Here's DP Ruto's gesture that teaches Kenyans how to deal with meat – The Wicked Edition eps 129

hello welcome to the weekend edition I'm dr. Kennedy we have a great show lined up for you tonight one of our guests is the best conversationalist I have ever met you can trust me on that he is the literal definition of jack-of-all-trades I first met him as a cab driver I let him tell us all about the other things he's doing he's a gentleman you can listen to all day and I can't I couldn't personally personally I couldn't wait actually to have him on our show I love to leave the internet that for now because he is coming up in a bit jacoub David why that guy is in the house thank you thank you thank you sana also in studio is a friend of the show he has been vetted by Kenyans and certified as one of the best comedians the 2:54 has ever produced here for the second time the hilarious brother to 12.0 smart joker is in the house thank you thank you I sent a nice Ana before we get to that part of the show so much talk about one of the most interesting being at this video of how Daktari blue ticks amid trader from Jamaica [Applause] [Applause] you're boozy liquefy buoy for in this is how hard it is to meet the deputy president for real haters have claimed that the DP may have ignored the good because how can i because i cannot put this in earlier comma condo ah keys keys of is woody and I know not you up villa root to ask now you have a news a thief broke into a church in engineer town ei Kony and Ottawa County to steal but he found nothing so he left an apology letter for him it's a very weird letter it reads dear my fellow Christians exactly even reza dr my fellow Christians first and foremost good morning how courteous upon a museum-quality rica then he continues I was sent here by one of you you our fellow Christians who told me that the amount of money has been kept inside the church but I got nothing god bless you all and pray for me thanks that if left a prayer request won't be when the watchman was asked about the incident a Kazama regime adequacy of water would become a Moysey suddenly I'm about team a pursue Kanaka do a bus we only born are magician the thief on the other hand claimed in the letter that he was tipped off about the money by a fellow Christian we suspect it was a choir member and it may not have been direct that it was probably through a song repaired wha could not keep their own you Barney Moore Baba I'll tell you there is something in the house of the Lord now Obama nice idea Pocock weeba now house flies have unofficially been adopted estimate domestic animals in Kenya following the expose by MTV's Dennis Oh Kerry titled read a lot detailing how unscrupulous traders used chemicals to preserve meat at the expense of unsuspecting Kenyans become acutely enough for my community and also national quality which you speak that you are je Khan a chemical I would meet naturally should attract flies if it's in our rural area say but if it doesn't it means something is just not right so they are mystery does that you sodium bisulfate to preserve meat for those who don't know he only come a filtering yama yamaha yama is a key and ideally the most reliable way to tell whether the meat is good for human consumption there has to be houseflies like Conan zeona geranium ICO yes so in the nakama below a sauna same across social media in Tzemach wanaka McCabe's the on yama as in that serious wound on a floor to Antalya come on Odie kana Simba yes say rocky Nelson Mandela Kamiyama economy do you become a co-star in fact as we speak after that story aired guna wana 10b Anansi thou personal general fuga is a cuvette taniyama Iacobucci and i Chileans our Guan ammonia Galleria comma y TVNZ south california cattle story Yosi Kunekune lembaga so in this I houseflies is to meet what DJ Pina of the bit was to the music industry a kike tango Moroccan and Isha ormolu in Asarco my sign and Allah you can get a full rattle our documentary on YouTube but to get an idea of how dangerous this kind of meat is when these people the people who are handling the chemicals when Jana carrot Okayama when they are handling the chemicals they have to wear gloves for the own safety now you Nikita say one of our saucy and that's revealed in the documentary this preservative is not only used in meat cannot relate to me embargo cheapo that's how unsafe our food is he does now understand why what to to a ghetto cool a chip on a protection if you know the subject of our show tonight looks at this from a wider scope for in we need to look at this this concept Attaway the scope no factory from wicked over just how far are people willing to go to make a profit you remember the bread scandal that alias scandola consumers complained that bread weighed 40 grams less q1e 400 grams in a Kuwaiti mcat a say in a pattern appear Mona pattern 360 Ulta final mathematics that's the equivalent of one full loaf of bread in every turn ten loaves of bread as a new key by Makati Kobe COO namu Amida profiteer moja mosquitos to resort is like a dry oona from you am you I'm a chunk of Azuri or do a low key fukaku number and a pattern you are ooh we can give examples of such all night night you I'll kill them too at a park where you are watching from home my