History, Culture and Pan Dulce in Mexico City (gotta say, today was good day)

so yeah so that’s all that that’s the only thing that you find in the u.s. is dancing these are a country full of dancers well I know I am [Music] what you’re not too old for mom to comb her hair oh well at least she’s not spitting on her hand and then like getting your hand stay down okay so today right today right got all your attention I’m thinking that we switch it up a little bit okay so here’s what I want to do I want to go out into CDM X and I want to like go to a place like maybe like a museum or a park or something and like explore around and then after that you know kind of see what there is a scene then I want to eat some food yes but today is a different date so yeah but today is a Sunday yeah usually a week from Sunday is usually Sunday yeah yeah okay cool all right well that sounds like an awesome plan let’s do it Jones family out yay okay later so where are we the National Natural History Museum yes oh okay and that is here and Chapultepec Park yes Wow and so we’re here again in Sapulpa Park but we’ve never been to this part of holes by Clark actually oh the Buffalo days okay okay Wow okay and we’ve been here like 427 times to pull a cart okay so and then there’s something going on today right like there’s a fair or cultural something or another [Applause] [Music] okay so a little to the festival of cultures okay and what’s all so what is it though whatever what’s there the Americas [Applause] okay so they’ll probably be some food and different things from those so would that be interesting so we like USA America that definition of America no all Americans all Americas okay so the primary definition of America as is stated in the dictionary so but we might see some stuff from USA there oh yeah that’d be interesting all right well cool you guys want to go to this museum yeah it makes sense doesn’t it so basically yeah yeah okay cool all right well let’s go what about you me man all right let’s do this see Aidan’s you’re still you’re still in you know here you’re almost on on you pretty much to Sue’s you turned 13 almost everywhere you’re gonna be a nun ye a nun mean yo be man you still got a few years of being an email so it’s cool dad can you stop with all your forefingers click out yeah then yeah but I snapped but this figure the best I do it this one yeah that’s all most people do but I’m cool well I’m cool I see that tail I stab with this finger but most people snap with the middle finger which I can’t really do but this one I can snap with you can’t snap okay a terrible thinness yeah that must select [Music] [Music] nice look at you and your Spanish reading well there’s words that are very similar – yeah don’t be so modest yeah [Music] well look at us another awesome Mexico City Museum [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well this is a very interesting complex yeah all these dome structures that make up the museum I wonder if this was originally made to be a museum [Music] interesting layout they have really nice exhibits yeah just like pretty much all the museums we go to they’re all very high-quality museums yeah very good exhibits okay so where are we off to now okay and to get some food yes so where do we go from here like how do we get to the pears it closes it in this oh okay so how do we get there do we get to walk it okay like how far away look how big of a walk you’re saying I was just the other side of the park but this is Chapultepec Park okay so here’s a map of the fair so one of the sections is right there well the secrex is right there I believe and more over here so how far is that mile away fantastic [Music] alright guys well I say if we’re gonna go the fair let’s run there like really fast let’s do it ready me man can you run fast and let’s do it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay and then we have to walk down that Street that one time that we took from Los Pinos come here okay to get to the other part of it okay good all right well let’s let’s uh let’s get some snacks [Music] okay big three these check dogs and one of these Butler’s spicy brown mustard and kraut [Music] okay all right don’t know where your bombs at but hopefully they get done soon how’s your dog then good I’ve made my finger how’d you do that really so hungry so are you bit your finger mmm oh that’s a good sausage as a good sausage hmm you can take your sauerkraut kind of shove it down in here you know want to try this sauerkraut sweep it’s authentic oh she’s pretty good sauerkraut are you a sauerkraut man yep [Music] good sausages on where’d you go [Music] we’ll go to the next section and get okay so we got we got these are check dogs from the Czech Republic what’s that from Switzerland what is it it’s others dry my hit the big ol sausages up yeah that’s sausage right there probably the best 180 already yeah the spicy brown mustard what does it heading time here put those spacing on mustard okay so we just passed Europe and now look at all these oh my goodness well this is definitely place to get some food well it is a bit of a madhouse side yes there’s no leisurely oh I’ll try a little bit of this a little bit that no it’s get as much food as you can as fast as you can and then you’re good to go turkey silent [Music] Russ’s Hayden Hayden you don’t want to wait I got drinks chai masala deliciousness what’s good um yeah we and it’s liquid raise this right here there’s nobody in line that’s why I walked over there make it real easy without practice and yeah I’m gonna go ice a tandoori chicken okay chicken yeah it’s okay we’re gonna eat some anyway oh are you guys from Pakistan you are from Pakistan good okay we’re going there in September yes so we’ll take a plate with rice and chicken oh hey we’re Pakistan yeah oh yeah well that’s what they’re getting so you want another plate okay one more plate so hooked me up with that samosa I want to try it you go what is it really that’s like this definitely had an India that like oh it’s like a fritter very very good okay I didn’t expect I just didn’t expect that would be eating in international cuisine today it wasn’t me this chai masala any nurses and other NATO places my goods [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah hey there’s Malaysia top what are you saying what are we supposed to be doing go get some batteries for my car and then go to esperano sake get it chocolate-covered chocolate muffin so I have a feeling that if you don’t get this chocolate-covered chocolate muffin you are just not going to be able to get it off your mind so even it’s like two weeks later you’re still gonna be requesting a chocolate-covered chocolate muffin makes a lot of sense so mommy hear that okay so we have a major chocolate covered chocolate muffin situation going on okay so here’s the us booth and what it’s all it’s a dance party yeah that’s very interesting and they’re giving out u.s. flags yeah that’s funny so I guess you in the wheel figure out what type of dance you’re supposed to be doing and then you go over to the gaming station okay so a lot of these booths have things to sell some are just about becoming a tourist in the country and some of them apparently our dance abuse it’s been a little closer look at this [Music] so yeah so that’s all that that’s the only thing that you find in the u.s. is dancing this is a country full of dancers well I know I am I’m a dancing pool this is somebody hey well hey it’s popular somebody was smart okay there you go over there is El Mirador that is the restaurant we went to that had the fantastic steak tacos that the boys loved so much probably still their number one favorite and then also it had the the awesome Caesar salad remember the very first of all to effect video yeah like 15 years ago when we first got to Mexico City and there itthere is in Esperanza right over there and that’s where we first got sweets we had no idea about Mexican sweets at all just having to bake shop there and Aidan went over there and got that super yummy thing you’re gonna look for it again okay [Applause] smells like an Esperanza nice oh yeah Oh family culture I love family coaches no I don’t think we need to coach that big and do you want a thing yeah of course grabbing a couple things probably I just wanted to get one good round and then I’m gonna go for the kill see I got my own thing yes you want to get it Garibaldi we can get a Garibaldi so honey we need to go out this thing right here [Music] that’s some kind of cream filling and it looks good I am thinking that I want to get one of those pick that one out oh I want another one okay and then I think we should get a cone choc chocolate culture it’s good to me good quality culture so Amy and Ronnie and Bastian sounds good 18s it picked up anything yeah well mean beer and know what we want there you go so you know I feel like you know go on a little bit out and getting a few things visa because yesterday we went to Boston Livie I do and we didn’t get anything I think it’s only fair it’s true I’m glad you got that I wanted to try one of those too that cream looks so delicious I mean look at that Queen anybody else wanting something let’s uh get something to drink – they got chilled coconut water so these ones chill coconut water so you go hundred twenty four about six bucks for all that there’s some good Mexican pen Dulce okay so now we’re back a couple spec park and we’re searching for the proper pendants a table what about this Pantelis a table are walking on right here this is a humongous bangles a table right here yeah look at this no think we just sit right here [Applause] [Applause] esperanza knows what’s up the reason I like Esperanza so much is because hostelry ideal is a massive place very very awesome place but but SME ron’s up uses like real butter real cream where la Stella we ideal even Madrid a little bit I think they don’t they don’t use the real butter and for me it’s got to have a real butter taste and that’s why Esperanza is like my favorite place to go who wants a bite of that bad boy of course you do [Applause] that’s good real cream [Applause] that took a little snivel of your mother [Applause] be meirin’s topic muffins [Applause] once you bust off that couch up trying esperanza contra see how it compares oh but the coaches at Madrid were really good I do remember that but still the coaches at Elkhart and all have been the best but this is a fun pretty good [Applause] this is up there yep this is this is up – Wow I think that’s uh that’s pretty top that’s price that’s probably that’s pretty up there yeah that conch is better than like remember the Carmel bakery the last place we went was it nearly as good no I think that’s I think that’s just below I’ll Cardinals culture yes ma’am so what do you got there though the creamed corn [Music] [Applause] it’s pretty good if that’s filled with cream that’s really filling Wow oh yeah well you could do it it’s heavy p.m. this is a gun this is a it’s a heavy guy here so kind of hard to eat I have a feeling that Aiden’s gonna love that [Applause] okay I hope who knows right your ally all right well yeah you got this can you have the rest yeah totally but we’ll see you guys later we are out of here [Music] I know but I’m getting into my dance groove I’m a dancer okay so the next time we’re at a party and I asked you to dance you’re going to hell yeah on one condition what’s that I get a bust out all my moves never end

