43 thoughts on “Honkai Impact 3rd – Final Lesson”

  1. The seemingly antidote in Himeko's hand is actually the only bottle in the world that inhibits the effects of Honkai and completely cures the effects of Honkai. Yes, it can either restore Kiana to normal or treat Himeko's own terminal illness. (At the beginning of the game, it showed that she had less than a year to live.)and Himeko chose to save Kiana by burning her dying life.

  2. is orange color and eye shape mean higher power of valkrie?like god kiana have,if that so hopefully upcoming valkrie will another color eye and shape, like (sharingan eye on Sasuke in Naruto):O

  3. if you think about it little more, Himeko was the only main woman character that wasn't lesbian at all, and she died… most of others have some kind of lesbian thing

  4. I had the feels in this short animation, love the music. I really want to know the name of the music its so good.

  5. This is sooooooo Black Rock Shooter Animation Top Tier Damn Epic even in short fights, the Impact and details are astonishing

  6. i just watched this during the game. i for real thought i was going to have to fight her and no i didn’t want to.

  7. 2:15–2:26 is my favorite part. The animation was so dramatic and amazing (the whole thing is amazing in general).

  8. Can we talk about how Kiana manipulated a motherTRUCKing Black Hole and shaped it into a drill? And how Himeko reached speeds that were able to tear through it? No? Okay.

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