34 thoughts on “History of Media Lit, part 2: Crash Course Media Literacy #3”

  1. I'm actually giddy that I found this ML crash course series. They're excellent and my students will eat them up. His take on ML is nearly identical to my own. Thank you Jay!

  2. "…social inventions like race and gender."

    For an educational channel, you really seem to have not done a lot of fact-checking here. Although I'm not a big supporter of moral defensiveness, I do think that media creators should try to keep objectively false information our of their content :/.

  3. Seems the biggest problem we face with the proliferation of "media" today is the lack of discernment. The ability to differentiate between fact, opinion, valid and phony "studys", and propaganda, is evidently is short supply. Kids just aren't taught how to do this in school, and haven't been since the Left have appropriated so much of our culture, including public and higher education. This is no accident, and the symptoms of misinformation being considered truth are rampant. "The pen is mightier than the sword", and thusly, even more dangerous. Misinformation has been used to great effect in changing human history, nearly always with tragic results. Search Youtube for "history of Communism", and learn how over 100 million have been mass murdered in just the 100 years or so. This same communist MO (modus operandi) has been used by the Left for decades in the US: dumb down the population, propagate that the government is the answer to social problems (and should have extreme, unchecked power to "redistribute wealth"), confiscate firearms, impose martial law, commit government sponsored genocide & mass murder of any people who may be perceived as a threat to the state (without due process), etc. Kills me to see ignorant kids marching around with their "Che" t-shirts, oblivious to the fact he was a mass murderer during the Cuban revolution, killing 10s of thousands of innocents without trial. Ironically, the first to be lined up on ditches and shot are usually the same "journalists" who created the media that garnered the support for said dictatorships. These patterns are matters or fact, historically documented and undisputed, yet none of it is taught in our schools…as a citizen, it is your responsibility to educate yourselves on what what our founding fathers knew: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely", and there are no examples in history that show that government is a friend to its' subjects…

  4. The facebook example is why I don't like facebook. It's a bunch of people sucking themselves off.

  5. I don't think people are perfectly rational. I doubt people are able to perfectly resist or be aware of all of the ways they're being manipulated. And if you were perfectly aware, it might well be more an awareness of being trapped and already having been effectively indoctrinated (often with something deeper than politics). And painting critique in advance as racist, fuddy duddy, nostalgic or luddite seems dishonest. You can be pro media and entertain counter arguments by Sontag, Postman etc.

  6. I love this series! It's very informative and interesting! Hope you continue making these kinds of videos. 😁😊

  7. People should stop trying to fight new media and isolate people from it. Instead they should be at the forefront working to deliver the right type of media and educating people about media. Information can be misused but it's a great thing! I'm very grateful that I live in the information age despite all the propaganda, clickbait and fake news.

  8. I love it but also "Social inventions like Gender" 😀 But the the rest is awesome, thank you so much 🙂

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