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  5. Mr Jones.
    Usted gastó $124.
    En casa también somos 4 y solo gastamos $30 máximo ( 6 pan dulce y 4 bolillos)
    Imagínese el sueldo de una persona promedio es de $100 al día.
    Y la canasta básica de los mexicanos incluye pan, tortilla, tal vez carne, tal vez pollo, tal vez leche……

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  20. Inspired by you I went a few weeks ago inside La Esperanza and unfortunately I picked a cream filled cookie covered with white chocolate that was heavenly good and it has been torturing me ever since haha. I agree with the real butter comment, it brings the flavor and texture up a notch!


  22. Hola, linda familia😍😍😍Saludos desde CDMX.La panadería Esperanza que creo tiene el mejor pan, es la que está en la calle de Moliere en la colonia Polanco, ojalá lo prueben y muy cerca hay una que se llama Elizondo parece que es buena aunque no la conozco. También en Polanco en la calle Polanco podrían desayunar o comer en la panadería y restaurante Maque todo esta muy rico. Y la panadería y restaurante Da Silva. Los vamos a extrañar, si pudieran subtitular algunos videos cuando vayan a otros países, podríamos seguirlos😃😃😘

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  26. Watching your videos completely changed the perception I had of Mexico. It's not a all how the U.S media portrays it. The way they portray Mexico makes me wonder if they're part of a conspiracy to keep tourists and Americans out of Mexico lol

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    Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 42, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

  30. Hi Jones Family,
    Did you find your long term apartment via Air BnB or some other method? Did you negotiate a monthly rate?

  31. Nice. Your dialogue helps me out a ton, as I cannot see. It is cool how you guys appreciate the culture and places in my country. While you were at the USA booth, I heard in the distance a guy playing native flutes from the Andes. Good luck with your travels. You have a supporter cheering you on from Houston.

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  33. B-Man, it's called collaboration; i.e., National Geo and La Museum collaborate their resources to produce an/the authentic experience that you had upon touring ( we tourists) the exhibition insuring that what you see and learn represents the length and depth of that particular assemblage. Pretty cool eh?

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    Hagan un esfuerzo por permanecer unos meses más.
    ENORME abrazo familia.

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