house so Hezekiah answered they have seen all that is in my house there is nothing among my treasures that I have not shown them the NIH's eya said to Hezekiah hear the word of the Lord of Hosts behold the days are coming sorry well you could go on and read the rest of the story what is the rest of the story by the way Carl well it says here that of course Isiah told him that Babylon would come and take all this stuff away that's right that's right now there was nothing wrong in the emissaries coming right in fact they brought a gift because they heard what was sick that is a perfect opportunity Rinella when they come and bring a gift saying we heard you were sick to say what to tell them about the god of heaven that's right it's a thank you for your kindness and the prayers of God's people were heard and I have recovered right what's in your house the answer is God is in my house right and we just want to give him glory so what's driving him Tom I mean you're like hello he doesn't know these people what do you think's driving his behavior that he would show them I mean he says everything there was nothing that I didn't show them well it seems like a little pride and maybe forgetting to give credit to God you know there isn't any way their way he says there's a lot of things but I want to tell you god bless me of course to show a stranger from another land everything you've got probably isn't that smart anyway is that you wonder if you prayed and said Lord what would you like me to show him could I take him to the temple and see people praying what what should I show him yes it's clear that he's he's trying to boast about what he has because he says I showed them all my treasures ah so there's these little clues here right I'm thinking of the Old Testament passage which says when you come into the land you know and you prosper don't forget right right is the Lord your God who gives you power to give wealth that's right and so I wanted to say God I want to give you all that glory now how does that relate to us how many of you hear of the twelve are wealthy don't raise your hands that's really not the issue is it no you could actually be impoverished and brag about the things you have or you could be incredibly wealthy and your home could be a place of hospitality and witness so let's continue in our study we've learned a lesson from King Hezekiah Hezekiah like Kyle said that they would come when the people of Babylon the armies would take all of those things but let's talk about our homes not being a showcase of our possessions but a place of hospitality and witness so what you do is scan you ready do a scan of your Bible knowledge and say who do I know in the Bible that use their home as a place of hospitality and witness who jumps to mind Chelsea I think of Abraham when those three strangers came okay and he did not hesitate to give them the best that he had to offer right he kind of almost played with them to stay by the tree yes and by the way who were those three strangers they were heavenly message messengers right and and then there is a text in Hebrews chapter 13 says don't be forgetful to entertain strangers or show hospitality some have entertained angels unawares well that was one of them great illustration Chelsea another story Kyle I think of the home of Mary and Martha and Lazarus oh that's just a great one in the Ministry of Jesus isn't it right they were always inviting him to come and rest and give him food and it was just a place where Jesus could rest yeah normally we read that story and we're a little negative about Martha being so busy but you have to admit she wanted her home to be a place of hospitality she just needed to slow down a little Martha yeah you know don't forget to sit at the feet of Jesus great great story Haiti I think of the couple that made a room for the prophet Elijah ah okay that was the shunammite woman right that finally had a child she made a room like a guest room for the prophet Elijah right Elijah yeah that's another great one showing hospitality Petra well one that we know not as much is the house of Mary Mother of Mark he she was the one who hosts most of the disciples in Jerusalem yeah that's right in fact isn't that where Peter goes when he's released from prison and they won't open the door when he's knocking at it right but they came there to pray so that was a place over hospitality and and actually witness wasn't it yeah Travis I think in Acts chapter 16 of the jailer hmm after he was converted invited Paul and Silas into his house and clean them up and fix them up and served them okay so a very new follower of Jesus there's another one of the disciples who was a very new follower of Jesus who opened up his home who was that Matthew someone say Matthew for me thank you that's right and who does he invite our tax collectors yeah the aisle whole IRS the US whatever they call it where you live the tax collector agency he invited all of his tax collector friends why to impress them with help successfully Big Ben prepares another gospel he wanted them to meet Jesus right and hear what Jesus had done so I want you to think about your own life now because we all have journeys and think of a time when someone showed Christian hospitality to you they opened their home to you and and it blessed you Chelsea I could think of um when I was in my preteen early teen years and there was this one Sabbath school teacher who just really had a heart for my age group and she would open her home for Vespers for just hanging out