Higher Education – Ep. 101 – "Holistic"

start by telling us your name Quinn Thompson freshman great now tell us how did you feel when you first got here acceptance to California University at Palo Alto amazing there's no feeling like it I was speechless really my parents were thrilled I mean they expected nothing less they had a whole party to celebrate almost all my friends came I just can't believe how lucky I am higher education higher education it's like education was never since that day quinoa has been banned from the California University of Palo Alto making us the only University in Northern California free of alternative grains any other questions how did you get the fountain on claws science Sophia other questions oh those are all the questions I have on grain variety but I still have a few more I have a question yes please if you had to sleep somewhere on campus that wasn't your dorm where would you go uh what you said that's the point of this parent free tour right letting prospective students ask whatever we want well yes now if you had to where would you sleep besides your door theoretically here at the California University of Palo Alto we are all but visitors lost scared unsure of how many libraries there are and why one of them must be fully dedicated to dance texts it is your job to guide us through our journeys helping us learn until we are learning about this institution of learning you are not just tour guides you are warriors warriors of knowledge gladiators of the mind but with equally good bodies you must know every detail about Cu PA every class every ethnic percussion group every ambiguous under attended social activist rally exercise your rights acts aside if there was something you don't know this is Felix ask him anything finally this is sunshine that's not my name don't ask her anything over the course of their tours guides come across questions they can't answer and that is where I come in hey you Felix do the pH of the fountains on campus [Applause] seven hey thanks love you bye but no matter what there's a series of questions that every tour guide will be asked how do you get into CU Palo Alto what's your SAT what's your GPA are you Aquarius mpg a CT HPV BAC you look like a query how did you get it to these we respond one way and one way only it's a holistic process totalistic holistic like Whole Foods wait holy mystic oh do the Ola sztyc holistic works every time what exactly is the holistic process well take Chet Madson sure Chet maintain of 400 GPA but he was also captain of his high school's varsity tennis team and president of a Latin club or Priya Patel Smith pre was chosen for her intense devotion to the foundation of youth social service institutions I just want to thank you all for being a part of the first ever Creek letter fraternity for high school women Oh mega mega gamma know everyone open your burn books Bronwen over cliff another shining member of the CU p a community and a star leader in the university's green living initiative Oh a mushroom hey there yeah Oh huh good little guy what or even Umberto Allah Valachi whose dedication to capturing our world on film represents an unparalleled artistic aesthetic that's so interesting tell me more about your father yeah so we have this boathouse is like our family is just always like spin around so as you can see using the holistic process we value the whole student as opposed to just your test scores or the number of schools you built in Kenya one summer 2084 really now of course some students don't meet our standards as defined by the holistic process as an art supplement this student submitted her tumbler of cats struggling with foreclosure this is not the type of student we want here at CU PA if you had to where would you sleep besides your door well I would sleep in the tour guide lounge we have beds showers even a full kitchen but can only do that if you're a tour guide so uh any other questions is Weston take two from okay Weston take four all right we're good lesson

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  1. It is really strange seeing Saf acting like an air head because she comes across like a really intelligent level headed person.

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