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The Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse Hey guys, let’s do the hungry hippo craft, OK? First, let’s color the hungry hippo. There’s also a ladybug, a bird, and two little fish. Great! Now let’s color the rest of the hippo grey. I think hippos are grey, aren’t they? Looks good! Hippos are really big, so this takes a little bit of time. Almost done! Great, now let’s cut it out. Cut off the top. And then cut out the hippos nose. Be careful! Great, now let’s fold it. Good! Now get some glue. And we’ll glue it together. Wow, looks great! He’s a very hungry hippo. Hey, I’m hungry! You want some oranges? How about a lemon? How about an apple? Strawberry? No thanks, I don’t like strawberries. OK. Hey, let’s sing a song about open and close.

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