Home Education UK: Quick Start Guide to the Law

actually since lightning time limits and
in its to bosnian-held dot com politicking home education solicitor and so i want to see wikipedia outlining for example abuse quickstart practical connotation ended
with a health act because insulin uh… get asca model
countdown say commitment and out lynn and seriously want people
we’re our computers in on intermittently forty people confusing so blue a quick quickly went through
about two things one spanish three aspects of the law that most of the checks out princeton is one of my rights and
responsibilities explains people’s home education UK since nineteen sixty at make scapegoats
possibility marksmanship your child is Home education UK issue both in fishing education takes
into account any special educational needs people have
portability meeting inc what that means it is education
composite compulsory school is not disney act actually goes on to the
following that houston-based harshness d five that an exciting sports or otherwise
oklahomans from coast to coast otherwise satellite permit educating your child up who’s going to school here probably educator so you have a responsibility making but
you need to take into account andy uh… abilities heart specialists louisa
happened that off something you have a child’s trustees but upright account how do you get started well cousin she said was that like
fishing efficient system of the treatment in a separate state maps of
the openings and essentially for whites and there’s a lot of accents a lot of stuff
in soweto alcatel concentrating on the first concert melodic want out is played elected com education advanced local
policemen post link right at the accent makes you want to check out deselect the comet case about last month
before because they were giving awhile Home schooling UK so once you’ve decided that you’re going
to execute collected by attendance score how do you get started blockbuster like the clinton not action
second chance from holds hopefully politics trying to decide whether or not thanks if you have the latin igor and take a decision uh… before that attend school then expressed relief carrying on enough
unplugged however your child is already attending
school Home schooling UK it’s pretty straightforward all you need
to do you know is rights and the teacher half of the school week out of the
timing uh… and simply informed that had been certain dates of your travel no
longer be lives at all tell my love him so much for example in
his hand absolute once told an teacher demanding
when it was probably leaving school after apartment winning run the register cubicles am you can’t
tell us whether or not he had a little more than just a little bit recorded
delivery uh… for billing to handle everett i myself have leveraged talked about it
but i and now we’re moving forward with white it’s date timestamp metaphysical
uh… at a time to teachers without waiting for a meeting alan will just be
very clear here you are under no obligation to anybody
and and and you don’t need mental disturbance integration which happens to
take a decision in writing they arb acquired by box remove the
chops and from the register and that should be back they made from a local for anyone to
have a dutiful forty that you construct a lot of pressure peoples case uh… and being that that is the case to
local forty oftentimes kitten contact with you most awful phrase has something called
an electric car education support officer that support our personal oftentimes i
want to set the meeting with you let me just reassure you that any meetings of
this nature optional grafton anybody indication that’s about it and special school specialties looks cool baton do made to at consult that your and getting extended
gradually within contention a you can’t wanted registered transfer are grand black who is going to keep track
of the beginning and strategically back nobody is required by law to keep track the local authority has and propagation
mob to keep tracts of forest park for children
pockets keeping a c_-one first education so they may contact you to confirm that
you talk home executing those initial plan to just the very very broad-based suggest the a
matter of aren’t we hear how much katie can you confirm that this is the case
and an excel can you give us some at bay region of
the description of what it is true another com execute tax aleutian that could be the target’s decision to
finding a child and they should not be asking you to
submit things that were curriculum backboard to be asking to be meeting
with you anytime they don’t have any have responsibility
marketing that especially at and tell unless and until picture not providing
civilization education but as long as it is it outfitted used to articulate well
instantly and then now who monitors the provisional nobody this means that you can educate a child anyway to them you combine curriculum buchanan uh… in
design your own curriculum or that you cannot sponsor autonomously educate your
time uh… that’s also called on school in
executed anyway that you want what a lucky the lion king pain adam is very much of your inspector western
economies assistant is very flexible its financial and if you consider him please jump in any other questions make sure that and
the panama city town babylon that my details and get what you thought
it was some detailed evidence of mother oklahoma education support organizations
who have a lot of detailed guidance on its head and and lastly at if you haven’t already could make contact with people who think
that we cannot stress enough or or even the plus and social
networking question she canadians can send
absolutely fabulous you’ll get more support for quite a bit status and
possibly ever imagine from and national level to commentator’s
locally to be surprised at how many people are going to be effectively in
and around him some fantastic besides for me an ad in
craigslist may contact x thousand that’s all you need to know but its it’s legal uh… just aggression child in school in
writing and then do what you want to be where you want to
do how do you want to do it all right that’s that’s it for me if you
have any questions contest make contact cleese like the video because that makes
sure that other people greedy algorithm that’s an excellent people get to seek
it we’ll see you next time ticket sales

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  1. This video is for UK Home Educators – all the legal stuff explained with a key link!  Please share with anyone you think can use it 😉
    #UKHomeEducation   #UKHomeschool   #homeeducation  

  2. That is a good question! There are two steps to consider with GCSEs. First is how to study for them. Second is where to sit the exam.

