Hello Counselor | Mother’s explicit sex education!! [SUB : ENG,THA / 2017.11.13]

It’s my story, so it’s sexual. This is a serious concern. “Spine Breaker.” It’s a really shocking concern. Put yourselves in the shoes of this person. And think what you would do. Hello. I’m a male, 7th-grade student from Paju, Gyeonggi-do. I didn’t know when I was in elementary school, but the world is different for me right now. It’s all because of my mom. Son, one moment can ruin your life. You have to learn to always control yourself. Mother said that? Mother teaches? Not the father? I’m in 7th grade! She’s like… “Knock knock! What are you doing in your room?” “Mom, I’m listening to music.” “I got you a lot of tissues.” (What?) (That’s too direct) “Don’t watch too much porn.” – Did you make that up? / – No. It really says tissues. I don’t know why would she say that to a 7th-grade boy. This is not over. “Have you tried putting a condom on before?” To a 7th-grade boy? “Blow it, then it gets bigger. Make sure it doesn’t have a hole.” “Mom, stop it! I don’t want to hear it!” Her biggest problem is… “Mom, I’ll hang out with my friend in my room.” “What are you going to do this late?” “Don’t watch porn. And make sure to use a condom.” She says this in front of my friends… She went too far. What if my friends feel offended and report my mom for sexual harassment? Please stop my mom! Usually dads do the sex education. Yeah, right. He’s only in 7th grade. My dad made jokes about it when I was young. When I was in 6th grade, I heard the world “sexy” for the first time. So I asked my father what it meant. He was embarrassed, and said… “Taxi…” (A rhyme out of nowhere!) He got flustered. (Dad, were you flustered?) I understood the meaning after I went to middle school. So I asked why he said that back then. He said, “How can I say such a thing?” Why would you mention it again after learning it? (Just for clarification) We talked about that with our son too. He asked me how babies are made. Like in the stomach… What did you say? We said it’s because a star fell from the sky… Kids nowadays learn so fast. My son seems to have drawn a conclusion with his friends. But he wanted clarification from his parents. So he asked how babies are made. Like you did, I said, “If a star falls from the sky… If a couple love each other, and make eye contact…” He was like, “Okay, I get it.” (Okay, I get it) (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) Let’s seriously talk about this concern. Please come on out. (Who’s concerned about their outspoken mother?) So cute. (Lee Eunsung) (Welcome) You hated your mom’s sex education so bad that you sent your concern to the show? Yes! I’m 14 years old. I need more age-appropriate sex education. Who do you think your mother’s education is for? For adults. When she talks about condoms, she says I have to blow it first to check if it’s strong and usable. – She said some have colors. / – Colors? He’s a condom model these days. His mother is a bit understandable because Koreans use condoms the least among OECD countries. And our abortion rate is the highest. But Koreans are conservative regarding this issue. So she taught you lots of stuff. What did you hate the most? When she talks about masturbation… (Too intense) (There there) It’s okay. We’re all adults. Just say it. She said frequent masturbation is bad for the body. And that I must wash my hand when I do it. What is it bad for? She didn’t tell me. Suho, do you know the answer? It could weaken your bones… Just kidding. Elderly people said that a lot back in the old days. Just kidding. Just kidding. It would decrease concentration when you need to focus. That’s right. Weakening bones is nonsense. See, it’s not weakened. (Hehe) Have you ever gotten caught? There must have been a reason for her to mention it. I’ve never been caught. That’s a relief. (So he’s watched it before) Never got caught means… Good security. Good job, good job. But she’s still suspicious? She opens the door suddenly and asks, “Are you watching porn?” If I lock the door, she picks it with chopsticks. – That’s bad. / – That makes things worse. It’s bad if you say one thing and do another. When my friend came, she asked about missing tissues. It’s because we spilled a drink, and all we used the tissues for was wiping. But she burst in and asked why they were all gone. She asked if we masturbated. – While your friend was there? / – Yeah. She asked my friend if he watched porn. How did your friend respond? He didn’t really answer, but he was uncomfortable. He must have been embarrassed. Have you ever gotten caught while watching porn? Never. But she’s being that suspicious? Yeah, she’s just suspicious. Have you ever told your mother that you don’t like it? Yes. Once we went to eat fried chicken and she suddenly started to talk about condoms. At the fried chicken place? No, when we were on our way home. I told her I didn’t want to listen to it, and ran away. Then she chased me while talking about condoms. Was she like, “You have to use condoms!”