Hike Qatar Documentary Salman bin Nasser الفيلم الوثائقي الرحالة – الرحالة القطري سلمان بن ناصر

The distance was little bit long and tiring for me in the beginning But as time passed I got used to the difficulties that faced me. In the beginning I camped in Abu samra ( south of Qatar) in the eve of 30th november 2017 and afterwards, I entered al mashabia reservation next I entered Al Araiq national reserve they really take care of the national reserve and I would like to thank the authorities for doing a great job. that makes me happy to witness such care so I left the Al Ariaq reservation that day my next stop was Imshash bin shafee and Al Qilayal was the next area I passed by then Amriya thats where I camped on the first day On the second day, I headed east pass sudanathil road, towards Al Kharara and I continued my hike until I reached Wadi Jallal and camped there next to a dune the next day I walked along al Wakir road towards Wakra city the wind was in the face so this is what made that day difficult. my bag pack was a little heavy as well in the first 3 days I had about .. 28 kg I had to have enough food and water for those 3 days I had about 6 liters of water so my movements were a bit slow due to the load Wakir road was a bit long for for me and was hot and the trucks passing by me they were causing the sand on the road to strike me every time they passed. that was one of the dangers I face I arrived in Wakra city I met the Muhssan Wakra.Live snapchat figure He accompanied me until I reach Qatar Crescent station and that day was international volunteering day I learned about their activities and volunteering programs I had a decision, either to camp in Wakra or head to Thamama or Doha I deiced to continue to Thamama because I wanted the next day to be short I didn’t want all the days to be long so I camped in thamama and next day headed to the corniche and visited The Museum of Islamic Art and Qatar National Museum that was was longer then expected because I had an injury in my right foot so that slowed me down next upon arrivng at MIA park I laid down on the grass that was an amazing feeling because I was always in desert areas before that there was a gentle cool breeze that day it was beautiful I visted Souq Waqif and ate taboolah and hummas that was the first meal for me in a restaurant in 3 days I walk to liqta and Qatar Youth Hostel hosted me that night yesterday I visted Islamic Art Museum and Souq waqif then head to Al Murkhiya , where I camped under a tree then I head to Qatar Youth Hostel and today I will visit Education City Al Shaqab and the old castle near by walking to Education city I had to pass by some construction areas, due to road closure I rested in that area due to exhaustion so the supervisor in the area, approached me and ask why I am not working so the supervisor in the area, approached me and ask why I am sitting down and not working I said I was tired he said that’s fine, but don’t rest for long I got up and left after that but I do not think he noticed that I was part of his team I entered Al Shaqab Its a beautiful place they have attention to detail when it comes to horses and their beauty I got to see the model of the project how it was at the time of conception and the development that happened since I got to learn about the horse back riding training center and was surprised that they admit as young as 4 years old which come to prove that they are passionate about spreading horse back ridding tradition and growing it in the next generations to come I spoke to Qatar Youth Hostel management and requested an ice box to put my feet in my feet were tired after the first 3 days especially after carrying was about 26 kg but as I entered Al Kharara heading towards Wadi Jallal I climbed about 220 floors that was exhausting even those the distance was 35 km the ups and downs were tiring passing by Al Raffa street I was given a bicycle from Qatar Cyclist I cycled for 9 km, I thank them for the gesture it was something different for a change. I was always carrying a bag pack and walking I visted Barzan Tower next and learned about it from Qatar Museum Authorizes representative they are very unique towers especially the architecture they are one of the tourist attractions as well I walked that day to Al Khor It was a short day for me but I dropped my sunglasses some where on the side of the road so I had to return to Al Khor it was a 8 km walk one way so I ended up doing an extra 16 km that day the distance was doubled in total 32 km that day it was supposed to be a short day I was extra tired but I found my glasses 🙂 next I hiked to Fort Zubara North West of Qatar it was a windy day I learned how to set up camp at night in the dark I had to leave the tent at night to secure the guidelines that the wind blew off Fort Zubara They were selling some chickpeas , so I bought some it taste good I got to know its history and culture I camped there until the next I entered Al Reem National Reserve It was difficult in the beginning due to the large rocks in that area I walked around 27 km in 7 hours the sun set and I had around 17 km left to Jamilia city before the sun set, a man approached me from a distance who looked like he worked at one of the farms He had a stick in one had and a dog next to him he ask me ” where did you come from and where are you going?” I explained that I am hiking around Qatar He said I thought you were a labor worker from asia I told him I am from Qatar he said ” I don’t believe that you are Qatari” ” Where is your car?” I said my car is at home , I have came here walking He said ” that is impossible qataris do not walk any where” so I showed him my ID and proved to him that I am Qatari and he believed me so I told him you can no longer say that Qataris do not walk I am a Qatari and I walk I had tendinitis in my right foot so while navigating I was always stepping a bit to the right and was deviating off baring so I had to check and adjust the baring often I was in low grounds so I was not able to see the lights of Jamilia so I did not know if what I am looking at is Jamilia or a farm in the distance It was a beautiful night because darkness filled the sky and I could see the stars unfortunately my iPhone could not capture the image after 10 hours of walking I reached Jamilia and searched for a place to eat at midnight my water supplies was finished I crossed this distance about 40 km with only 1liters of water I limited my food supplies during the crossing I did this to increase my speed and I needed to get across quick I was walking about 5 km/h next day I headed towards Zekreet then to Shahaniya then to Rowdat Rashid passing through Um taqa and Al Misfir Cave and Mekayness I got lost in an area where machines were digging for sand the weather was dusty and visibility was limtied next day I hiked towards Tarina
and Khor Al Odaid ( inland sea) I passed by some farms in that area A Shaikh passed me by and offered to host me for lunch and dinner but I had to apologized because I had to continue hiking so he sent me one of his servatns carring arabic coffee and dates I had some coffee and continued my journey I arrived in Khor Al Odaid and set up the camp and that is where the journey ended I reached Khor Al Odaid but I have continue waking that way because the car that came to picked me up is located in that direction and they are lost I need to get to high ground for them to see me I really enjoyed the hike it was a bit long I enjoyed the nature more than any other place in Qatar they really take good care of the national reserves I feel at peace in nature and a sense of calmness on the last day I sent my location to filming crew so they can pick me up I got to me in the end and now I am done with this interview I learnt a lot during this trip I learnt that one must be around nature more because it helps release the stress and pressures of modern lifestyles Today is a happy day for me I had a lot of fun this is my first experience and will not be the last Whom ever has a passion or wants to know more about this way of traveling they can get in touch with Qatar Youth Hostel or get in touch with me I am more than happy to share the skills
I acquired during this journey I reach Khor Al Odaid ( inland sea) just waiting for someone to pick me up the first car got a tire puncture this is the water I have left its good I did not drink it all it is invaluable

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