    Studying is the easy part. All of the exam boards have course outlines and reading lists so you just have to decide which GCSE exam to sit and then prepare for it.

    The harder thing to do is to find a venue that will allow you to sit the exam as an external candidate. But it can be done and the HE community will help out by sharing information. Hope this helps!

  3. I am a home educator.I have two boys age 6 & 12.It's the best thing ever & we are so happy! 🙂 Thanks so much for this video.

  4. Please, please, please, I hope you will be able to hear what I'm trying to say here without seeing me as being judgemental – but do you not see the apparent flaws in the home-education system when people within it are able to press for increased privacy (which can easily become isolationism if one so wishes). Someone below (in your comments) calling themselves 'Countess-Graveyard' has enquired of you about matters pertaining to home education. (I'm hoping we can avoid discussing how potentially benign this name they have selected may in fact be) But do you not see a potential problem here? As much as we may despise the 'outside system' as it is – there is sometimes the need for safe boundaries which they still occasionally uphold. 
    I strongly support the increasing need for home education as the present state-provided-corporate-driven schooling system perpetuates increased ignorance – and is unable to provide moral and intellectual safety for our children. They are being increasingly trained in sensuality (masquerading as discernment) – and a short-concentration-span becomes the result. If tenacity and determination are not developed in a child, any worthwhile challenge becomes insurmountable and impatience in the child is readily equated (by the teacher) as being unhealthy stress. The golden rule is that education should never be dull – but when entertainment becomes the drug increasingly mixed into education, it quickly becomes restless. The desire in the child becomes for more entertaining rather than more education. Without this 'drug' there is a disruptive break-down of concentration pretending to be intellectual inability.

  5. Hi Katie, thanks for sHaRiNg! I'm living in England, and I've got a son who's nearly 18 months old, and I'm thinking a lot about homeschooling, I know it's a bit early, but the time goes so quick! And because I'm not english and I don't understand everything about the Law here….so here is my question: do you know if I can homeschool him even being a foreigner? Can I teach him both languages? Do you have any website that could help me with these questions? Thanks indeed! Renata

  6. Hi Katie,

    I just received the BEST MUM OF THE YEAR AWARD 2015, for Home Educating my daughter Melody, by DORK DIARIES AUTHOR, Rachel Renee Russell. 

    I would love support to create child and family friendly entertainment.

  7. Hi Katie, 
    I will ask this question anyway, considering you are a solicitor(or were) but i am living in Ireland, do you if the law differ's much on this issue compared to England? I know a lot of our law is based on your's and i do have the basic's from the net on home schooling. I wish to home school my near 7yr old boy who has conduct disorder. I have started this schooling already, can you tell me any really good book's that might encompass many topic's we may encounter on our journey. Thank you and good luck Katie. 

  8. How to get rid of bullying Local Authorities who bother Home Educators! Print off Dr Judith Reisman's PhD Law University Witness statement re ACADEMIC PAEDOPHILES HERE IN THE UK! See my blog for details. I have been liaising with Dr Judith Reisman for sometime and she confirmed the student prostitution brainwashing is also paedophile run! I think we can honestly say that State Education needs investigating! Along with Forced Adoption for Profit as proved by MP John Hemming! 

  9. hi, wondered if you could help?- my LA ,Merton, have deemed my education for my children not good enough and want to see improvements.  they seem to have sneaky, bullying tactics but outside of the law!!!! can i just ignore them? others have said they push for a sao.  what do you think, thanks so much for your attention, Althea

  10. Hi there, thank you for shedding some light on this..

    my question is : " how do home school children get into university?"

    hope to hear from you soon.


  11. what happens when the time comes to take GSCE'S what happens then ? can you still homeschool your child or must your child attend a secondary school? aslo I am 13 years old and have special educational needs or SEN/aspergers syndrome, however I am in a mainstream school not a special needs school so would my parents still be able to just write a letter saying that they are withdrawing me from the school or would they have to meet with the head teacher?