? She said it while she was running. So I told her I would send my concern to the show. – She told me to go ahead, so I did. / – That’s why? Who else was there? Mom, dad and who else? – My older sister. / – Your older sister was there too? Does your dad ever talk about it? – He doesn’t. / – Just your mom? I ask my dad if it’s sexual harassment if mom says sexual things and my friends feel uncomfortable. He agrees sometimes. He agrees? It’s because his son is being cute. Would it be better if your father taught you all this? I think it would be better than mom. It’s embarrassing. – He’s going through puberty. / – Very sensitive. He would feel uncomfortable with his mom teaching him. Let’s talk to the mother. Hello. Hello. (The sex education obsessed mom) Your son said he’d submit the concern and here you are. Can you understand his concern? Not at all. – You don’t understand it. / – No. I know schools do sex education too. But I realized it’s not detailed at all. So I wanted to teach him. It worries me, because on social media, students… I understand. I think 7th graders nowadays know more than I do. – I doubt that. / – No. They know more. Don’t you know you’re doing it to the extent that your son is stressed out? It’s not to that extent. There’s a condom vending machine in public restrooms. You buy one and blow it up… What we think is too much is that we don’t talk about condoms after having a nice dinner as a family. It’s because his sister told me he has a girlfriend and she saw them holding hands. His sister said that? So I asked, “If you hold hands, don’t you want to kiss, and then it gets bigger, and then your heart races, doesn’t it?” – That’s when he ran away. / – Yeah. So you chased him and asked… “Did your heart race?” (Please stop) Is she saying that because you’re close to your female friend? She’s not my girlfriend, we’re just close. She didn’t talk like that in elementary school, but she started to after I went to middle school. But your sister saw you guys holding hands. People don’t usually do that when they’re just friends. Complicated? (Look at this kiddo!) What? Did you just hold hands because she tripped and fell? How did you hold her hand? Like this or like this? (Like this) (Shocking) – That’s wrong! / – Then she’s your girlfriend! We don’t even hold hands like this. Did you have any other girl elementary school friends? Starting in 1st grade. – 1st grade, elementary school? / – Yeah. Until when? – Until 6th grade. / – 6th grade? You went out for 6 years with one girl? Yeah. And then you broke up and met another girl? Tell us about it. We are curious. We are starting to understand your mother. We broke up after we graduated from elementary school. (Sad…) And. After I came to middle school, I became close to another friend. But the girl I used to date is in the same class. What are you? So it’s complicated. Did you start the education because you were concerned about him starting dating when he was in 1st grade? Partially, yes. When you burst in and asked what he was doing, did you expect him to answer you? When I come home, his door is always closed. So I’m just curious what he’s doing. “I put lots of tissues in here, why are they all gone?” “Don’t do it too much, did you wash your hand before?” That’s really embarrassing. It’s very natural for all guys to go through that. I know, but he should do it in moderation. He’s always tired. (Tired because he did it too much?) I’m wondering what has made him so tired. He could be tired from playing outside. He doesn’t exercise. Is that all you think about? No. Does everything make you think in that way? He’s tired every day. Why are you tired? Because I go to afterschool classes. It starts at 5 p.m., and ends at 9 p.m. – Every day? / – Yes. It must be very tiring. From 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.! Last time I checked, studying for a long time doesn’t kill. Excuse me, mother. Nobody ever died while masturbating. Studying is tiring, it uses up lots of energy. He complains about being tired every day. You’re the only one thinking that way. About the spilled drink earlier, I think he went too far by saying that. Why? (What’s the truth?) – Weren’t there any stains? / – Nope. – No stains from the spill? / – No. Because he cleaned it up. No, it’s not like that. We don’t have any drinks except for water at home. (Tada!) (What a twist) He could have bought it. – You have no drinks at home? / – Other than water? I bought it. Where did the tissues you used to wipe it go? They’re still there. Where? In the tissue box? Yeah, I put it in there. You have to throw it away immediately, kiddo. Haven’t you heard this story? Are you still suspicious? It’s not there, I checked it. I never found a Coke bottle while doing recycling. Do they eat bottles too? Where is the Coke bottle? What? Coke! Did your friend take it? Don’t answer! Don’t answer! Don’t say it! You’ll be at a disadvantage. Why are you trying to educate his friends? It’s because they are his friends from kindergarten, So I treat them like my own son. (Surprise!) (Cute!) (Distinguished 7th-grade aura) – He is… / – You have done nothing wrong. Raise your hands! Raise your hands if you received sex education! (Me / Me) He looks exceptionally strong. Did they seem uncomfortable? Not at all! On that day, they were chatting all night and woke up in the morning. I asked, “Did you watch porn? Don’t do it in excess.” And that was it. Perhaps you’re trying to be friendly. But as a son, it might have been a bit hard to handle. Put yourself in his shoes. A friend’s dad giving you sex education? It’s weird, isn’t it? And your friend is right there with you. It’s embarrassing. You’re his mother, not theirs. That’s a