for all these different things and I really feel like she was integral in helping me grow in God just from her own hospitality and caring for preteens and early teens is she still alive yes I hope she watches hope service go out because she may not be thinking I'm gonna really make a deep impression on Chelsea she's just saying god I just want my home to be a place of hospitality and witness right right thank you for sharing that someone else someone the that impacted you Nicole well number of years ago I actually was traveling to Bali Indonesia and on my way I left my passport at home and so I had to stop over in Guam and I'm at the way for my passport to come to me and when I got to Guam a young lady who I'd never met before I don't even remember her name but she kind of saw me in the airport and I was kind of you know disgusted by the fact that I was gonna be staying there but she welcomed me to her home she helped me find a hotel to stay in overnight and she brought me to her church he wasn't Adventists but she was definitely a Christian woman um and even to this day I remember that she really helped me those two days that spent in Guam just being there for me I never knew her don't know she says that was both hospitality and witness woman's right well thank you for sharing oh yeah my wife and I were traveling same thing but we got stuck on a Friday evening because every all the airports was shut down due to a blizzard and so we went to church the next day and at a local church and I think it was Houston Texas and so we're talking about how we were stuck and this couple nearby says are you guys do you guys need a place to stay and if it we said yeah and so they invited us over offered us food and if they're watching by the way we have forgotten years later yeah but they were really just it just spoke to us about like a church family wherever we go there's people who can take us in we probably could spend the whole time and that's not a bad thing to to honor those people whether in an airport or during early teen years or some someone in the midst of some inclement weather and just say thank you it made a difference to my life because you showed hospitality so maybe someones listening Haiti and they say Derick I have a very modest home I mean you know this is not like come over to my home you know first of all that's a problem right that attitude but let's say they say you know I am me up maybe I'm single I just have a little efficiency or I don't have a lot of room really you want me to just open the doors is what would you say to that person I actually have a friend who has come over to my house a few times and keeps telling me back but she wants to invite me to her house but that it's very small but her personality to me is just all that matters and so I would say that let your life be a light and an example of God and everything else it won't matter how big it is how fancy it is if you have you know the best food there of feasts that's what will make someone feel warm and welcome my wife and I when we first moved to this part of the country we stayed in a very small condo and we really couldn't invite all of you over you'd have to come in shifts right because it's very small God has blessed us since to be in a setting where we have more room but it's it's not the number of people you can fit in either is it maybe you can only invite two people but those two people just like your testimony's could be impacted forever right and I like what you said Haiti you know it's about what God's doing in you that's important and not what people see now it would be nice if it was clean right right yes if it was appropriate but that is what leaves an impression like I doubted Chelsea would say and I remember this lady she was the sharpest dressed lady we may not even remember that you know right but you remember her heart and that's what makes the difference so now I'm gonna turn the story around and say a time when God impressed you to open maybe your little condo or your big house or whatever and say Rinella can you think of a time God said I want you to show hospitality and and and a witness to someone in your home yeah you know when I was in my early 20s I lived in a studio so it was a 1:1 it wasn't even a bedroom it was just one room and I had a lot of younger girls you know that we're also around the same age but that kind of looked up to me that I wanted to spend time with me and I I thought well I don't know if I should invite them over but I remember saying you know what they just want to spend time and we had them come over and I've just had such great deep talks where they could open up and I think that's the thing as people open up when they're in your home in that intimate one-on-one and we were able to talk about God and just to be able to encourage and and it was it was all worth it even though nothing was great in my house but I was able to to be a blessing to them and we're in an apartment that small one room everybody gets the front-row seat you know hide in the back somewhere mm-hmm great illustration and and I'm sure that just like some of these are the stories some of those young people would say I remember that time that Rinella invited me I was someone else a time when you were given the opportunity Stephanie yes so I love having people over to my place but I usually have a small a very small place and each time I invite someone home from church it's I'm the one that gets the blessing because they're sharing their testimony and it doesn't have to be