Homeless Disabled Firefighter Helping Homeless People in San Francisco VR180

– I’ll be right back. Be right back, okay bud? I think people should stop… (somber music) 30 seconds… (somber music) and think about what homelessness is. (somber music) I’ve been homeless at this moment, uh, three and a half years. But about, um, throughout my life, probably like um, maybe 13-14 years. Throughout my whole life, my 46 years. People don’t get it. They don’t understand what
it’s like to, you know, to walk through the streets
and not have anywhere to go. And be hungry or, you know,
it’s cold or it’s rainy, and you can’t–no matter what
you do you can’t get dry. Not everyone out here is a
drug addict or, you know, drinks, smokes, whatever
it may be, whatever. You can just be homeless
and have a rough time. You know, shit happens. (somber music) It’s not easy. And
people look down on you. They won’t look you in the eyes. They won’t like say, “hey good morning” because you’re homeless. Or they won’t, you know,
just acknowledge you because of your
predicament, your situation. People can be cruel. (somber music) I wasn’t prepared to be
homeless in San Francisco. What happened, um, I was
on a fire, I got hurt. It made me have to get back surgery. I had titanium rods in my back, it’s kind of a pretty hardcore situation. Four surgeries later, and time away from my career, that I thought I would go back to my job, but it was a no go. So I had nowhere to go, and
I depleted my money source. You know, my retirement, everything I had. Hotels, my friend’s couches… I lived in a tent for,
you know, a little while. I lived in Erie Alley which
was, that was my home, you know, for a year I was able to
stay there in that alley. And um, it was home. It still, to me, feels like home. The closest to home that
I’ve had in a long time. When we got swept, the
city put eviction notices on our tents during the Super Bowl, when Ed Lee was still here,
and we all had to leave. Well, you know, I saved
up a little bit of money and I bought an RV. Now they’re saying, “Oh
you can’t be in an RV. You can’t live–you know, you
can’t park on the street.” So people are being towed. That’s what my big fear is. Is this not being here. My cat being in the pound and not having– everything that I own is–would be gone. So basically I’m in a
big metal tent right now, basically right now, but I like it. But I would much rather be inside. I’d give anything
probably, yeah, just to be, to feel normal again…somewhere. Being a firefighter for so long, once I couldn’t do that anymore, I kinda, by accident, people
needed assistance out here. And they weren’t getting
it from the hospitals. They weren’t getting it from anyone else, and so I took it upon myself I guess to treat people that needed to be treated. Abscesses. Abscesses,
abscesses, abscesses. That’s the majority thing
that I deal with on the daily. I actually closed down the abscess study a couple years ago
because I was taking care of too many abscesses
out here on the street, so there was no one for them to study. But that was a good thing in my book, because then people are
learning how to take care of their abscesses properly
and not stick needles in them and, you know, fuck up their abscess. First off, she had a
couple abscesses that, uh, that she, um, that she had
that she kinda messed with in a way that made it, you know, agitated. So that’s when you see the redness and the swelling around the area. So I told her to quit
touching it, quit poking it, quit trying to make the juice come out. Let it heal, that’s why I sealed it. Later on I’m gonna come
back with some manuka honey, which heals it rapidly,
and lightly cover it with gauze and tape so it’ll heal quickly. All right, I’ll be right back. Hold on a second. I’ll be right back. Huh? No I know we’re not leaving yet. I’ll be right back. I’ve taken metal chunks out of people. I’ve sewed up someone’s head. And I’ve also narcan’d many many people. So I’ve–it varies on the
week or the day or the– yeah, just depends. All right, careful–the
little thing is cracked. All right, so, gonna hold
you head and your hair back. See this is what I was concerned about. Your–the muscles are doing
their own little thing here, they’re growing in–they’re
doing what they want. They’re taking their own route. So it’s hard to hold your head up, yeah? Yeah the neck brace would
be like ideal and, um, so you’re just really stiff…hold on… Her neck, um, she had an injury that, um, she had an injury that she has, um, a bullet lodged in her back. Which makes it hard for
her to hold her head up. And all we need is a
neck brace to help her. The muscles have now grown
their own way and made their own road basically where
they’re not supposed to be. So, um, we’re trying to–I’ve
been giving her massages and helping her the last like year or so that I’ve known her, trying
to get it to chill out and not hurt her so bad, because she can’t even hold her head up. There’s not much to depend on out here. There’s not, um, the
services don’t really exist. It’s a big clusterfuck of just
go here, go here, go here, and then nothing at the end. It’s not very–for someone like myself, I have my wherewithal,
I have my wits about me, I was frustrated through
this whole process of trying to find housing,
trying to find somewhere to belong in the city, and
trying to get services, and, um, I wanted to punch
myself in the face constantly because, uh…it’s hard. And it’s rough out here. Especially being a female out
here. It’s definitely rough. All right, well we’re
gonna have to get you that neck brace like ASAP cause this is… And you gotta make sure you’re
doing the neck exercises. I’ll show you some more stuff that’ll help you, you know, lessen that. Cause, you know, it’s a lot
of pressure on your neck, you know, and, yeah we
need to help get that– relieve some of that
pain and that achiness. The only difference between
people in a house and us is just they have a roof
over their head, we don’t. And people need to be
treated with respect. That’s one thing that is
lacking here is respect. I want homelessness to end. I’m sick of seeing people
suffer, I’m sick of seeing people getting their hearts
broken by the city they love because they’re treating them like shit. I’m sick of seeing people’s eyes in despair and sadness and no hope. I’ll see you later, k? Keep your head up. They’re breaking their spirit. They’re breaking their–that
last little bit of hope that they have, the
city’s destroying that and not giving a fuck. So to end homelessness, I
think we need to come together as a city, figure it out, make it happen. Quit doing all this other fucking bullshit that doesn’t matter,
and um, make it matter. (upbeat music)

