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Aarush! Put on your shoes quickly.
Papa is getting late. Hmm… Good Morning, Sir. Good morning.
Sit down. Thank you, Sir. Bro, Today Sir will distribute
science exam answer sheets. I’m feeling scared. Silence… Today you all will be getting
your science exam answer sheets. Yes, sir. Make it sure
to get it signed by your parents. Yes, sir. We didn’t even write anything. How much will we score, brother? Naitik Kumar Sharma Yes, sir. 59 Parnav Mahato Yes, sir. 43 Rohit Yes, sir. 17 Is it any marks to score? Uttam Kumar Absent Nikhil Singh Yes, sir 79. Well done. Good job. Keep up the hard work. Aarush Kumar Mahato Yes, sir. 59 And champ, how much you scored? Just 60-70, bhaiya . Wow! You scored really good marks. Let’s celebrate this
with a samosa party at Bablu’s shop. What! bhaiya Others are scoring 97-98
and you’re talking about a party. 70 is no less. I merely score 50 marks. I’m not listening to any excuse.
I just want my party. Okay, bhaiya. But not today. I’m going to Harsh bhaiya’s
place today evening. Harsh.
That IIT guy? Yeah He is too intelligent, bro. Oh!
Good…Good Okay, champ. We reach to your place. And don’t forget about the party. Hmm… Okay. Bye. Mummy. I’ve come. You should talk in English with bhaiya. Hey Uncle, good evening. What makes you come here.
And how’s Aarush? Aarush wants to meet Harsh. Is Harsh home? Yes, he is inside.
Come in. Brother, Aarush has come to meet you. Okay. Call them in. Please go inside. Are you studying, Harsh? No uncle.
Just writing something. You come.
Sit. And Aarush, how are you? I’m fine, bhaiya.
What about you? I’m also fine.
Sit… Sit… Aarush wanted to meet you. So, I bring him here. Nice. Today, his exam answer
sheets were given. He just managed to score 60-70 marks only. He put in all efforts
but unable to score good marks. By the way. He is inspired by you. He keeps on telling that
he wants to be like you. 60-70 is good marks, uncle. Aarush, keep up the hard work. Aarush!
You want to ask something. Go on. Bhaiya, how to improve memory power? Sometimes, I can’t recall the lessons. Oh. I also can’t recall sometimes. You don’t have to remember everything. If you understand your lessons,
you’ll remember them forever. Hmm… Try to visualize that you study. It will be easy to remember. Our mind recalls pictures better than words. Bhaiya, one more question. Okay. First, have some snacks. Have, uncle. Bhaiya, for how many hours
Did you use to study in your 4th grade? I don’t remember exactly. But yes, I used to be attentive in class.
And just revise the lessons at home. He does in the same manner. He is very focussed on his studies. And he doesn’t waste his time watching TV. Bhaiya, what I need to do to get into IIT? why do you want to go to IIT, Aarush? Papa says if you crack IIT, your life is set. Is it so? Hmm… Look Aarush. You’re in 4th grade only. You’ve enough time to decide
what you want to become. And there are a plethora of other career options
other than engineering and doctor. Do you know who is Dhoni? Yes. He is my favorite player. Is he a doctor or an engineer? No, he is a cricket player. Exactly. Engineering and medicine are
not the only options to become successful. You can succeed in any field. Just do whatever you like. By the way, what you like to do? I… I like to study only. Uncle, does he take part
in extracurricular activities in school. Sometimes, he takes part
in the painting competition. Good.
Help him find himself. Bhaiya, you have read
these many books? Yes.
Wait. I have to show you something. Do you know? One of my poems is published in this book. Have a look. Wow, bhaiya. Nice You write poems as well. Yes. You get something for this? Any money or so? Not right now. But yes, I’ll obviously get money
once I publish my own book. I’m writing currently.
Hope to finish it soon. Bhaiya, nice. Thank you. Welcome. Do you know when I started writing? No. When? When I was in 12th grade. Oh… Other than academics and marks,
I never explored anything. I considered academics everything But Papa tells academics are important. Yes, academics are important. But it’s not everything in life.
It’s just a part of it. If you’re good at academics
then it’s alright, otherwise, there are other areas
where you can excel in life. Just explore them. Okay? We should leave now.
It’s getting late. Sure, uncle.
And keep visiting. Come… Come
Have a seat. Aarush Kumar.
Right? Yes.
Aarush Kumar Mahato I’m seeing some
improvements in Aarush but he needs to put more efforts. Have a look. See.
His score in Maths… in English… I’m thinking to put a tutor for him. Yeah. It’s right.
He needs some extra guidance. Okay.
Sign here. Okay, then. Yeah.