great example. They say they know, but some don’t. They must be ready. What do you think? I don’t feel anything. Do you understand they would be embarrassed? Juyong, were you embarrassed? He’s scared. You can’t ask like that. How did you feel when she did sex ed? I was embarrassed. What about the friend next to you? – It was fun. / – He said it was fun. – Was it funny? / – Yeah. What if your mother acted like Eunsung’s mother? I would be okay. I understand him. But it’s good to learn now so when we grow up, we know what to do. Be careful with your hand gesture. What about the other friend? What if your mother acted like Eunsung’s mother? I would run away from home. (Serious) (At least you know how I feel) That was savage! (So cute) Why would you run away from home? It would be overwhelming. It’s too much. What do you think of that? It was so uncomfortable that he wanted to escape. He’s not Eunsung. He’s not your son? (Come to my home, my friend) Let’s hear from Eunsung’s older sister. How old are you? – I’m 15. / – 1 year older. Do you understand his concern? I do. Mom speaks very directly, so it’s concerning. But school teaches this too, and we’re all at the age we should know, so I understand mom is worried. Does she do the same to you? It’s not that serious. She just tells me to be careful with boys and that any boys who say I’m pretty are lying. (Parents usually take their children’s side) (She’s being too tough on her) Really? Isn’t this weird? Isn’t this a bit weird? Let us ask you. Why don’t you think your daughter is pretty? She is pretty. Why did you say it’s a lie? – So she wouldn’t get seduced? / – Yeah. And what else did she say? Not to go to a house without a female in it. – That’s right. / – Right. And? Not all older boys can be trusted. Not all older boys can be trusted. It’s a real saying. It has depth to it. Are you ever embarrassed like your brother? Not really. When I tell Eunji to be careful with men, she’s like, “Okay, mom,” and that’s that. But Eunsung’s reaction is so great. He has great reactions. So he’s like, “Geez, mom!” So if he responded like his sister, would you stop? It’s no fun with no reaction, so I wouldn’t do it. You just like to joke around! It’s all because of your reaction! Next time, just be cool and say, “Okay, mom.” “Did you guys watch porn all night?” Yes. “Don’t watch it too often.” Okay. Just do it this way. I’ve done it. She won’t stop? She kisses me while we’re walking. – Where? / – On my lips. And while we are walking, she uses one hand to grab my bottom. I told her to stop but she won’t. I think it’s a habit for her. So she does it like this? Do you hate it? – If someone sees it… / – It’s embarrassing. Are you worried others will think you’re a mama’s boy? You don’t like it when she does it outdoors. To be honest, you don’t like it indoors, right? To be honest… Tell the truth. I don’t like it. It’s natural to dislike it at that age. He’s really kind. – Avoiding hurting her feelings. / – He glanced at her. Did you know that he doesn’t like that? His reaction is really great. I know he secretly likes it. I like to touch bottoms too. A few days ago, my 6 year old son said, “If my bottom turned black, you wouldn’t touch it.” So I said I would be sad. And then he said, “I would be more sad!” At just 6 years old he’s already sensitive to the feelings of others. I think a 14-year-old child as mature as him would be worrying much more deeply about this. Did you know he would feel this way? No, I think he’s all grown up. Indeed. You must acknowledge it. 6th and 7th grade are just one year apart, but it’s a huge gap. For himself too. He’ll be much different in the second semester than he was in the first semester. Don’t think, “He wasn’t like this in early this year.” You must accept it, and acknowledge it. Is there anything you don’t want your mom to say? – Masturbation, condom. / – Condom. – Porn. / – Porn. And I don’t want her to do that to my friends. Yeah, for sure. Kids at his age are really sensitive. They would feel it’s really weird. They might lose self-confidence. It was because I was worried, and I said those things out of kindness, but perhaps it was too much pressure for him. Right. What would you want to talk to your mom about? Asking me how studying was. I want to her to ask me, “Was it tough?” She doesn’t say that? She likes to joke around. She’s mischievous. Regardless of sex education, do you talk to him about studying? (Hehehe) Not really? I’m afraid he’d give up. So I’m trying to push him. It would be great if it had a positive effect, but it might also cause a side-effect. But you should be more considerate to him now. (Should look for different educational methods) Let’s start with Junho. Is it a concern? It doesn’t feel like education but more like joking around with his friends, so I think it’s a concern. If the joking becomes more frequent, it would make him want to hide, so I think it’s a concern. – It’s not a concern. / – Not a concern? It’s only that she’s excessive, but it’s education that kids need at that age. I think it’s a concern. If you think it’s a concern, push the button! (What will the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Stop. Please say something to your son Eunsung. Son, I love you. I will believe in you always. Let’s see the result! (Result) (Sexual concern) It’s over 100. 136 votes. (Earned 136 votes)

