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The best thing about
my study program is quite simply that we can shape the future. So, who can get by nowadays without their smartphone, without any of the apps, without Instagram, Facebook,
WhatsApp? And the great thing is that… as soon as I have
an idea for an app or I want to develop something connected to that… I can just integrate that
into my studies. We have various projects during the semester
which involve iOS or Android
development. You can integrate the app or your idea directly into the platforms, you can work together and
develop with fellow students or even with the professors. It is actually quite funny
being the only woman. You are given a lot of support
from the professors because,… of course it is good publicity when the first woman graduates from that Bachelor program. That is why they are
prepared to go the extra mile to encourage female students to stay and be successful, too. And yeah… It’s going pretty well,
I guess. To me personally, what makes Hof University very special is… that it is small
and manageable… and that most of its members – and that includes
the students – want to drive the
university forward and that is also why we have such a good standing in the academic landscape. Hof University has to embrace the future digital world. That means, that the students receive the tools with which they are able to steer their way through
this digital world, their digital world. The teaching of the future
will basically consist of a mix
of digital education and traditional
face-to-face teaching, so-called Blended Learning because it’s important to stay in touch and to see and
meet people in person. Not everything
can be conveyed two-dimensionally or
three-dimensionally. HofSpannung builds
electro race cars and participates in
race events every year… in a construction
competition called Formula Student, which is similar to Formula 1, just for students. And we develop a new car
every year, then we build it and we race
against other teams with it. At HofSpannung you can pick up quite a lot of technical
know-how because… we build a race car
right from scratch. But it is also about
bringing people together. It is about understanding
how working life works, gaining some initial
experience. I decided to give
HofSpannung a go because it fits well with my
areas of interest. And I haven’t had
regrets yet. The iisys is an institute
on the campus where professors pursue their research projects but also where students can write bachelor
or master theses… or even a doctoral thesis
after they have graduated from their studies. My task at iisys last year was to develop a self-driving
robot-car and this year I have been
working on a coffee machine which allows every employee
here at iisys to log in easily with their campus card
and order a coffee. Switching from a
bigger university to Hof was very easy for me especially because I enjoy working in the smaller
groups here. Also, you can get a lot of
support from the professors here which is basically
possible because of the small number
of the students, so you don’t just feel
like a number here. I chose Hof as the place
to study my master degree because I was looking
to study here in Germany. And I found this program
very interesting… First, because of
the curriculum and also the fact that you can combine
practical know-how with academic knowledge. My experience of living here
in Hof has been… very positive. The people are super-friendly. The communication with
the professors is… really open. You can ask them everything
and they try to answer all of your questions. So we can interact and we can meet people
from all over the world. And that, I think, is the real
meaning of globalization.

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  1. Hi,
    I got admit to the Software engineering for the Industrial application program. Anyone currently doing the course? I'd like to know more about the course. Please comment on this if you know anyone.

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