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  1. I'm a little confused. A FF hurt on the job, got no disability pension from the Dept.????? Usually, they get 1/3 to 3/4 of their salary, tax free. Also, she gets no SS.????? Something is not right here. She is doing a blessing, helping the less fortunate and it's sad that her bathroom in the RV isn't working.

  2. That's what you have, when you have Democrat's running California Pelosi, Newsom, etc, they don't care. They need be voted out of office or recalled to make change.

  3. Couper is a tough, compassionate, old soul who, since her catastrophic on-the-job injury, has laid up immense good karma with all her fellow homeless people she's helped, particularly the 53 she saved from death by overdose. As a Buddhist, I'm convinced that something wonderful will happen to her in due time. It's the Law of Cause and Effect, or Myoho in Japanese.

  4. Welcome to Amerikkkaa Where you only matter if they can get money from you. No money no human consideration.

  5. God bless you love you you are a gift from God pray you get the help you need and for others that are suffering.Love you Couper great person kind.

  6. Triage nurse. Blessing others with her knowledge and training. She’s appreciated that’s a good thing. Blessings to her good heart! Gov ‘s broken itself. Hope a work around is found.

  7. You're not homeless if you live in an RV I live in a van myself I love it… but there again you probably are homeless because if you do van life and don't like it. . you're homeless..

  8. it's great that you're helping homeless people.. but you're not homeless yourself unless you choose to me why would you want to go back into housing and pay rent to some stupid landlord you live in an RV you have freedom no rent live basically free you should enjoy it.. I live out of my van and I love it.. paint some landlord some money while I register have a good credit for that type of crap the way I live I don't need none of that and I have a lot of freedom…

  9. You're only homeless because you want to go back into housing you want to go back to the main street which got you at 2 in the first place… why would you fools want to go back to paying high rent cuz I'm stupid landlord…. it's times like this I'm so glad I live at my that van thank God for that. .. I wouldn't have it any other way ever… what's wrong with you people you have a chance to live free and that freedom you choose to go back to the mainstream seriously….

