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Kelly, your current position is IT Support Supervisor. But you started in the Help Desk Area. Can you please tell me, what responsibilities did you have as a Help Desk Representative? You know we would really be assisting users with anything they might need from a technology standpoint to do their daily work. This could mean helping them with the printers or software. Or answering questions and even just trying to provide better solutions to increase their daily productivity. That’s great. Thank you. What kind of problems might occur in a typical day? You know I think one of the key problems that we see is trying to prioritize the work that’s being requested of us. You know IT typically has limited resources. And we are needing to respond to unexpected outages, things that you might be familiar with like e-mail, like an e-mail outage or even just getting access to a file server. Is this a good entry-level position to start an IT career? You know I think it’s a great place to start an IT career. You’re going to get great exposure to many departments in a business as well the different IT groups that work in an IT department. I think this is a particularly great place for women to start. What many people may not realize right now is there’s a strong focus in IT Help Desk to have really good communication skills and customer focus. And I think a lot of women tend to excel in those areas. And they can be a little intimidated by the technical aspect. And I think what you’ll find is there’s really great training out there and a lot of people willing to provide that technical asssistance with people that might have some of these other skills. Kelly, what would be an effective way to get experience necessary to qualify as a Help Desk Representative? Well, here at Comcast we actually have some support roles that work with our High Speed Cable Modem Service and our IP Telephony Service where you’re helping customers with their support issues, technical aspects of those jobs. Builds a really good foundation to – you know – what would be an IT help desk type of a job. What are other types of entry-level jobs in the computer industry? You know one that comes to mind is Operational Support. And I’ve seen them do everything from automating processes to reporting to even doing monitoring after-hours. Kelly, why did you decide to work for Comcast? You know I really wanted to work for a leader in the technology area. And at the time it was like 1997, 98 and we’d been using 33K modem service and cable was just coming out with the one way cable modem which would have been increasing the speeds to like 50 times what we’d been used to. And I thought to myself, ‘That’s really the kind of company I’d like to start my IT career with.’ Finally, is there something that I didn’t ask that would be helpful to know. Yeah, I think one of the things I can’t mention enough is to try to have a positive attitude in what you’re doing currently. And to try to find the joy in the work that you’re currently in. Even if that’s not quite where you want to be or you’re not where you want to be in your career. I think that sometimes will help you get noticed more than anything. When you’re really enjoying what you do. People really can see that. Thank you.

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