that that big or fancy soup in a sandwich isn't great but we always have great fellowship so step out do something out of your zone so you've raised another issue and that is does God want us to be a blessing to others yes but what did you discover I received the blood yeah the blessing comes back to you too I think you know you felt the same way someone else the time that God said hey I know you don't know these people or maybe you weren't even planning on this but I want you to open up your home and make it not a place not not a like a museum tour or a Treasury tour like King Hezekiah but a place of hospitality and witness Travis I remember we had a truck driver delivering to our our shop when I was in business and it was late at night that he was going to be coming in and I knew that he'd been traveling for a long time and I said listen why don't you come I'll come and pick you up why don't you come stay at my house and a cookie supper and do you cook I do okay so that's even more special books for you so I made him separate found out that he is a nice Christian man and we actually went in the living room around the fire and we we just studied the Bible for a couple hours together it was a great experience he couldn't believe that that I invited him into into my home but we had a great experience Thanks so you're listening you go oh that's beautiful I'm a little more reserved I don't typically do that you know let them let them go to Romero's house or somewhere what would you say to a person that says you know I'd like I like my home to be more a place of hospitality and witness but I'm just a little reserved about that John um the one thing I would say sometimes you have to build up to it okay they mean that the first place may not be your home but spending time with that person in any location just building that relationship could lead up to you inviting them to your house because once they know that you have you that you have their best interests in mind no strings attached okay then they're going to be more open to actually coming over and hanging out with you so Shawn saying one little step might be hey do you want to meet at that vegetarian restaurant down the road you know and we could maybe have a little lunch together that that you could build some more trust and they know that you're not strange or something got several hands I want to hold them cuz it's practical we'll come back after Kyle I just want to agree with Shawn and actually in my situation I actually don't have a house that I can invite people to the room don't want to invite people to just a tiny early room and there may be people that don't have a place that they can invite people to and that's okay but you can go out of your way to show love to someone and like Shawn said take them out to eat or just spend spend time with them show them you know that you care about them I think that's what really matters the most and you could tell them someday when I have a place on the flight you have some day I'm gonna invite you all cuz I can't cook like travel heads raised in the front yes Gary I was gonna say one step also if you're reserved start with those closest to you okay because if you're if you're not used to having people over you may not know what you're doing or you may not you you want to feel like I'm okay with this this is fine and then as you you know you have the Holy Spirit lead you and to invite that person you have that confidence saying I've done this before I can do it again let me do it right so rather than invite your entire office over you might just have a friend that you work with yes and say hey would you like to come over and have one day on the weekend or whatever and obviously we want to keep boundaries in terms of you know who it is and we don't want them to think we're wanting to have a date with them or something you know we may want to be better today by two people over right yeah so but we don't have to invite all 21st time right Thomas I was just thinking that hospitality is more than just whether you have a home to share I'm thinking of Luke 7 where Jesus was in the home of a think of Simon and he says you know I came into your home and yet you didn't give me a kiss but look at this woman over here you know if she greeted me and I think that shows us that hospitality is so much more you can have a invite people into at home but actually not be hospitable correct right and and and you can have a very simple home and be very warm and hospitable – right let's talk about let's get now into the people in the house because the Bible when we talk about our home being a place of witness our first mission field our first mission field is where now if you happen to live by yourself I guess you'd say well make sure I'm staying close to Jesus but if we have others in the house well let's remind ourselves in some instructions definitely could you look at X 1 verse 8 we may read it do do do but I want you to notice the first place that you to focus and how it expands out in bigger and bigger circles alright and I'll be reading from the King James Version but ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and in Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth mm-hmm now it doesn't say they start at home but Jerusalem is where capital where they are that's where they are Judea that's kind of like if we live in this country you might say the the city and then the state or in some countries they might say the the town and then the province right Sumeria hmm a little