  10. Usually you get disability and your retirement if ur hurt on the job. Especially if ur in public service. Something sounds fishy, she probably got fired for drug use or caused someone else to get hurt. More to the story then she is letting on.

  11. What do you mean normal… no wonder you're homeless you have a great RV places looks nice why would you want to go back to pay my rent you're in a good place right now let's rent you live free if you get a part-time job that's all you need and he's been most of time enjoying your day Freedom baby Freedom what is wrong with you people… thank God thank God I live simple thank God I live at my microbrew I've never pay high rent again my rent in Days Are Over forever…

  12. Is there something she wants to study (i.e. home health care aid or a nurse)? Are there any RV camps near the city of SF? What does a studio or single bedroom cost in rent to help her so she doesn't have to worry about her RV being towed or her cat that she mentioned being placed in the pound? Does Cooper want donations via PayPal? Will that help her and others?

  13. Other than you complaining about you having to wait to leave but you have a beautiful RV to live in rent-free simple living like I do… you're doing a great job helping out the homeless people that is great the only problem with you like I said is your complaining the way you live you live free for crying out loud as I do what the fuc seriously…

  14. Great Video, Bless her for the street medic work. Glad she has an RV. I do have to agree there is something missing in the story. I would like to hear more . I think she probably does get some disability income but that is not enough to have housing in SF. If this is true maybe she should consider moving to BLM land in Nevada or Arizona to live rent free. I bet she could interest a lot of people on YouTube. Perhaps she stays because she likes helping the people on the street.

  15. He's homeless and helping other homeless with their injuries which at a hospital homeless people would just be an annoyance….. Plus he has a kitty cat!? Someone go give this man an amazing life!

  16. As Couper's medical issues were caused due to a work related injury I wonder if she is entitled to some sort of benefits from the city? She should be commended for her work in the community.

  17. I’m in fact a big fan of Cooper, already loved the first video. A human angel, I said then, still my opinion. A petty, I’m stuck here in Germany caring for my elderly parents, I’d love to meet this incredible person, big 💗💗💗 to Cooper.

  18. having an RV is not homeless it's a blessing most days I would do anything to sell my house or rent it out and move into an RV

  19. Couper thank you for the service you gave to save people's lives. I acknowledge you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the next President will do more about thia situation and the housing shortage. It is difficult enough to be disabled. You are still doing the work of Our Creator. You have a big heart and you are so caring. You are a remarkable human being, and I will not forget about you or your story. 🌻

  20. Like the Lord said the meek will inherit the earth as you can tell when a catastrophic shit hits the fan the ones that will survive God bless you all hope what is Hope Jesus Christ he's the only one to the father through him

  21. High rents ect are to get people on the street to perish then they will come for the middle classes, this is all by design everywhere.

  22. You’re valuable! Prayers for what you and others need.!♥️🙏♥️🙏♥️💖wish I could do something!

  23. If loneliness is an epidemic occuring across all ages, why don't people find connection to their humanity by helping out another human being and stop feeling so lonely? Heroes like this person put us all to shame.

  24. Couper, you beautiful, beautiful street angel, may an army of angels hide your rv from gubmint thugs until someone donates you a pad and a hookup… and may wonderful things happen in your life… This sad old world needs more YOU… 👏👏👏 👍👍👍
    PS: You are a badass!!!


    What a BLESSING she IS 2 OTHER$ when the MAJORITY DON'T give A CR 💩 AP.

    The other day, I helped 3 HOMELESS PPL that was Parked beside me while UNLOADING my GROCERIES in a WALMART Parking Lot.
    Gave them SNACKS, DRINKS, $5.00 to get ASPIRIN.

    I'm also DISABLED with 6 NECK/BACK SURGERIES, along with MUSCLE, LIGAMENT, TENDON, NERVE DAMAGES thru out My Body, plus a DISLOCATED JAW that's resulted in LOSING 12 TEETH, so far.