going go I'm already home to American go please share with us any other incidents that I have ever made you feel like you've been taken advantage of I'd love to hear your experiences for someone at the XP of someone you know like him to see you never get to write use hashtag the wicked edition my handles are doctor and ask ok gory on Twitter and Instagram dr. King or e on Facebook that's dr king or e let's extend this conversation to the second part of the show with our guest for tonight smart joker and mr. Jacob David wa dokka to break this down even father she can flavor beef flavor Oh Jo Pender go diary shy me for a hairnet [Applause] welcome back to the weekend edition I'm dr. King Orion like I promised you have a great show lined up for you Atrocitus in the time Nick Young gave it to more but first of all give it up for our guests much joka and Jack cabeza a Jacob David Whittaker to Luke 10 and I woke up now while I was gone and follow could actually be a cane in the Shia in Portland a little bit yes – reporter yeah do to get to that smarty Joker like I said is a friend of the show but two cans on our way Jacob Oh miss Qiu ma'am we're on Yama in the Queen even in Gokula nama Mussolini Mario to recover you and that's Kenny commonly appear to Nancy opportunism etc telomere oculina mammillary material Millennium of Micheline many McCullough was a mark Subhadra new Yamaha much I think Subhadra Nanami as a monkey the owner studio as a monkey but yes a monkey squeezy kunam Baca a plastic santoku Lenovo Jerusha soup with Google Hey yes a what one SMI what wanted to me engine decelerating it is a BSL we're Kwanza pneumococcus on Ocampo Elio possible angle Hoquiam Kanako a de una you are saying Janaki cool akitoki by FoodCorps barabara how do you want America happy yes una ski I do Kiski Astoria keudboon yeah not your sodium sulphite Requena is omerta question I got to a chemist also my chemistry sodium and [Laughter] this is a chemistry book of easily yes it come back for chemists subject Jakob oil organic a good cause before finally taxi say we're gonna find a better again fire attacks in equal to about this mighty wound of an MBA Shariati other than committee yeah now the Asura chronic ended up doing the same oh so it's a nuke is obviously only private kidney upon apology that's NASA yeah Takeo gear story comma yeah I see when I wanna reduce cesium cut into our thinking as if it's a mob who knows you are meera nandan a pattern you are ooh who knows you I kid you not but I see you when minister iam two amino acid Blanco bara who knows you a Kemal bunny SOT soul you know fika una FATA in a key to know better equal to remember more tix who may go yeah you know Congress Kwanzaa what you're doing Winnie and might you concur but you know I mean what what can you gotta Katya with jewelry who enter quite new but the Barry Callebaut cynical Anka Kotoko nigga John go iron and these in turn the Koran he got confused because you put me where Cara moment doc emerges Matt Yocum move on her ataxia Karura ie taxing ENIAC order attacks on your application taxi application hillock wanna complain flan young peasant Aikido go come on is that oh kappa oh pee like him to Mombasa enemy Amelie I don't know it no symmetry for example in example pheromone bass in is aqua 200 and ataxia application a kid stuck on a timer to a taxi to the valium do I might wanna do aqua chaser now you application in a fear attack Cena come on I'm taking you will go quickly your new query hey I love to fully and I see what really thinking is a person are you neva neva to an end on strike gamma wanna is that thinking as a person and yes you 82 key to meticulous forum on our damn I see my god you die away a que una take care of khufu dee da ba da cunha DNA to a master key before Gua yeah well for you kid – sorry gentleman as you are to cou with chakras in Mehsana I said he could have in your party in a quasi hygienic yarmulke copy meta BIA a like in the custom on your Babu Nassar on Pia say Babu who a goopy and area cuz in aqua peony kilometer agape Amanda yes now a 2 kilo meter cap in the approximate path of ransom in aqua BIA for example 2020 ceilings per kilometer well Kuna in aqua bloomer that room with a Camilla Sita from town to modulus aquatic una cita messily oh you noticed a Julia rescue Nishida basilicum application in a combi una for lippage semi camisole Sita for example Nell kunafa me and Billy but application in a company acetic una key to me the final una de portico gonna be bored namu to Frannie a gardenia Poirot a Novato an aquaria PACU Necedah I generally see sana sana rue de quoi se Mombasa guillotine is in effect Killam to Korea a nominee Badou Niko Aquae Sulis Jia Jia Jia Yamaha sodium bisulfite a cabeza the kidney connected to Madonna jariabek oof icky icky icky icky icky icky to network and abou you know standard fee to come my so now katika quasi career clock was an idea was practically Korea to a unisexual Aina Haina mukham amend esta a mama clock which will give it to Frannie she abuses wallop island area that were beer yoky Tuesday night when Regina cool WA yo you know in a reporter's sodium sodium by cell so sodium by something [Laughter] just a minute and academy abilities asana in Australia in CC is acquitted yes cinta Kabaddi – like in Kenya Cannavaro are to expertise of e2 e3 teacher Kenya come and Katrina talk or a mcquigg in a in a guru a visooli in hankie Tunis our eat Katrina sow in the kitchen in silicon come on Adam yes our born in a pita tomb pakka the karma kooky so marina in Aquila Acharya Bobby big new Kweli that's a very very valid point we pose honest Matty is Nancy Jo story in a dress oh dear Mina juvie to be Dellavedova Leighton is a knight retain is Oh Carrie yes she ran an irate my motion eyes of right – Moo – okapi niyama korolev of the remission now you can become a very package be interested by radiochemical just a point of correction in it was sodium metabisulfite he may confuse sodium metabisulfite now he come me Cocula say Mickey – cameo what when I say mangas Chris Cuomo go enjoy more visitors a cg lifestyle diseases it's an electronic answer una una una feel come on okapis on sheep nd dependence or news see the conga free trophy or now para una vida me Vanek aqua supermarkets in do keep Brock Winnie way to the other two can you know is Nene kata-kata the UNEP atanga cuckoo very kissing go go go go no no McCool a go because I Soviet RunAs a para una no no okay and uh could bigger than a turn in Peru co2 could you call my dog or Cobra NASA NASA Rukia pika pika feelin easy cotton blue wolf Ananda Mookie upon my limit and blue sooner Dragoon americium impinges on aku with the cool aikidoka really zoom okay I'm old Italian as a cooler come buy some equipment abuzer vulnerable America Korea una parte imagine Mirjana Guatemala no magic I'm up in puffiness Akuma [Laughter] OOP you listen you listen ah but even more than I do anyway Jason and what cat lucky Agassi satsangha what you see this is the unity services unit Shalini that's okay lovie to come back soon as your own idea to takoyaki gob acaba indie yeah man Akuma by default then actually key to mojo point is here McCracken caboose Ali Pasha Babu Tina poor numah numah numah matter to crack a caboose are evil cuckoo cuckoo no captain you and Yama Sakura massima and we in turn can be required to sour now quick if occasional quad green granny Americana press particular camera I receive in andalucΓ­a keiki chassis of Reggie Khalil eco green green quadratic artisan economist ameno Quenya bone marrow in the top of a dude Samuel cathedral in Germany Linnaeus me because I'm not your particular parts of ugly money a greasy g-money our Guinea I'm a commander Kanishka mommy miss G said you come home honest I don't know so in surah Baqarah theorem in the soma a man a man young mistress pair to meet Union as advice okay Takayama I'm gon be when the true pneumonia my mom be 109 long be now come on with the good ginger watch it Pepin convenient Radhika what continue who I'm being eaten gaining on the machine broke Oh ginger Raja coach India papania Morocco International Bonnie and Abu cool upon a poetic Amanda Cueto coverage mild to get a camera energy charge Indra who Turner mom this is actually a you need now Maya fridge Yamashita Willy Wonka senior credit no babes ammonia cooling all been busy managed to knock on an amateur anyone you ever to talk will hang on baby so my cool a twin yeah McWhorter popular bucket irani aqua Lisa I didn't abandon you Danny came to work on Tanya morena ste yeah okay cool I am Awareness Day now calling on Benzema anyway miss the agape hoon sik one on our 2010 imma kill Elena still talk one-on-one on beginning initially shown you a key tune again I'm gonna honk ooh I'm gonna get hit your man yes the MA – no gorilla could be ideal money a guna in a sick Emoto kirino's Imani hagakure Yama Rico common we serum cabeza Hank acronym a kamikaze Cydia welcome in October demanded such a comma comma comma to Friday money he keep at the motors and I use my work when he leaves Anna you were to a pattern in e it's a walk apartheid regime on yaki marry me Samoa Mara say Babu what were to do a macabre Kenny Cooper removal require Gary corner to cut as a beginner feature go move to be a kid wat Ischia an attack animal who a video a turistic we do a paternity sabaha sakushima luca akuaba a serie at the wat wat wat were may depend on when he prepared a piss-up sana colita my enemy cedar cedar – Itamar indian except in Hawaii so in the meantime what recycling yarmulke mod rematch in GRP aku Najibullah atrazine the vedas of a total divided Menominee Manama what was the values of each Takasaki to known as a metric a semi-automatic a decision ku ke ko ko do you do miss you and when you're near comma can appear come on up Eric ecology I see okay da I have you to Patek what a cute even acid you see a catcher feet we attach it sodium metabisulfite depo what was you I saw an advert in keachi Jack Akabusi seek opportunity to Franny Franny Franny Franny in a bottle a usual finish [Applause] very bony tenon Athena that's it for the wicked edition see you next week my name is dr. King Orry

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  2. I suggest supermarkets be banned from selling perishable goods, and I mean quick perishable goods which take few days to get spoilt, like meat, fresh milk, eggs, etc.

  3. From that day of red alert I have not tested meat am going to be A vegetarian the rest of my life

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