beyond their community yes and kind of a little bit outside of their culture too right mm-hmm so that's kind of like whoa we're gonna go that far yeah and then then all the earth now we could have a whole study about mission and that would be really powerful but we're talking here that the mission field begins in Jerusalem so even if we didn't want to get too personal we would say I really ought to start praying that God would help me impact people for Christ in the place I live right that's where I work where I go to school where my neighbors live that's why I should start but if I kind of tighten the circle down even more it begins in my own home in fact you know I've heard people say I don't want to be out telling the world about Jesus and not tell my own family that makes sense yeah I know some of you have testified about how important you feel that is can you think of some early followers of Jesus like the first thing they did was not let me go to the seven churches of Asia Minor no but they went right to their family Gary I was gonna say what what's it entered it was Andrew that's right what's the first thing that Andrew does by the way he was a disciple of John the Baptist right and when Andrew and John yeah first year what does Andrew do he goes and he finds his brother would you read that for us character in John chapter one okay John chapter one verse 40 and 41 and by the way John should know because he was there with Andrew John chapter 1 verses 40 and 41 okay and I'll be reading from the New King James Version John 1:40 and 41 one of the two who heard John speak and followed him was Andrew simon Peters brother he first found his own brother Simon and said to him we have found the Messiah which is translated the crime first thing let me go find my sibling yeah who's name was Simon right now go over to mark 1 and this circle expands a little bit more mark chapter 1 Thomas could you read for us mark 1 verses 29 to 31 sir mark 129 to 31 this is from New King James Version now as soon as they had come out of the synagogue they entered the house of Simon and Andrew with James and John but Simon's wife but the wife's mother lay sick with a fever and they told him about her at once so he came and took her by the hand and lifted her up and immediately the fever left her and she served them I like that they told him about her I want you yeah that was right okay we'll give it by the way after the Sun Goes Down it says the whole city showed up mmm yeah what have Andrew and Peter or assignment Peter his first name is actually Simon right what of Andrew and Simon Peter decided share the boy laughing first mission field oh is it home so anybody want to share a testimony that God would God put that conviction on your heart that your first mission field is your home Rinella yeah you know um I have a wonderful family and there are times that I you know try to when I first kind of was converted I was very excited and would try to to share the gospel with my words and I started realizing that it's it's much more important to to start off sharing with your actions and and eventually God opens up those opportunities so for example at the beginning I had to learn that I just need to show my love by doing the dishes and doing all the hard work and not trying to get out of it but overhear telling them about Jesus you know that's it's the old backwards and it spoke more to them by by me doing selfless things that I normally wouldn't and and God has opened up those opportunities as I've gone on and I could share more on that but but it's yeah sometimes it depends on the family and where they're at and yeah so so yeah I want to come back to some other examples of that but Chelsea where ya from family's the mission field right yeah for me I definitely have some relatives who actually either don't believe in God or who I guess have or in a rough place in their walk with God and for me I became just really convicted that my prayer for myself is to embody 1st Corinthians 13 to embody what love is Jesus is love really to them and and make that really by my first witness and when those conversations about Jesus opened up to to start having those conversations after my life has been that witness to them so that's really ties in with what Rinella is saying you know be a witness for Jesus use words if necessary Travis you've you've been on mission assignments in many parts of the world right you've been to the Philippines you've been to Guyana you've probably be another I don't know where you've been but but God has also placed on your heart a special burden for mission to your own family you want to share an experience with that when you became a Christian that God just putting that on your heart we it's funny we were just talking about that this morning milena and I were talking about this with a friend and that's I think I was like Rennell first it was you know you tried to pull and drag if kicking you know and and I learned it took a while but I learned it was important to me I wanted more than anything I wanted them to fall in love with Jesus but but just showing them who Jesus was and that took some time and and you just had to back off show them who Jesus was and and grow together as a family and that's worked a lot better than than the alternative but I think family's the most important can you imagine being in heaven without your family you shared with me one time and I'm impressed the ask you to share again about your relationship with your mother mm-hmm and how God gave you