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  1. Lmao he heard the word sexy in 6th grade? I heard it when I was like in kindergarten. It was a casual word to use around my family when we are looking better than usual lol. It was mostly a play around word but now that I’m in 7th I hate using it lol

  2. idk why no one is saying this and i honestly hate to be this fan but the kid with glasses at 13:24 looks like fetus jungkook 😂😂😂😂

  3. I never got the sex talk from my Mom and she is Korean, even Korean schools don't educate well enough when it comes to sex, they made it seem like it's an embarrassing thing and told us just don't do it (Like the gym teacher from mean girls lol..) so yeah I honestly don't think there is anything wrong with his mom teaching him about sex, better to be safe than sorry she just needs to chill with the tmi's lol

  4. every asian mom always complains that we are always tired after school. that is a fact. and that we always lock our selves at the room. little did they know that we wanted some own space after studying (bec they thought the educ. before and the present is the same, but theyre wrong, the system today is very tiresome(some kids eveb commit suicide bec they cannot meet there expectations) . another fact. no matter how much we defend our selves, they do not listen to how u feel. . . . .

    but still i love my mom and dad. 🙂

  5. honestly, the only issue here is that the mother sometimes go overboard and disregards her son's privacy. but over all, a mom teaching his son sex ed isn't something to be concerned about. i think koreans isn't just as open as other countries that's why they just laughed it off.

  6. She's right to teach him about sex at his age, but the way she's going about it is totally wrong. She could just have calm conversations with him, ask him if he has questions. Instead she's basically bullying him and has no respect for his privacy: picking his lock, counting numbers of tissues, embarrassing him in front of his friends, and worst of all, touching him inappropriately. One of the most important parts of sex ed is to teach about consent. Beside disrespecting his right to refuse being touched in a way he doesn't like, if she forces herself on him like this, she teaches him that it's ok to force himself on his future partners. That's just not ok. She needs to learn about boundaries.

  7. I agree that education is necessary, but this mother is taking it way too far and seems like she just wants to get a kick out of humiliating her son.

