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Which are creative writing this afternoon And rachel has prepared something very special, which we think you might like a Poem recital a poem recital Which she wrote all by herself? With rhymes which is why it's a poem Exactly Title Oh dad Oh Dad you are the best dad that I have ever had and each day you're not with us makes me really sad, I'm Glad you'll come back soon dad because it's been too long You've seen how much we've needed you these days you have been gone you Always say that wanting Meets what we won't come true and that that want is stronger when it's wanted by two We both want you back with us, so we know it will come true Do you think he liked it He must be proud It's not easy making rhymes like that What time will you be back at probably by lunch Thanks lunch Wash your hands from the leaves, please Where is he because it's almost lunchtime Mum are we skipping lunch, that's for tonight He'll be back soon. It won't I thought the house would be ready by lunch, but it isn't And you know what your father's like things should be in order when will they be Well I have to finish celebration dinner first But that's in the evening. Oh, there's a point of whining Rachel If you were more mature you could help me cook I am mature You just won't let me That's because cooking is just like life complicated and dangerous So until you're ready watch and learn Go and get your home maintenance book, please. Food preservation Write this down, please When something is hard It can never go bad. Which is why things like rocks glass metal. Don't go off Whereas soft things like wood cheese or meat do This is because soft things are affected by time passing Can you make anything hard Yes Except for air which is made of oxygen and Freezes prevent oxygen, which is very important because because we need oxygen to breathe because we're mammals Yes, but stop interrupting Just because you know something doesn't mean you know everything Lack of oxygen is very important in the preservation of food, which is why we sometimes Pickle it or vacuum pack it because it prevents mold bacterias which are also mammals from living Then why do we also vacuum packed clothes with junk mammals you tell me To protect them from dust but which is another example of Bacterias you should know this Recites the importance of cleaning Cleaning is important because it's how we fight dust Dust is billions of tiny bacteria mammals that want to kill people This is why dust is dangerous and must be fought every day by cleaning surfaces and protecting fabrics however Like all things dust must be fought in moderation For example a man once lived a moderate life But exaggerated his war on dust He thought that he could defeat his dust forever By vacuum packing his house so that no dust Could get him When he did this however The man died because he couldn't breathe So can dust ever be defeated forever It can only be fought because no one knows where it comes from And so no one knows how to stop it Which is why We all always live in a dusty world Dad I'm sorry. I wanted to stop the flies What's wrong with hi- Nothing! Nothing's wrong Then why is h- He's testing us. He's rotting a little bit to see how we react But rotted bodies can't come back Really rotten ones can't Little bit is fine They can heal from it Especially if you're pretending How do you know he's pretending Because no one wants to actually rot Rachel He's testing us To see if we keep wanting him But what if he doesn't stop Don't be ridiculous. You will upset him He won't want to come back if you don't want him to – but I do that's why doesn't Stop questioning things you know nothing about Keep Calm Look happy Go and have your break now Get your bone And go and find your father something special from the woods He'd like that Maaa Maaa Rachel Rachel Come here You're late Where were you going? What did you bring him? Nothing Nothing? You come back late and with nothing Is he back? No He's not Obviously, this is why The house is ready Celebration dinner he's got But you're still behaving like an immature little girl who doesn't No! No, that's not true You don't even know why he's not back. It's your fault I'm doing everything right You you make it all wrong with your doubting Your disobedience and your pouting You can't even make up for it with a proper gift Is that what you actually want? For us to fail the test and for him to stay up there. No? Hi. I'm sorry I hit you. I made sure to plaster head, so you wouldn't have a lobotomy. You know lots of things but. Sometimes they're wrong. He wasn't pretending to rot. Our wanting wasn't working because all the flies and the mold bacteria. Actually wanted to rot him too, and they're more than us. The test was to save him from the rotting. You don't know because you're scared of the woods, but I saw what happened with real rotting. He doesn't smell anymore because I defeated the mold bacteria with no oxygen. We just need to be here when he gets back, or he'll have no air. I wrote a new poem last night, which I'll read at celebration. Title: In the woods In the woods is where I go whenever I'm free And when I go into the woods I see the in-between We don't know how the place works, but we do know that it's there We all know it's the door that opens here to there Because that is where there is the space that crosses in between The things we see right here And the ones we haven't seen And when we all go through that place the world will turn around There foxes fly, water is dry and trees are upside down The Flies are in the sky, and the sky is in the ground So he must keep on exploring until the day we doubt But the way into the nightmare Is our only way out.

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  1. Kate Reed. Fantastic performance. The only other thing IMDB has her in is another short (11 min) from the year before called "Our Broken Heart." YouTube doesn't come up with it, though. I, too, would like to see more of her. She aced this film.

  2. this is by far one of the best short horror flims ive watched, the girl's acting is amazing, so well done, i know she will go big one day, the story is really good, with no need of monsters, ghosts or paranormal activities, for real, this is a good one

  3. It would be nice to spend the afternoon with this interesting couple. I'd enjoy hearing more of her theories on the physical world.

  4. My interpretation is that "the in between" is curiosity and the "there" is truth and knowledge and all that comes with it (including death). Not sure how close I am, but that's what I'm seeing.

    This was a real treat after watching several awful jump scare horror shorts. Thank you!

  5. Me through the lectures about bacteria mammals, had trouble imagining a bacteria feeding their young with milk lol HAHHAAH

  6. Everyboddy is praising the Young Anne Hathaway! which is correct, but Damn! that Actress playing Mother is right out of
    Alfred Hitchcock's unwritten play!!!! I mean She had me saying "yes maam!!!" even when she was off the charts wrong in her Facts!!! BRILLIANT!!!

  7. Dust is really necroed atom cells that start leaving humans body during sleep time which "repairs" the body and replaces these with new healthy atoms

  8. Why did I see this video somewhere? Like I think someone copied this video…

    or maybe you guys did? ;-;

  9. Great acting in this one. Wow . Where did they find these two?.they deserve to be on the big screen indeed

  10. A question for the students who made this: where the hell did you guys find that many dead animals?? But also, very good acting

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