the opportunity to go and give Bible studies to your mother right I we didn't have a good relationship growing up and when we were separated for some time and brought back together my my mother and I started working on that but it was towards the end of her life which was just a few years ago that I asked her if she was going to be if she thought she was going to be in heaven and she started crying and said I don't think so I have not been good enough and so she didn't understand the Gospel message she didn't until I started studying with her it was a set of 25 studies and she's just weeping as I am as we're studying the first couple times as she realizes that it's not about how good she is it's about how good Jesus is a man and and we got to about the end of 20 studies and then she died unexpectedly but but she had told people in the church she said I learned more in 2020 studies than I did in 63 years and she had wanted to be rebaptised so I I believed that when when that day when Jesus comes I'm going to see her man amen oh man oh man Malena I know that you're a new Christian too and you've actually spent some time recently getting training to study the Bible with people do you ever think when you're doing that I've got family members that don't know Jesus yeah that's a big thing for me just over the past year becoming a Christian I've been just trying to lead by example it's been hard because I've been in Australia so the only time they seen me is over FaceTime but I actually just recently started Bible studies with my brother who's been an atheist for as long as I can remember and I don't know if he's doing with them with me because I'm his little sister and he doesn't want to hurt my feelings that's okay right yeah but he has so many questions like a study that I do in 15 minutes with somebody he wants to do for an hour because he has so many questions and it's so beautiful in my sister she's starting to ask questions and she is making sure that my two-year-old niece says her prayers every evening and it's just been such a blessing seeing how just being an example and showing people I think the biggest testimony is the evidence of a changed life and that's what's speaking to my family and yeah just like Travis said I want my family and have been more than anything and I can't imagine spending eternity without them mm-hmm isn't that beautiful yeah I mean that was it that was all we needed to hear right there to be studying the Bible with you but with your brother who's been a professed atheist and he has more questions than anybody else you've studied with I mean that's a miracle of God as an answer mm-hmm and and to show him that you not only want the world to know the love of God but you want him to know the love of God right you sister too and your little niece right you want her to know the love of God too that's a powerful powerful testimony you are and this takes me to another thought as we're talking about ministering to our families you are a mentor to your siblings right what's a mentor anybody what's a mentor somebody talked about in a previous study didn't reach Chelsea someone who I guess just kind of coaches you through life but I don't do it you're your spiritual walk or just in general life and and the most effective mentor is someone who lives what they're talking about right you know they they live that so you they watch they watch not in a critical judgmental way but oh okay this is how a Christian lives Kyle yeah and I was just gonna add just going back to what we were talking about too sometimes we think that our families that they may not be interested to hear what we have to say but I found and you know I'm i've done ministry in different places and stuff but just recently we've been studying with my brothers and I've been so amazed at how open and how much they wanted to learn the Bible and I realized man you know here I was I've been working over here and over here and over here but right in light in front of me were people that were really hungry for the word of God now you say brothers is that kind of a generic brother as I my brothers I have my actual brothers in Tennessee and I I've just been amazed at how hungry they were for the word of God and and so I think sometimes we forget that the people that God puts right in front of us may be the ones that need us most and perhaps the ones who'll be most open because they they know we love them and we care about them rather than just a stranger coming up Chelsea and then Thomas right yeah just resonating with with what's been said I my husband and I did some Bible studies with his grandparents and I found that you know you can be a spiritual mentor even to someone who's older than you because they even though they're much older than we are they never studied the Bible before and they actually were excited to learn so that was really a blessing for I and my husband to have those Bible studies and almost at least give some kind of spiritual insight for them that's beautiful that reminds me of a Testament and I'll come to your point Thomas of a young preacher named Tosh is a friend of mine and Tosh says my my grandpa held me when I was dedicated right when I was born now when I was born sorry and and then he said I hope help my grandpa when he was born again privilege of baptizing his grandpa he helped me when I was born I held him when he was born again so that's amazing would you agree that our family is an important mission field for Thomas I'll just add if I have a family member who