    ALL from a 1998 Car Accident & the DEADBEAT NEVER PAID a PENNY. Was DENIED DISABILITY in 2015 & NOT had STEADY INCOME since NOV. 2017 when I SOLD MY RENTAL PROPERTY. It's these FUNDS that have DWINDLED considerably


    LORD WILLING when I can get BACK ON MY FEET, I'd LIKE 2 HELP this ANGEL.

    How can I establish CONTACT with her?

  26. I like how she was able to use her skills from fire fighting to help others heal, filling a void of service that's not found anywhere else. It's like that became her purpose. Like, "Well, since I'm out here, I may as well help others in my plight." Kind of like that. I like how that happened. I imagine her opening a clinic in the future. Kudos to her for putting her training into practice. We need more people like that. Very kind of her. And, we need more homeless helping homeless.

    Hopefully, if enough homeless work together, they can end their own homelessness in the group that they made by giving each other a helping hand. Like, if there's a group of two or three or five or ten homeless who meet, and put their minds together to think up something. If there's dozens of groups like that, it would be great if that helps lead to the end of homelessness for many. Maybe some can form a choir. Maybe some can do what the lady in his video is doing, and end up opening a clinic, and hire each other. Something like that. Hopefully that's possible in the future.

  27. This is a very sad story I really hate when people get hurt on the job especially if she was a fire woman that is heartbreaking to me they should step up as an organization and take care of their own isn't that what they're supposed to do if you get hurt on the job and you're a public servant if you're a police officer they take care of you for life if you're a police officer and you get killed they take care of your family for life so why is it that the fire department is not stepping up and giving this young woman what she deserves. She does not deserve to be on the street helping people she deserves to be in a home having a job that pays her to help people. but more than that the city of San Francisco needs to step up and pay her what she deserves to be paid for getting hurt on the job. mark this is another one of those great videos that move around and make you feel like you're right there with her they're awesome I don't know how you do it but man it's cool.

  28. I don't need to know the whole story to know that being a female firefighter was a huge strike against her while recuperating from an injury. No matter how lacking in diversity Union and first responder jobs are it always amazes me how Democrats will blindly back them when they're supposed to be the party of diversity.

  29. To be selfish or selfless, hmm both seems to have its good and bad man what a mess, god works in funny ways just keep doing your best, keep giving it your all and someday may you finally rest…bless you all!

  30. To be selfish or selfless, hmm both seems to have its good and bad man what a mess, god works in funny ways just keep doing your best, keep giving it your all and someday may you finally rest…bless you all!

  31. This firefighter deserves a Nobel Peace Prize or something big like that and not to be homeless. This story needs to go mainstream news and more.
    Lotsa love to your channel. ❤️

  32. This once again shows how utterly dysfunctional the current health care system in the US is. A person who served the community and risked her life in an effort to save others should NEVER be forced to live on the street. Politicians love to espouse how rich and unique the US is. Well, put your money where your mouth and treat these folks in the manner they deserve. Of course then you've got muppets like Rand Paul and Moscow Mitch who will hold up the 9/11 firefighter bill because it costs too much while at the same time they say nothing when their new dear leader Trump takes on new debt to pay for tax cuts for people who don't need them. Hypocrites.

  33. Why the hell are you gonna help these junkies. They are never going to do anything for themselves. Clean one abscess they will have 2 next week.

  34. What happened to people being responsible for themselves? Why is it that everyone blames everything and everyone for their poor unfortunate lives. I mean come on now, if you can run all over the streets taking care of all the needle holes that are infected and everything else that is bothering these people. Are you really disabled? Are you really not able to work? I mean you are performing work right there on camera as you are talking about how you aren't able to work.

