History Brief: The Berlin Wall Explained

The Berlin Wall was one of the most intimidating
symbols of the Cold War era. Who built the Berlin Wall? Why did they build it? At the conclusion of World War II, Germany
was divided into two separate nations, East Germany and West Germany. The western portion was assisted by the United
States and the United Kingdom, whereas, the eastern portion was assisted by the Soviet
Union. Berlin, the capital city, was also divided
into West Berlin and East Berlin, in a similar fashion. For the first several years that the two nations
existed, people were allowed to travel in between the two sides. However, as time progressed and conditions
worsened in communist East Germany, many people began escaping to the Western side. The East Germans were determined to put an
end to these defections. In August of 1961, the East Germans ordered
that the border between East and West Germany be closed. This included cutting the city of Berlin in
half and erecting a border between the two. East German soldiers began demolishing the
streets between the two halves and established a temporary barbwire fence. With the splitting of Berlin, many lives were
thrown into chaos. Families were no longer able to visit their
relatives, and in some cases, East Berliners were cut off from their jobs on the West Berlin
side. The East Germans then erected a permanent
wall made of concrete, which came to be known as the Berlin Wall. The wall was an 87-mile-long fortified structure
featuring 116 watch towers, dogs, additional chain link fences, barbwire, and trenches
to prevent vehicles from driving across. It also included a secondary wall on the East
Berlin side. The space between the two walls became known
as “the Death Strip” as East German guards were instructed to shoot anyone attempting
to escape. The border between the two halves of Berlin
wasn’t completely closed, however. There were several checkpoints where visitors
could pass into East Berlin (although, very few East Berliners were allowed to travel
into West Berlin). The most well-known of these crossings was
“Checkpoint Charlie”, and it was the only crossing where Americans and many other foreigners
were allowed to pass. The wall stood without contest for 26 years. But, in the late 1980s, many Germans began
openly criticizing the wall’s presence. In 1987, US President Ronald Reagan delivered
a speech in front of the wall, in honor of Berlin’s 750th anniversary. In this speech, President Reagan made a bold
appeal to the Premier of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, when he said, “Mr. Gorbachev,
tear down this wall!” Finally, two years later, in 1989, the people
of East Berlin could bear it no longer. They began protesting the wall’s existence
in September of that year. On November 9th, 1989, crowds of people approached
the wall with hammers, chisels, and other tools, and began destroying the wall by hand. The Berlin Wall had endured for 28 years,
but it was finally torn down. To this day, the towering and divisive structure
remains one of the most chilling and powerful memories of those who lived through the Cold

29 thoughts on “History Brief: The Berlin Wall Explained”

  1. So , you actually just ignored reasons for berlin wall appearance. These video is not objective , It is biased. How can you learn history this way? Nonsense.

  2. Inaccurate. People didnt just randomly start tearing down the wall. East Germany opened the border in response to mass migration through Hungary.

  3. Many peoples was killed in English countries but bad luck only Muslims…. So this is a big Conspiracy for the Muslims

  4. Funny. Before I saw this I only saw what American media told me. They make it sound like the president said tear down the wall and then the people of Berlin immediately tore it down

  5. People now are smart and cant be manipulated by this biased video.
    There are more than 20 Million Russians died because of German nazis. Total of more than 60 million people died cause of world war 2.

    More than 100 Million to billion people was and being manipulated and killed in many hidden ways by Global Capitalist that created and roots of World war 1 and 2. And they still doing it until now to create the world war 3.

    "East Created walls to keep People inside, While West Created Walls to keep People Outside" Hypocrites

    Now Where and Who Will Build the New Wall in 2019 ?????

  6. the berlin wall shows the mindset of the Germans they didn't learn a thing from ww2 at least they got a taste of what it was like to be a jew east germany trying to stop germans from west germany entering was there any concentration camps rebuilt

  7. Someone please tweet this to AOC and her Socialist supporters. The Berlin Wall was put in place to stop people running away from the same failed policies endorsed by today's left and "Democratic Socialists". Socialism has always failed, not because it hasn't been properly tested, but because it is based on the absurd notion that Government knows what is best. The results are always the same: Poverty, hunger and misery for most while the few "enlightened" ruling class live in the lap of luxury.

  8. Ruskis should have never allowed destruction of the wall, thus allowing Germany to grow strong and economically colonise whole Eastern Europe.

  9. Superficial disinformation that eludes the most elementary and obvious questions. What goes through the mind of someone to induce him to put energy into such a useless presentation is beyond me.

  10. America get this: The destruction of the Berlin Wall has nothing – NOTHING – to do with the USA or Ronald Reagan. There was so much going on in Europe for the decade leading up to the re-unification of Germany. American just jumped in at the end and claimed all the glory – Well, they tried to. Of course, only the Americans were fooled.

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