History and Social Studies Education Students and Alumni – UNC Pembroke

Looking for a challenging college experience
that will equip you for a 21st century career? Check out the UNCP History Department
where world-class faculty teaching interesting classes where your ideas matter. This university, indeed the department within
the university, is smaller therefore you get a smaller class size, you
get a more in-depth experience. You get better one-on-one interaction with
your professors and as such, they start to learn your interests and foster you in
your developing career. While I was at UNCP, I felt like I was a big
fish in a little pond. I had the opportunity not to drown in a sea of people
but to stand out and to actually get to know my professors, engage and have
a voice and feel like I actually mattered. Being a part of the History Department has
definitely made me feel prepared for entering the workforce after graduation. As
an SSE major for Social Studies Education, I want to be a teacher. So, the
History Department as a whole has really helped me to learn the content and
be able to apply it not just on a broad spectrum like with their survey classes,
but I can really really target into some of these special topics that these professors
had spent their lifetimes studying. Well I’m an education major, Social Studies
Education, and I might be required to teach world history or American history and
through the History Department I definitely feel that if I’m called to do that then
I would be up to the task. I feel like the push that the professors gave
us here at the university to think critically about the subjects we’re learning
really prepared me to make harder decisions not just about my career
but even about life as I went on. And in terms of resources outside the department’s
walls, you’ve got a very good library in the Livermore Library. My
specialty is Russian history in the late 1800s so when I say they’re good at
finding archane materials, you can believe me they’re very good at finding these materials. Some of the social opportunities we have here
in the History Department is that a lot of us for dinner or just to talk after class,
and a lot of the ideas that we do share will help us later on in our careers. We also have departmental movies nights about
once a month throughout the semester that all of us just get together and watch
one of the current movies that pertains to anything that we’ve been studying this
semester. We have a history club that is free for anyone,
any major, you can come in. If you have an interest in history, you can
come. We have study abroad. I have friends that have gone to Sweden, Germany,
and then field trips. I love field trips. It’s one of my favorite things
about the History Department. We go to places like Fort Fisher, we’ve
gone to Town Creek Indian Mound. We actually get to touch the history and experience
the locations. It was a special place, not just because it
was a college, but because the people who were here made it a special place. That’s
something that as I talk to students as an educator now I try to tell them about
this place here. If they’re interested in going to a small university where learning
gets personal where they really feel like the professor is there to help them and
grow them as a student and as a thinker then Pembroke is a place they should think
about going.

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