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Please. (shrieks) Hello everyone! I’m Xenia. Welcome to another episode of Hired or Fired. And today, I’m going to be a preschool teacher for a day. When it comes to children, there are usually 2 types of reactions. One is you love them. One is you don’t. And unfortunately, I fall in the latter. Because they scare me! I don’t quite remember my pre-school teacher, but based on my impression, I feel like they’re a new form of nanny? Firstly, they have to learn how to feed, change the diaper of a child. And lastly, they should love children. That’s why they’re in this industry. That’s the reason why it’s gonne be tough for me and I have no idea what to expect. That’s why I wore specs today. So that I look a bit fierce, not to be stepped over. Let’s go kids! MISS TAN IS HERE! My name is Silvia and I’m the principal at Little Green House. My role is to supervise and ensure that everything runs smoothly in the center. A lot of people think that preschool educators only play with them, talk to them, and put them to nap. What people do not know, is that (it’s) mentally and physically draining. Because you need to take care of children’s needs, understand their temperament, know how to handle children, and how to calm them down. We also play an important role in building a child’s success in their first years of school. Hi! I’m Xenia. Hi, I’m Silvia, the centre principal of Little Green House. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. So, what will I be doing today? You’re given 4 tasks to complete within the day. First task is you have to plan a lesson plan that’s age appropriate for the children. Second task would be feeding the children during their lunch time. The third is preparing children for their nap. Oh my god… And the last will be implementing lessons that you’ve prepared in the morning. You can see I’m a little bit nervous. Since I’m here, let’s try my best! So, while here’s the uniform, (I) hope you’re ready for the challenge. Ever ready…! Good luck. Miss Tan is here. (Teacher) Let’s say “Hi, Miss Xenia!” These are the children that I will be taking care of today. So, they’re N1, the youngest of the group here. And I think it’s gonna be the hardest because it’s harder for them to understand my cues or instructions. I know! Then when you turn back right, all their faces are like that… I think this guy is interested in me. He looks like the baby version of Shigga Shay. Shigga Shay ~ Shigga Shay ~~ (Shigga Shay’s 打包 dabao: Kopi Siew Dai, two Milo Dinosaur, 1 kaya toast, and 2 teh O) Shigga Shay ~ (inches away in fear) Please. Oh my god. What’s your name? (murmurs) Huh? Idea? Elliot!
Elliot, or you can be called Shigga Shay. Do you like me? Yes? Which one is your girlfriend? Look here… All the girls are your girlfriend? (Yes…) This one your girlfriend also? This one your boyfriend? No…. It’s ok, you have me! You want walk in front? No. Did I do something wrong? (boy sobbing) He’s crying just because of my face. Hello, I’m Xenia.
Hi, I’m Alicia. I’m going to be your mentor for today. I know I have to prepare a lesson plan so that I can teach at the end of the day. I am not a parent and also, I don’t usually hang out with children. So I don’t know what to teach them, what is appropriate for them to learn. Not to worry, we have already set aside an objective for you. So, children will just have to count from 1 to 10. Huh? Yes. Easy… ok. To prepare for the lesson, you need to make sure that materials are sufficient and is of age appropriate. Some things you need to take note of, cannot put children down. You need to respect their voice. If they answer wrongly, I will just have to appreciate that they tried. Yes, correct.
Ah, okok. I also understand that they can be quite easily distracted. How else can I make something 1 to 10 like interesting?! There are many ways. We can sing song, we can do big actions, we can get them to move about. Because children at this age they will like to move about. Yup.
You will need concrete materials because (you can) do hands-on approach. Mmm.. So, normally we just go through the numbers first. So that they will have a better understanding and then we will start with the games. Ah, so you need a warm-up before the lesson itself.
Correct, that’s right. One… Two… Wait, wait! There’s this song – one, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive ~ six, seven, eight, nine, ten, then I eat them.. all up… right? Now that you’re done with your lesson plan, your second task of the day is to feed the children. Basically, you need to take note of their food allergies. You need to make sure which children are allergic to what kind of food. And then, make sure the food is not too cold, not too warm. We also need to make sure that they eat healthily. After lunch, we get ready for nap time. Nap time! That’s right.
Just be like, ok, close your eyes ~ Not really. Some children need to be patted, some children need to sing lullaby before they sleep. Ok, let’s feed them first. They look hungry. You look very stressed. Now I’m about to be stressed because I’m gonna sit beside the guy who cried because he saw my face. You’re a strong boy. Are you a strong boy?
