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The US has been well known for being the land of opportunity so I would like to challenge myself here
to see what chances I may get Get fantastic education in the
classrooms, access to everything outside of the classrooms and really it starts you on the pathway to a fantastic career. As a young person I really love traveling that’s why I chose studying abroad. I
want to travel far away from home, it’s not because I don’t love my family it’s just because if I study in Singapore
or Hong Kong it’s kind of similar to my culture, so I
want to study in a place that I can learn new things. I would like to
continue studying at computer science then after finishing that and getting the
degree after four years, going back home to Qatar and having the chance to build new
applications and software to actually help the country. I came to the US to study
because they have a great education system and they provide a
vast facility. When I leave university I want to be a certified public accountant here in the USA.
I want to work here for a couple years first and then return home
to have my own business. My passion is to help people who cannot buy medicines and cure themselves. I would like to be a pharmacist and help people to get
the medications they need to get. I love studying media and
communication and also social science because I love communicating with
people and we can always learn from others The standard of education is much higher than in my country. I’ve learnt to be really independent. Give students an opportunity to explore
themselves and their world in new ways. For any student thinking about
studying overseas we’re a fantastic option. It’s not just about studying, it’s about enjoying your life here.

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