  8. Guys except that it's so hilarious but concerning too, I want to say that….This blonde guy, omg WHO IS HE??! I WANT TO MARRY HIM OMG

  9. Did he said he is in 7 gread and 14 year old …….

    Cause I am in 10 great and just completed my 14 few months ago😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃😃😎

  10. I even got a little uncomfortable watching this but I've heard worse😂 I couldn't even imagine the tension in the room talking about that😂

  11. They are right that Korea has one of the highest abortion rates: 28/ per 1000 women, While U.S. has 19/ per 1000. Also for a small country there are so many children put up for adoption in Korea… and the war is over but it still continues. (Wars cause the # of children in orphanages to increase)

  12. Listen, I'm fourteen myself and a lot of my friends have had sex before. I learnt about how a baby is made in year 4. The difference 😂😂


  14. " Any boys that say that you're pretty, are lying "

  15. Regardless of her supposed intentions, the mother should have respect for her son. If she continues this type of forced teaching, he will leave one day. The lack of empathy for her son's feelings makes you question her intentions. Only narcissist feed off of someone's humiliation. So with the daughter she mixes proper conduct with telling her that any man says she is pretty is lying. I'm not sure that's a good way to guide her about the opposite sex. However the Mom is definitely destroying the son by feeding off his uncomfortableness. Narcissistic parents are dangerous to their children self-esteem. I hope her behavior changes and the Father has more input. God bless 🤗🤗🤗

  16. Lol, he didn’t say, “I don’t do that” like some try to lie and say…he probably didn’t realize he admitted he does it right on tv.

  17. This was the funniest concern I've ever seen but I do feel bad for the kid. I cant imagine it getting to the point where you literally would rather the whole country know your mom sexually harasses you and your friends than continue having her barge in and chase you with a box of condoms

  18. I don't see a concern here. Of course, I understand how it's embarrassing for the child but it's better to hear too much about sex education and be embarrassed than to not hear enough about it and make a mistake later in life.

  19. Why is that mom so interested in if the son jerked off or not? It looks like the mom needs a real help, since her mind is so perverted all the time. God forbid that she looks at her son as a sexual object. I think he needs to call some kind of child protective service for sexual harrassment.

  20. I tried to reverse the roles in my head changing the mother for a father and the son for a daughter, I think it would be really creepy if your friends dad just tell you that, I felt really bad for the friends of the boy.

  21. i think im being a kj, but maybe instead a bunch of comedians who clearly know nothing about health issues and instead turns them into jokes to make it entertaining, maybe have atleast someone who's actually knows it and knows hows to deal with it? like, i get that they have to make the show more entertaining, but handling a situation both entertainingly and seriously and someone who knows whens the time to joke around isnt really hard, you know.

  22. Talking about how he’s always tired. My first thought was either it’s because of school or he has iron deficiency NOT THAT HES WANKING LMFAOOO

  23. Is the guy suho or sehun??

    I compared their pictures with this because a lot of people said this is suho but I look at him as sehun.

    I'm a new ExoL it's not my fault I can't different shade -_-

  24. I find it funny how some people say that they had "sweet hearts" during kindergarten… I only cared about how pretty my pencil cases and bags were when I was that age 😂😂

  25. And all this time I thought suho got those hands by exercising 😂😂😂 whereas the whole story can be different😂😂😂😂

  26. Am I the only one who thought the boys friend with the glasses resembled baby jungkook
    I believe he will be a handsome fellow.

  27. Oh I really feel for this kid…

    I'm American but my mom is French. She's way more open about sex than I'm comfortable with. My older brother was born in France as well and he has the same attitude, he would always burst into my room whenever he knew my boyfriend was over…

    I tried telling her it makes me uncomfortable but she won't listen and just gets worse. It a created a tension between us and I get angrier with her more easily now because she won't respect my boundaries

  28. I agree with the mother. Straight forward. But going in front of TV this kid has embarrassed himself more than his mother ever would embarrass him in front of his friends for a lifetime

  29. I can't hate on the mom for caring for her children. It does make me wonder what did she experience to make her act like this.

  30. Relax boy, in 9 years old,my innocent soul already die because of army ff. Rip my innocent soul,you have to die so early..

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