also is an atheist and I really want to reach out to him but he doesn't he knows a lot about the Bible actually it's just that for whatever reason he turned his heart away from God but I feel like for me if I keep arguing with him about the Bible it's not gonna go anywhere but I just I just try to treat him like Jesus would like he's like he's my brother and he's someone I love and unconditionally regardless of his beliefs and I think that's gonna speak more to him than anything else about yes Haidee and then by the way we got lots of interaction that's good right because this is real life isn't it this is where the gospel impacts right at home Haiti for me I'm a mother of two and ever since I had the first one God just put a burning fire in my heart to teach my children about him and to know the importance that I can mold and shape them you know their relationship with God even though they have to choose on their own that's individual but that I have a special role my husband and I but especially myself as their mother and and so for me this is just like so personal you know I try in many ways to teach them His Word to teach them you know how to praise him how to worship Him and the why and to try to model it I mean I make mistakes and when I do I also apologize you know and I let them know you know I'm still on a journey myself but for me this is this very important would you would you go to the text in Deuteronomy Hitty for a suitor on to me 6 6 & 7 because what Haiti described there is what is written in Deuteronomy 6 6 and 7 and you know I'm listening and thinking I hope your children are watching Oh loves me right that's that puts it all together for them Deuteronomy 6 verses 6 & 7 I'll be reading from the New King James Version and it says and these words which I command you today shall be in your heart you shall teach them diligently to your children and shalt talk of them when you sit in your house when you walk by the way when you lie down and when you rise up any teachers here anybody who taught groups of people what happens when you teach to someone you teach your people to that's right you teach yourself to you reinforce in your own heart and maybe the spirit says don't forget where you just told them I'm gonna live that way yourself right one other text in and we talked about this idea of modeling right first Corinthians 11 and verse 1 pedra if you could read that for us 1st Corinthians 11 and verse 1 the Apostle Paul is speaking I'll be reading from the king new New King James Version and it says imitate me just as I also imitate Christ anyone else have another translation that translates the words imitate differently Oh Chelsea what did you say English standard version it's also be imitators of me imitators okay anyone use another word follow followers you know followers is not really as helpful of trends translation the word is mimic that's the verb in the ingredient so so really it's all of my example not just follow you but actually be an imitator of me but we're not trying to make little ices right that's not good English is it now trying to make little replicas of us but follow me as I follow Jesus yes so there was that primary mission field in our home anyone else that God put a burden on your heart yes Pedro that this is your mission yo ho I see the you know and my daughter you know she's a month old and she's a very observant girl she looks everything and she's looking at every action I take minutes the time and she's looking at me other her mother and when I look at her you know she's a little child a year 8 months old and she's observing what I do now every time I pick up my phone she noticed and I have to think of myself oh how much I'm going to span her because she's looking at me he's recording your phone timing what if my phone is doing it so you're saying before she can even speak back and say why are you doing that she's observing mm-hmm yes Rinella yeah and I think sometimes a lot of us have a really deep desire to you know reach our family but sometimes it's not possible in the whether you're geographically apart or or whatever it might be but I had an experience about I don't know how many years ago maybe three or four years ago now where I had a real big burden to pray for my extended family and I realized you know I don't know how to reach them but I can pray for them and I could really really pray for them and so I I created I needed a way to just remember all of them cuz it's a big family so I created this PowerPoint with their pictures and I would just go through the PowerPoint and pay it's very intentional so I can see their face and I remember I anytime I could I just prayed and prayed for months and I remember little by little God answering prayers so specifically in my Filipino family's life in the Philippines okay and long story short my one of my aunts kind of just her life sort of just all of a sudden changed and she I I was able to connect her to a pastor from my church and she had come to live in San Francisco and she got she got Bible studies she got baptized her family you know was interested as well and now she watches hope hope that was gold oh wait and her daughter watches it as well and it's just incredible because I don't know if several years ago I would have thought that their family would have really come to God but she can even testify herself how God has just changed her life and she's so happy now so prayer even if we feel like we can't don't have the words prayer does so much but it's not just God bless