(Boy continues to cry) What’s your name? ………. Don’t dare look at him, later he cry. They can feed themselves. It’s just that at times, they’re a little bit playful. Just have to verbally remind them – they have to eat properly. Do you need help? Yes?… Help you put at the centre, so it’s easier to eat. I will not feed you ok? Cause I know you’re a smart and clever boy. You can feed yourself. Do you like me? Hi Erica, here’s your food. What must you say? Thank you? You’re welcome! Who is Jing Er? Raise up your hand. ………….. Who’s Elena? Raise up your hand! ……. Ok! Here’s lunch. Say thank you! …………. Elena, who give you lunch? Teacher Xenia. Can you say thank you? Elliot: Thank you, Teacher Xenia. Thank you Elliot! You want teacher to feed you? Yes? Ahhhh… Good job! If she doesn’t want, just leave it for a while.
Good job! If she doesn’t want, just leave it for a while. Ok.
When she’s ready, she will eat. Just give her some time first. If I ask them to say thank you, then they don’t know how to say, then how do I? You say “It’s okay, in future you may want to say thank you.” Just remind them.
Ok. Come, wipe your mucus. Don’t want? What do I do now? Teacher…. I feel very defeated. I thought this is gonna be the easiest actually. Wah, good girl! Oh, hiiiiiiiiiiii. Oh my god, he look at me with like love in his eyes. Mama? I’m not your mama, I’m your teacher. No no no, I’m not your mama. This responsibility is too huge for me to bear. Mama, ok ok! Don’t cry. Mama. Yeah, you can call me Mama for today. The stage where I thought is the easiest turned out to be the toughest. There are two girls who don’t really like me that much and they’re very introverted. I’m gonna have to put in a bit more effort to become their friends. But other than that… Truly eye-opening. Never thought that feeding someone would require so many things to think about. Warming them up to you, understanding what they’re talking about. Making sure that you don’t feed them things that they’re allergic to. Making sure that they have a balanced meal. So tough. It’s only getting harder from here. Now, let’s prepare them for their nap time. Wah, what is this. What is this lelong lelong? Ooo, they bring their own blanket. Can we go to our beds? Elliot, sleep! You want pat pat? Pat pat. Elliot, want pat pat? Ok. Little star, how I wonder what you are ~ Here’s the guys… Yeah! Good afternoon! Why? Mama. Yeah. So, nap time is over. Some are a bit blur blur and emotional. But she’s doing well! Let’s go up! So, when I first entered the classroom, I met teacher Alicia. And she was reading a storybook to the children. I mean how hard it is. It’s only until when I have to draft out my lesson plan, that was when I realized, “Oh no… I am thinking based on my perception of what is fun for them.” I think the overthinking itself made me super stressed out. With the help of my producers and directors, we managed to realign my mind. Now I’m a lot better, so I’m more confident in teaching. But one thing that I found super eye-opening is that managing the kids is a skill of its own. Seeing how other teachers use their own methods to gain respect from the children. It made me realize that children have feelings too. Think I finally can understand what Alicia means by, respect their voice. And I hope that today, during my lesson, I can at least meet my lesson objective. Still nervous though! I hope they understand me and I hope that they had fun. So, how do you think of my performance so far? So far you’re doing well. I can see that they’re responding to you.
Ok… Yeah, although you may be unfamiliar to them but I can see that they’re responding to you. I got that treatment at the start and it was like very rewarding when Elena and Jing Er talk to me. Because they’re the most introverted ones. Yeah, I’m surprised they actually opened up to you. Yeah… yes, okay! I think I’m ready to teach them yo! Fish ~ How to sing again? Today we’re gonna start with a song. Ok! Can we all stand up! Stand up now! (Stand up!) Wah… stand up ~ One…. Two… Three… Four…. Five…. Once I caught a fish alive ~ Six… Seven… Eight… Nine… Ten…. Then I let it go again ~ Shall we go faster? (Yes!) Ok, let’s go! 1, 2, 3, go! One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Then I let it go again ~ Wooo! Good job! Can we sit down? Just now when we learn the song, it was.. One… Two… Three… Four… Five… So, what is this? (Ball!) This is a ball. Can you show me how to be a ball? How do you be a ball? Be a small ball! Very good! A lot of balls in class! Ok, so how many balls are there here? (One!) Correct! Next! Woah, what is this? (Ball!) Very good, but what is this? Clown! Three… Four….! Clown! Blehhhh ~ Very good Ahmad! We’re gonna play, let’s wake up the lion! There is a lion in our school! We must go and wake up and say hi. But we have to keep quiet. Are you ready to walk 5 steps? One… Two… (Lion!) Oh no, somebody call him! Now he is angry! Seven steps, we must count and walk like