Hinduism – Full 4.5 hrs session – PT's Knowledge Booster series – by Sandeep Manudhane sir

28 thoughts on “Hinduism – Full 4.5 hrs session – PT's Knowledge Booster series – by Sandeep Manudhane sir”

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  2. Sir i need source of this knowledge..things you explained…written any where in any book…please provide the source of this knowledge sir

  3. As a Muslim, Hinduism is very complex faith to understand and digest. Hinduism has no specific documentary because it is not one single religion. Rather, It is combination of many Indian cultures…. especially, Dravidian and Aryan. This man is trying to show something wrong.
    After advent of Christianity and Islam all the traditions and cultures of India united and became one as 'Hinduism' which is actually derived from Arabic word Al Hind it is a name given to place not religion. Later, It became Hindustan and then Hinduism . If Christianity and Islam never arrived in India then there would be many cultures, traditions, rituals and beliefs in india …..like different tribes and colonies of Africa.

    Sanatana Dharma is a Sanskrit word which means eternal faith. Actually, this title is given to ancient Indian religion before arrival of Aryans from Iran. These people used to belive in one eternal God called Brahman. Today's Hinduism is completely different from Sanatana dharma. Because it has evolved and combined with others traditions.

  4. Hey please translate in english give subtitle atleast so world can understand our hinduism please its a humble request reply😓

  5. Atma ka energy prakriti may ghusa. Energy aur mass honga, Maan lethay hai. Lekin light ka speed ka adhaar kya hai.

  6. Einstein ko apna theories may unka majhabi kitab Torah Torah say kaafi inspiration mila hai. Lihaza bar bar samastha scientific theories ka shreya Hinduism ko math deejiye.

  7. am i the only one who is facing technical interruptions in the video after around 20 minutes of streaming?

  8. 3:07 के समय में आपने कुछ थोरा आपत्तिजनक बाते की सर

  9. Hinduism : Spritual Philosophy Based on Myth and Man made Story


  10. I am a born hindu now 61, only your talk helped me to stitch my pieces of knowledge of this great religion.
    The whole idea seems as very strong conceptual framework and convencing stories and moral.
    👉I was just looking for something like scientific or archiological evidences.
    👉 The time/ chronological order of the stories. Everywhere it's a guess.
    👉 Good or bad karma is only possible in human form , how Baraha avatar saved the earth.
    👉I was waiting to hear something on the "jati pratha" a very real practice of this beautiful religion. Maybe in a new video.
    Thank you for making me logically understand my religion in just effortless 4 hrs that that can take a lifetime.

  11. Great Lecture, watch the whole video, this type of knowledge about values and the truth should be promoted in India and any other country in which HINDU'S reside.
    Respect and support from Canada.

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