what is going on guys all right what is going on guys we're back for another video I said I'd be back the next week it's been a little bit over a week well first of all before we get in the video I want to thank our sponsor box water is better sustainable we are in weird and alternative to plastic bottles this box is made from paper nature the renewable resource hours each step of water you get it come knock on my hummus yesterday we're basically gonna be like exploring in an abandoned in an in an abandoned what is a an abandoned freaking car wash today we might find some homeless people and they might try to eat our faces off with us we're gonna get the shot get the shop Oh God Erica Beatty so we're gonna be exploring an abandoned car wash and seeing if there's any all those people are cars wife day let's do this [Applause] guys guys last LAN car wash over 24 hours it's a great day for a car wash your dollars hog refills baby pick me up you know Rhys our value added for dollar for dollar know how Padre feels baby let's go hey guys at this point in the video um there's not a lot of context but uh we got word that Dunkin Donuts was basically partaking in socialist and frankly misogynistic behaviors against humanity so we decided to give them a visit and give them a little taste of our own medicine and evidence that you'll see next it's pretty shocking so keep watching guys it's kind of insane a social experiment society why so mysterious a social Institute actually society where a socialist because please buy and try out the boy a man you heard of our folks it is an outrage people do not like that you don't like that they're racist and socialists I never want to see your face yeah disposed of it like everybody should this is central festival and sponsors so please if you have the fence take some public transportation because it's good for the environment what's your opinion on Dunkin Donuts being racist why are we still here just suffer yes sir you got anything to say Cameron yes sir all right um nice night manager [Applause] we have claims from the public that Dunkin Donuts is not doing well their racist following the steps of Starbucks at least I gave that man a free drink all right I heard y'all was racist so I came to get my own free coffee yeah like subscribe hit that mother freaking Bell icon that helps me out to get more subscribers more views by itself some box water video is sponsored by box water thousand subscribers I will be giving away a one box new one used with my merchants and more of the story is guys Dunkin Donuts is really weird they're getting their practices are getting racist and social xenophobic homophobic you even lost a few more in the comments if you saw them I wouldn't be surprised if they were committing those crimes so please subscribe if that Bell icon like remember to comment you need to comment and yeah so later guys attention


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