the people of the world but you had PowerPoint slides with pictures and names very specific intercession and one of the areas that we might really be wanting to intercede it's the last section of our study here as we're talking about what do people see in our houses what do we do if there's someone living in our house who is not a follower of Jesus that's the last section we want to look at together and let's look at a couple of texts of Scripture that give us some counsel Nicole if you could read for his first Corinthians chapter 7 first Corinthians 7 tooks talks all about marriage and relationships but in part of this chapter Paul talks about well let's just say there were lots of members of the church in Corinth who were new believers right they've been worshiping at the temple of Aphrodite and they became followers of Jesus so what do you do if your whole family doesn't make that decision let's see what Paul says in 1st Corinthians 6 7 excuse me verses let's see where how many verses did we have there well verses 12 to 15 thank you the New International Version says to the rest I say this I not the Lord if any brother has a wife who is not a believer and she is willing to live with him he must not divorce her and if a woman has a husband who is not a believer and he is willing to live with her she must not divorce him for the unbelieving husband has been sanctified through his wife and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified through her husband through her believing husband otherwise your children would be unclean but as it is they are holy but if the unbeliever leaves let it be so the brother or the sister is not bound in such circumstances God has called us to live in peace so situation where we might call this a divided family now if the person maybe we should answer this question right now if the person says hey I've met this really cute fellow or this really wonderful young lady I'm looking for a single person here still single coil though you watch a wonderful young lady you met is sitting right next to you I know but he says you know he's not a believer but but he's so good to me she's not a believer but she's she's just sweeter to me than anyone has ever been would would would the Apostle Paul give the same counsel we just read here stay in the relation what do you think Kyle I don't thinks I think he's talking about people that are already married they're already and then the person becomes a believer I don't think I don't think Paul would encourage dating evangelism probably dating evangelist yeah but but you know they're already husband and wife and then one one of the husband of the wife becomes a believer that seems to be what what he's talking about yes so being friends with an unbeliever is okay but you're saying dating them hoping that they'll become a believer is not a good way of going about it I mean God uses things but probably not the best strategy yeah rather a circle of friendship they come to faith you find someone who loves God and loves you yeah that's the circle from which to find someone so you're saying these are people who are in a committed relationship married relationship don't abandon them basically right why kind of an interesting passage Thomas wait why does he say don't just just leave because they don't believe in Jesus I think it is a model of what God would do we are modeling God's love to each other and so if we abandon each other then what does that say about our God and I'd like to think that God sticks I mean just as God has committed to us we should be committed to each other and through the thick and thin and and hopefully what would happen Stephanie the unbelieving spouse would come to a living relationship with Jesus Chelsea yeah and I've actually in my family I have seen so many stories of how my dad who became an Adventist but my mom once they were married she wasn't Adventist but she saw the witness of my father and their family and she wanted to become an Adventist or like a great-aunt of mine who also witnessed to her husband so that he also became a believer like I've just think of so many stories where the spouse was able to witness to their unbelieving spouse who because of their love wanted to know more about this God whom they loved some because they saw it acted out they saw it in action Thomas yeah I just want to put a caveat here that's okay I think what I don't want to say is that people should just subject themselves to abuse simply because we've tried to evangelize their partner I mean there should be boundaries obviously so if someone's hurting you you got to protect yourself but as with that being said if that's not an issue then yeah let's do what we can to reach out this show love to the person sure sure Sean and I have a little story oh that's fine I was just gonna say we shouldn't leave the kids out of the picture is right so it's not just spouse but children too right because because as well you don't know what impact that will have on the child's life because then they might abandon God because they feel well this person just walked out on their spouse so what right love does that show alright we have so don't be in church so much that you abandon your children right right I remember an evangelist told me one time a lady came to him she said you got to reach my husband I've been trying to get him to church for years and years and he won't come and the Evangelist said what does your husband like and she said he loves cake he said go home and bake him a cake when he comes