Hello everybody it’s Kadzowe with
Kadzoweforafrica and let’s get right to it
the number one funding opportunity is an assistantship an assistantship is when a
department or it could be an administrative office or it could be the office of
a residence life and these are just different office and departments within
a university that advertise and offer you a job in exchange for the full payment of your tuition and
also providing you a monthly stipend every month to pay for your living
expenses such as rent food utilities and your basic health insurance and things
of that nature and so an assistantship is usually the best package and what I
usually recommend as a funding resource the second of funding resource is a
scholarship a scholarship is actually a one-time payment that is given to you
either every semester it could be every year or every year of your duration of
your studies at that particular institution and basically it’s just
money that you don’t have to pay back and so a lot of people often ask me if
individuals for funding can get both an assistantship and a scholarship since an
assistantship covers everything you typically cannot have an assistantship
and a scholarship together but if you do for example have a partial assistantship
which doesn’t cover everything then you can supplement that with the scholarship
so a lot of it just depends on how you communicate with the Department to be
able to find out what you might need scholarships are found in different ways
sometimes a scholarship is given to you by virtue of your application that
really liked what they had to read about you but you can also look for a scholarship within the department you can look for a scholarship
within the office of admission They will have a list of things available
you can also check in the Office of Financial Aid to see the
scholarship opportunities that exist at the institution and the last office that
you can check for funding for scholarships is actually the Alumni
Office this is a place that connects with alumni who have graduated from your
University who have decided to give back to the University it’s a good
place for you to check and so folks those are the funding options that exist
when you’re kind of looking to supplement your education so hopefully
this video is helpful I know this stuff can be confusing and you know that’s why
I do consultations so if you have any questions my email is right here go
ahead and email me my assistant will be able to schedule a time where I can
speak to you directly and be able to offer you opportunities or you can do
the research on your own. We do provide you a list of schools that offer
scholarships so send us an email if you want to do the research on your own and
my assistant will send you the list of schools thank you for watching everybody
Until my next video bye!

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