  12. Hello Katie my husband and I wish to remove our 10 yr old daughter from school we were concerned about the law and where we stand. After watching this it has spurred us on to do this as soon as possible . Please could you try to answer a question of ours , are we legally obliged to give notice or can we hand in the deregistration letter and remove her from that day? We would like to do this from this Monday X Thanks hope to hear soon hayley . Southampton

  13. Hi Katie , I am very interested in home schooling my kids . Obviously we are concerned about what our legal rights are and what we are to do with them . Could you list the laws and anything else I need to look into please as I would like to do this as soon as possible . I am a reiki master as well as a life coach so I have learnt so much doing these things that I see no point in the school system at all as it creates carbon copies not individual brilliance or diversity . Any and all info would be great and I would be most grateful with your help to make this happen 🙂 Thank you

  14. i have a question, this has helped a lot of problems that are going on right now however, what do we do about GCSEs and how do i still get my GCSE with home schooling

  15. I am currently unschooling both my younger children, one went to school and I requested permission to remove her from school and homeschool, the other didn't attend school at all, I have so far had two visits from my local authority as they offer to visit yearly, the last visit they seemed satisfied, but rather pushy in their opinion of how I should be doing things, their suggestions were more along the lines of how things would be done within mainstream education which I didn't like, tey seemed to want to see lots of written work, suggested diaries and asked me about how many hours per day the kids were learning ect., I didn't know I had to be on a strict schedule, for me its about going with the flow….
    They want to visit next week ( I was given the letter today) 6 days notice basically, it will be the same two condescending women (yes I felt they were) that visited last time, if I call and say I would like to decline any further visits in the future, can they do anything legally to force visits or contact social services?
    Since you are a lawyer I figured you may have more knowledge of this than me, thanks.

  16. for a 11 year old, I want to home educate my daughter, she is currently in Y6 Juniors, me and her mother want to educate her at home. in schools there are certain teaching hours on a weekly basis, how do we plan adequate hours for optimal home education. How does reading and writing/maths tasks continue to develop. ???
    one does not have to follow the current curriculum, but provide a alternative, how is the alternative supplied, and how do we set reasonable goals if we have to prepare the child for tests/exams.
    Thank you.

  17. for those of you who home educated. how do you teach maths ? I'm watching this for some reason and got interested what happens if there's bits you can't remember ? no kids just quriosity thanks

  18. my mum rang the school and asked them to delete my name from the register but they wont do it they think its illigal in the uk I dont know what to do im so stressed can u plz help plzz reply

  19. This has been very helpful. My son is under 1 year old and after working in schools the last thing o want is to send him to one.
    Thank You

  20. I last watched this months ago. So if they (the LEA) ask for a visit, you can say no? IF your kid wasn't in school, you just never register them?

  21. I've done all by writing and email.but my sons school has refused.jamie has asd so yes he was in a special school.any help needed asap

  22. Great share! If you are interested in educational videos for young children then you might like to go over to my kids learning channel. I'd love to hear what you think of the content there. All the best😃

  23. Hi, What happens with regards to entry into Universities, qualifications requirements, as there are no A levels or IB diploma that they have attained ? Thanks.

  24. We are a home educating family blogging and vlogging now. This was one of the first things I saw when I was first considering it. Thank you so much for sharing it was so helpfulx

  25. Thank you so much for this. I'm seriously considering taking my 12 year old year 8 son out of school and this has been very helpful. I feel that he's been let down by his senior school and local authority due to his dyslexia. A lot of my energy, for many years, has gone into fighting this and not into my sons education. The only person who will change this is me. My sons reaction to my suggestion was oh please I struggle so much and learn so much more with you. I feel I can't go wrong. My sons happiness is paramount.

  26. Katie, someone appears to have attacked your video and added words at the bottom of the screen that make no sense at all to the message you are trying to convey. Are you able to reupload it or to remove the words? I like your videos btw 🙂

  27. Hi Katy!
    My youngest would be due to start nursery in September however I have decided to homeschool him. He does not have any special needs education. I may sound silly when I say this but you are the first person to pop up when I began researching this & I value your knowledge! Where do I start? For instance do I get in touch with anybody to inform them I will be homeschooling him? Where do I start with curriculums for nursery ages? Please help! I don’t want to be a pain in the ass I just want to get this right as I have a lot of fierce family members against my decision Sara
    Ps are you on Facebook?

  28. Hi I'd like some info on the extent of control educators / admin staff at private primary schools have in terms of the broad reach of the 'en loco parenteis' doctrine. Any sources? Because before removing a child from a school that has bullied parents and the child for having unique or specific needs or personalities, a parent should be more empowered. In my experience,staff often take a shockingly aggressive and even unethical stance where they doctor paperwork and stories to suit their point of view. Thanks.

  29. so what about GCSE's, would my mum order them from the education department. Also what would happen if my mum works 1 day every week

  30. Hi Katie, Thanks for this video. My daughter is 3.5 yrs and going to nursery currently. We feel that we should homeschool her and would like her to stop schooling once she finish her nursery. Do we still inform school?

  31. Yes. You're right. The UK Home Education laws are very flexible and they favour home educators. I hope it remains this way. Other countries could try to emulate UK Home Education regulations.

  32. I would LOVE to have a chat with you! I really want to home educate my autistic daughter who is coming up for 12yrs and life is hell for her at school, they have put her into isolation because she lashed out on a child that was bulling her & things have snowballed!!

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