Pay some attention (to the kid) Sure. Sir, finished. Let me see. Is this what I taught you? Is this the way to do division? Look. What have you done? Do you apply your mind or not? What you do all day? Don’t you pay attention to your studies? Your performance should improve
but it’s degrading. I need to talk to your father. Solve this question again. And champ, why don’t you come
to play cricket these days. Tuition is there, bhaiya. Come on Sundays then. Papa doesn’t let me go. Oh…
Hilter, uncle. Don’t worry, champ. Aarush! Watching TV?
Go to study. Watching TV all the times. Go. Papa.
2 minutes. Not a single minute.
You waste hours telling 2 minutes only. Just go quietly. Wait… Wait… Keep these vegetables in the kitchen. And bring a glass of water for me. Hmm.. Where’s the remote?
Just wasting time watching cartoons. Welcome to a fresh new
episode of ‘Ek Mulaqat’ Today, we’re with Harsh Kumar who is, in fact, a final year
engineering student of IIT Dhanbad but people know him better
by his book ‘Sapno Ki Udaan’. It’s his first book and
readers are liking it so much. So, Harsh. First of all,
congratulations on your book’s success. and welcome to our show ‘Ek Mulaqat’ [AARUSH] Wow Harsh Bhaiya
[HARSH] Thank you. [ANCHOR] Tell us something about your book. [AARUSH] Mummy, Harsh bhaiya is on TV.
[HARSH] Sure. [HARSH] ‘Sapno ki Udaan’ is everyone’s story. We all love dreaming But as life goes on For some reason, we start
forgetting our dreams. And we get so involved in our daily lives that we forget the real meaning of this life. According to me, Life is like a dream And we must live it in that way only. Because no one knows when we’re going to
witness the ultimate reality of life i.e Death This is the story of a boy
who is in search of this meaning of life. who is in a pursuit to find
his dreams and his own individuality will he be successful in this pursuit? To know that, you have to read the book. Sure, Harsh. Although I don’t read much books,
but it sounds intriguing. So, I’ll surely read. So, tell me about this combination.
Engineering + Writing Frankly speaking, Engineering is a trend nowadays. Everyone is doing engineering And it’s not surprising to find
a few writers among them. And why writers only. Painters, Photographers,
Filmmakers, Musicians and even Politicians There’s a serious issue with our education system which tells you to do doctor
or engineering and you’re set in your life Wait… Wait…
First, ask the kid what he wants to become. Without thinking anything,
you throw them in this rat race. There’s a saying in this country – First, you do engineering
then decide what you want to do in your life.’ Yeah. it’s correct only Harsh. Is it your own story? I won’t say completely. But yes, few things are picked up
from my experiences and observations So, what are your future plans? Obviously, first, I’ve to complete engineering,
Then, I’ll decide what I want to do in life. You have a good sense of humor. So, any suggestions to your young fans? Before coming to young fans,
I want to make an appeal to their parents. Help your kids find their individuality
if throwing them into this rat race. Every child is special in its own way. Tell this to them.
They will win over this entire world. And for my young fans. Life is like a canvas
– white and complete blank There’s no engineering, medicine or CA. And you’ve got a paintbrush in your hand. So, pick up that paintbrush and paint your dreams. Because life is too short. So, paint this life with your own dreams, not others. Thank you
Hope you keep writing and inspire us. Thank you for
having me on your show. So, this was Harsh Kumar
the writer of ‘Sapno Ki Udaan’ the book seems intriguing and so, do read. I’m going to read now. Bhaiya, have you watched
Harsh bhaiya’s interview yesterday? Yeah.
I enjoyed watching it. Have you read his book? Yes, I read.
One of my friends had given me to read. Papa will bring for me today
then I’ll read as well. Yeah. Read.
It’s very inspiring. If possible ask Hilter uncle to read as well. Take it champ.
It’s beautiful. Thank you, bhaiya. Mention not. Okay then.
I’ll take leave. All interviews done. Yes, all done. Check. Somebody at the door. Oh. Uncle.
Come in. Good evening, uncle. And Aarush, How are you? I’m fine, bhaiya. Let’s go inside. Everything good at home, uncle? Yes, all good. Watched your interview.
It was good. Thank you, uncle.
Have you read the book? Not read yet. But Aarush has read it. And Aarush.
How’s it? I like it, bhaiya. Thank you. Bhaiya, Can I get an autograph? Why not Thank you Welcome. Bhaiya, I have something for you. What’s this? Open and have a look. You painted this? Yes. Have a look. Really you painted this, Aarush? Yes, Papa. So, I also need an autograph.
Who knows later I’ll get it or not? Thank you Welcome

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  1. Concept is good but quite loopholes are there…… Example
    1. It's very odd that the IITian boy ia in home for so many days..
    2. The class V student is doing division right now…?? Confusing right….
    3. The 11 year old boy completes full book about 200 pages in 2 to 3 days….
    And many more…

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