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  1. An easy fix would be to stop requiring one for a job, outside of being a doctor. Even then it should be right into med school for those folks. Add the technical into high school and make it 5 years and more rigorous with co-op. Every job can be ultimately learned at your place of employment, this is how its done regardless of college anyway. Then no one can take issue with this point of view. We would all agree.

  2. I get that to be educated means to get involved with politics and be more aware. However how powerful and how aware are you going to be if your up your neck in debt and broke.

  3. Well, just from reading all the comments on this videos it just proves my statement. Most people don't go to school or university to learn, they go to get a certificate that says diploma or degree just to be certified to do a certain job which explains why students do the minimum to pass, are not as smart as they think they are, and are indoctrinated to believe and be opposed to certain things and if they do not drink the kool aid they are demonized and seen as a gazingstock or a byword.

  4. The Over payed Highly Educated Bankers 2008 ,proved with all the High Education best money could buy,knew nothing and brought the world economy to its knews.A person with F in Maths would do a better job.

  5. The total cost of going to college also includes the cost of missing opportunities to make money at a job.

  6. "The greatest privilege of privilege is to help destroy privilege." is an amazing thought! I'm going to write it dowm!

  7. WHat a load of romanticised bullshit disconnected from the reality of what you learn in university anyway.

  8. University is seriously not for everybody. The only reason I can surmise for the creation and continuation of the current educational landscape is to thrust us into the future. We are changing in more profound and broad strokes than a simple education offers. Consider that most of the presidents in the US were members of secret societies meeting on college campuses. They conspire wars, economic conditions and political movements. The founding fathers expressed ideals that were the antithesis of the European monarchies…they literally traveled across an ocean and established a nation. It's still so mind blowing. Consider even that cholera was the leading cause of death in London in the nineteenth century due to sewage and industrial waste dumped in the Thames. Whatever higher education is supposed to be, the goal is to preserve the survival of the human species through knowledge and application of scientific and philosophical principles.

  9. Agreed higher education is not only about getting a good job. It should make for a more informed individual who can think critically and yet a more robust democracy. But I don't necessarily think it would make a more civil society because everyone does not have the same moral capacity. Hence some would use the added knowledge for good and others wouldn't. Thus not necessarily a civil society

  10. It's about initiation rights, hazing rituals, and getting into debt 😄 and that's just the classes.

  11. This is totally true. You dont need to know exactly all those things they teach you in school. But going to college is all about EXPOSURE to things.

  12. Actually, many American college students graduate without the ability to think critically: http://www.wsj.com/articles/test-finds-many-students-ill-prepared-to-enter-work-force-1421432744 .
    Sell your bullshit somewhere else.

  13. For instance, going to the business/management school at a university… and being taught how to use SAP, is not really the best use of your time. Yes, companies use SAP and a lot would like you to know how to use it, but you should first understand what its being used for, why it's better than what was previously used, where are the future segments for improvement? Then learn SAP as an elective or on your own in a club or on YouTube. Don't just make every required business course: "Accounting in SAP", "SAP's Supply Chain Management", etc.

  14. higher education is just a form of segregation most less privileged children don't go on to a higher form of Education and it's more likely that kids with parents with higher education and that are more privileged move on to have the higher form of Education themselves.

  15. Essentially it is only select university experiences which are worth running up a debt for. Universities are money making ventures and are not stepping to the podium to  create  in students acuity and cultivate full expression and belief systems

  16. Only if a personne went to a top intellectual institution.  Most are not going to think and speak like this speaker from attending most of the colleges at which they are running up this debt. Select universities have this role

  17. The description says it. It shapes us to become a well-behaved individual of the society. No more renegades and no more Galileos.
    I've been to UQ and seen many brainwashed liberal students who still think communism is a viable option for our country.

  18. Part of the problem is that higher education does not foster multiple points of views to be a democratic citizen.  Most professors are liberals, communists, socialists, atheists, and vote most often for candidates to the left or way left of the average American.  Many rules and policies of colleges and universities are liberal or left, PC (politically correct) often anti traditional, conservative views and values.  Free speech has areas and sometimes times of day or week you can use the areas for other than the thinking of the left so free speech is shut down and often it takes a law suit for colleges to allow free speech since they are overly concerned with hurting the feelings of some and offend some (good debate of ideas will necessarily offend some people but we can't have that).  The ideal of higher education being for cultivating minds for a democracy is not supported by all the actions of colleges and their staff especially faculty.  Colleges have become indoctrination seminaries for the thinking of the left, democratic party, extreme left ideas and practices.  Buyers be ware.

  19. Higher education IS about getting a job. If not, just go down to the public library and get some books to read, you will get free higher education.
    If you need a reading list, just reply with your interest, I or other viewers here can recommend some for you. Then you can use Facebook to form an interest group, for discussions, further learning ideas, etc. With these experience and knowledge you can participate in the democratic process of a civil society, you don't need university for this.
    And here's something else I learned not from university, just because you can string some words together fluently, it doesn't mean that you are right.

  20. This video is bogus. What a crock of nonsense. If you want an education, get it from the Internet and books. You have no reason to waste money in a college for an education since it offers you nothing that can't be learned on your own. Besides, getting a college degree doesn't make you more money. Having skills gets you more money, and not a worthless degree. School doesn't teach you critical thinking. School just teaches you obedience. Remember, don't let your schooling interfere with your education.  The more time you spend in school does NOT necessarily make you more educated. Self-education is far more important thing than learning nonsense from school.

  21. Campion College Australia offers a BA in the Liberal Arts – it knows that education is about educating the whole person, as opposed to education as a means to a job. 

  22. It would be nice if an arts degree really did skill-up (What an ugly phrase!) citizens, but between falling academic standards and instructors who are determined to impose their personal political views on their classes, a modern BA degree is often just a glorified high school diploma.

  23. Higher education is NOT ONLY about getting a job, that i agree. Certainly one of the purpose is to get a job. 

  24. If higher education isn't about money (Getting a better job, earning more money, higher standard of living), then why does it cost so much money to get a higher education? Its all about money, both ways. 

  25. If a higher education can no longer get you a job, then claim its purpose is not to get you a job.  It is, for example, a hobby, like golfing or surfing, only that it costs 100,000 times more.

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