Help Me Hank: How do education toys test

every year the hot toy lists are released and we turn to help me hang toy tests kids loose earlier today our testers tried out those hot toys well parents looking at these lists might wonder which ones will help stimulate their child’s brain consumer investigator Hague Winchester partnered with the specialty shop toy ology toys to find out how the educational toys fared against the trendy toys one two three dozens of toys eighteen kids and me in the middle of all the chaos for help me Hank toy tests the annual hot toy list came out and we bought them up crumblies and scruff loves maybe on the hot list but our testers thought they were duds and it’s definitely not it’s not clear the big winners were the Imaginext erupts in the hot wheels corkscrew trap [Applause] who doesn’t love the fun toys right but as parents we also want our children to play with toys that stimulate their brain to write so we asked the experts at toy ology toys to find stem toys for us but can they compete with the hot toys of the season stem toys can be hot toys right that we’re focusing on things that kids are going to be you know not only is the work force but that want to learn right science technology engineering arts and math these are these are topics that our kids are gonna thrive with right it’s hard to compete with the noises and the bright lights we’re going to find out first off the plush crafts fabric by number pillow so you can make your very own creation it requires no sewing just poking colored fabric into the pillows holes and it was a big hit with all of the girls no matter their age another stem toy the girls couldn’t tear themselves away from the comic book kit so this is like you have an opportunity to make your own thing the stacks magnetic building blocks were set out but didn’t see much action we always say that the best way to use a product is to find out a way to use it that’s not given to you by the company on the box and boy did we find that to be true the game of space magnets of favorite for the younger kids the instructions were there but most of the children didn’t touch that just like the rocks we notice the exact same thing for crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty the goal is to make putty that will change with heat but most of our testers just had fun mixing it up I think that may shock parents but you heard right but there’s the clear favorite of the night something some kids like even better than the Hot Wheels track the snap circuit kit a toy all about science and technology and appealing to all of the kids no matter their age our testers couldn’t get enough of it now I couldn’t leave the toy test without playing one game this alphabet game called Topol it’s pretty easy and quick to pick up a big hit with the kids so we had to give it a try we have more information about these two toys and all the toys you saw featured in the help me Hank toy test and we’ll post that for you on the help me Hank page at I’m Hank Winchester help me Hank

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