this. Six… Seven… Ahmad, do you want to wake up the dinosaur? (I want!) Ok, wake up. Friendly dinosaur. All right, let’s give a big hug to Teacher Xenia. Say thank you! (Thank you ~) The last hug though. It was a very emotional thing for me. Wah, I cannot.. cannot describe. I was just damn shocked, everybody just hug me. It’s like too much love. And I’m not complaining. Ok, I love kids lah. Go away. Not easy. Really not easy. But very rewarding. I feel like I’ve been through a lot. And everything that I planned did not go according to plan. Whatever I foresee and expected, Was so different. One, I thought they would sit down and listen to me. At least count with me. But some of them started like jumping cause they were too excited. And I had to continue. I went on and it got a bit better when I had to adapt on the spot. By lengthening the “Let’s wake up the animal” game. Because I realized that everyone in class was engaged. But after my lesson, I realized that even the simplest things for children, When they start learning, it’s not like a one day thing. It takes many many lessons of repeating the same concept, then they will understand. That itself showed how important pre-school education is. And how amazing these teachers are. I only had 1 lesson with them but I could feel that sense of achievement and satisfaction. At the end, where they say “thank you Teacher Xenia,” After today, I have a new-found respect for pre-school teachers. They are definitely not the new generation kind of nanny. They’re beyond teachers, beyond nannies. So, how do you think I did so far? It’s been a whole day. First task like lesson planning, I think you’re very open to listening to the mentor to guide you. I’ve seen you conducting your lesson. I think you followed quite well and the children were very engaged with what you were doing. They were having lots of fun, in fact actually. You did quite a good job also, during feeding time. You tried your best to talk to them, to get close to them. I think that part was a bit tough. But overall, I still think you did a very good job. And the lesson wise, I’m quite impressed with what you did. Although this is just your first day in pre-school as a teacher, you did fairly well. Wah, thank you. You have no idea how much it means to me. Ok, so you think I did great. Everything sounds ok. What do you think I have to improve on? What you can improve on, it’s to, um, before the start of the lesson Because some of the children are in the midst of toilet training, bring them to the toilet. So that you will not disrupt the lessons in between. And also, because you did not reinforce Dos and Don’ts before the lessons. Yeah.. So, reinforcement of the rules again will help you to better manage the children. It boils down to the most important question of every single episode of Hired or Fired. And that is, be honest ok. Will you hire or fire me? I think I will hire you. Watching you and the kids mingle, I think the bond that you guys have even though it’s just for a short day. Yeah, I think it’s quite good. Wah… thank you! Thank you Early Childhood Development Agency for making this video possible. It was very special for me. If you’re interested in becoming a pre-school teacher yourself, you can check out more information in the description box below. Thank you for watching this episode of Hired or Fired. If you like this video, yay!!! Don’t forget to follow Teacher Xenia! Let’s go! Like… Share… Subscribe! And, watch our other videos over there! Ok, we say bye ok! Bye! Byeeeee ~ Bye! Bye! Bye bye! Bye! 你不要讲 bye 啊? Bye.

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  1. this video really reminds people that we should appreciate preschool teachers because it is not an easy job and preschool teachers are not babysitters who only feed, shower and put them to sleep !!

  2. Omg Xenia is lucky to be able to try this job!! It may be tiring but I think it's really fun to try! I would like to try being a preschool teacher if I had a chance in the future but now I am still 12yrs old so yeah…

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  5. Hi The Smart Local,is Little Green House a Montessori preschool? because I remember the preschool I went to was a children’s Montessori so I’m not sure if I’m they only one. (Montessori is a school where young children seek to develop natural interests and activities rather than normal teaching methods(according to goggle) usually meant for special needs children(no offence))

  6. I love the way Xenia looked the children in the eyes and engaged with them. Some of her language such as “brave boy” and”clever girl” doesn’t help them identify their emotions or reinforce their problem solving – language is so so important as an early childhood educator! I would have said “Oh, you look a bit scared to see me. It’s okay to feel unsure when you do something for the first time”

    I am surprised that the lessons are so structured for children so young. In Australia, our curriculum is play-based and entirely child-led.

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