  35. This is NOT RIGHT anyone who serves our country as a firefighter , military, first responder, life guard or police ect should be taken care of if they ever become disabled. Our hero’s of yesterday should NEVER be homeless. This is America! We discard our bravest service men/women!? Who have put thier lives on the line on a daily basis!? Shame! This angers my soul! I am a Fulltime worker without stable shelter of my own & I see the homeless discrimination everyday even where I work. Little do my coworkers & boss know I too am considered “homeless “. I sleep in a truck on most nights, luckily I have a little piece of private land I am allowed to stay on so I’m not harassed every night/morning. I treat everyone with respect & kindness. Some of my coworkers have been at the company for 5+ years & don’t know the names of the homeless “regulars “ we have that come in multiple times a day. I’ve learned all thier names & treat them the same way I treat a man or woman that comes in a suit & shined shoes. To me no human is better than the next. And if you stop to get to know someone you’ll learn they are regular people like everyone else , some have done amazing things in thier lives. Some have done amazing things for our country & they deserve respect. My heart ❤️😞is so absolutely broken for this beautiful person. There is a lack of humanity in the human race. Please show kindness to the homeless purely because they’re human beings that deserve kindness. 🙏🏽❤️

  36. Having a camper is such a blessing. There are people who travel together &/or meet up. Ck. out "Cheap RV Living" on U-Tube.

  37. What an angel. God blessed you for still having a heart to care for PEOPLE. I have never ever look at anyone living on the streets as no ones, because things happen to PEOPLE in our lives. We are human beings regardless of the situation we are dealing with at the time. God blessed you

  38. If you'd like to help Couper, you can donate directly to her here: https://handup.org/members/couper or through Venmo: https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2638783287656448784

    Your voice can help end homelessness. If we do not fix the affordable housing crisis, homelessness will continue to get worse. Click here https://invisiblepeople.tv/getinvolved to tweet, email, call, or Facebook your federal and state legislators to tell them ending homelessness and creating more affordable housing is a priority to you.

  39. Nicely done on the video. I tried it with earpieces and the VR headset, and it does bring you more into their world. I don’t know if I would regularly want to watch videos this way just because it’s a bit of a hassle to get the gear on.

  40. This is so sad . May God Bless them . Lord knows I don’t look down on no one because anyone can become homeless.

  41. You have so little but yet give so much to others may God bless you deserve it there's not too many people like you in this big world

  42. This channel is beautiful….if we could all learn that at the end of the day we are all souls with stories, some fortunate some not so much, but still the same none the less and help when we can without judgment the world wouldn't be so cruel and self absorbed.

  43. Neck braces.
    Braces in general… Can they be made?
    Can a party of your work be classes that teach how to build shit they need out of trashed shit?

    Sewing cloth around pool noodle material?

    Good work.

  44. I live in an RV and I don't consider it homeless, but I'm also on a lot where I don't have to worry about it being towed, either. That makes a world of difference.

  45. Get up and stand on your feet and take my hands I know you I know you you are not homeless no more let me call some people yes we're going to have to take your trailer and put it in back of the house but at least you will have a better life do you like working at McDonald's or pizza place or maybe the dollar store Wendy's become a trucker

  46. Do you remember the Episcopal Church we said about 400 people every Friday and Saturday we gave bag groceries I gave you breakfast there are two places but you can go one place has two houses the other place has one my cousin so the other one I do I do trust you after all where you going to go when you go to Maine you might go there or you might go to the other place but if you go to Maine where would you go nowhere cuz people know

  47. My cousin she would like you because she is a trucker I got this one underneath the carpet you will not see my cousin but I'm sure she's married to another woman

  48. I Know She's Homeless, Can She Go To The ER At The Hospital And
    Get A Neck Brace? I See The Immigrants Filling Up The ER Room On A Daily Basis, Maybe The Hospital Can, ('Patient Assistance) find Temporary Housing For Her.
    I'm Praying For You & Her!!!

  49. i would like thank you all for AMAZING WORDS of encourgement and positive feedback. I truly appreciate it and it helps me stay focused.
    AND mark thank you for being the AMAZING human being that u are !!!

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