home have him find a comfortable place to sit ask him how his day has been give him some cake and she gave her some very practical instructions she went back and followed them and before long the the husband came to the meetings he said I don't know what you're talking about here but my wife is sweeter than she ever has that's practical isn't it that's practical one last text I want to go to Chelsea if you could read for us second Corinthians chapter 6 and verse 14 we may apply this to all different types of relationships including marriage perhaps second Corinthians six and verse 14 and I'm reading from the English standard version do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers for what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness or what Fellowship has light with darkness you think this talking about marriage or is it talking about other types of relationships what do you think friendship yeah even even a friendship could it be marriage too business business yeah I think someone said to me don't go into a business partnership with an unbeliever they have different values that's going to be challenging for you right yeah so don't be unequally yoked another place in 1st Corinthians 7 marry in the Lord what does that mean marry in the Lord we're talking about our family as a place of hospitality and with us would you say marry and the Lord means in harmony with the will of the Lord or you're both committed to the Lord mial I think you're both committed to Jesus you both love Jesus and so in a relationship with Jesus and that's that's what we would describe against is equally yo that doesn't mean you the same right but you have the same commitment Dartmouth is Sean I was just gonna say you're going in the same in the same direction in the same direction well this is practical some of you have been watching our study today and you say well we have a lot to learn God how can I make my home a place of hospitality and witness some of you may have come under conviction I have people right in front of me may be brothers or sisters or grandparents who need to know there's a God who loves them that should be my first mission field then it's good to have the mission trips so far away but let's not forget close at home yeah our primary mission field and especially if you have a loved one who doesn't know Jesus could we pray the love of God just flowed through us in amazing ways and that they would say tell me about this amazing God who's changed your life and filled you with his love let's pray that can happen in our families our Father in Heaven we've been challenged today a story of an ancient king who forgot to say my house should be a place where people can see God and not my stuff o Lord may it be in our homes that people will come to know you especially those within our own circle and especially those who don't know you yet lord thank you that your guide our steps and fill us with your love as we walk with you this day and each day in the name of Jesus amen but thanks for joining us for Hope Sabbath school I want to go out and be a better person for Jesus not to earn his love but because He loves us with an immeasurable and unfailing love let his love flow through you to bless your family so that they can be with you in his eternal Kingdom [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. I got the privilege in Michigan to undergo Evangelistic Series more than once. & I preach 1, 1x also. It is a rich blessing to be a believer in Adventist Message—– Jesus says come out of Babylon into Adventist Church still while there is still time. Not a popular saying but good and true!

  2. Great lesson we need to pray hard for our families .
    And I also pray that Adventist should make more of our homes a place our neighbors will see and want to come even without an invitation

  3. A well disciplined, well ordered Christian family will speak louder than a sermon from a preacher. Actions speak louder than the most positive profession of godliness.

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  5. I'm not saying your bad but God has a thousand ways of which we do not know of to evangelize. What we do know in the True church works.

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  9. She told me i'm OK talking to my unbelieving sister if I don't share the word with her leave that up to God to figure out.

  10. Christian women get attached to Christian men when they share the word of God with them one on one. It can easily become too much in the relationship than is desired for either one. Best to share in groups the word of God is taught the best in small groups. With fellowship with more than just one on one only. Especially if it is a man and woman. Valerie Shoop-McCreery would agree and she has 1 husband and 3 children 2 boys and 1 girl.

  11. It is not a sin for the woman to run the house when the woman is a better administrator and ruler of the house. There is a good reason why woman is in charge in some cases because the man is not so good at that job with man being not so good in leadership order organization administration or otherwise.

  12. Dating Evangelism is not good also sharing close scriptures with your brother for woman is not good because they will be attached to you not totally God because men and women are not to share 1-1 because romance is often the kind of love that is shared. & that is hard to get in many cases. But God is good He will guide His church!

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