Alright guys. There is a crazy OKAY ohh my god Update I’m gonna surprise chase right now. Hey chase Come here, bud. I just wanted to know Do you just want to play with me? What? No, no it’s something it’s not chapter 4 I thought of you really fun of you, and I played you know boring old chapter one again. Is that fun? Go for it Why don’t you play ready and go I’ll tell you what I just did, see that ink machine right there Yeah, I just turned that on where do we go next? I don’t know if I just turned on the ink machine if you go I heard of it as if it bents like a meal I’ll go you go Makes you go up to it in stare at it get really close ok, I promise no. No look. Okay. Let’s just see it Dude turn around, is he following you? No, he’s not following you Wait, What why is Hello Neighbor there AAH, OH MY GOsh , OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH , STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT! Go to the exit! Go quicker!!! ITS RIGHT THERE Drain the flood is this new hi shel we playing scary games See, I don’t know if you should play this are you scared we’re draining some Ink okay, I Don’t know oh goodness gracious. Oh There’s a spooky room Oh What okay Vandy Chapter 2. Oh look at that says happy Halloween up there. This is a Halloween update. We’re going down a spooky, hallway You got a run you guys written wish you could screw Dude More isn’t bendy something’s wrong something wrong You know what let’s stop playing this because this game this game is broken guys this game is completely broken because I Just don’t I just Maybe we should just play hello neighbor okay, just just go straight Just let’s just go into the neighbor’s house because this is so much bit wait what? What is happening here something’s definitely wrong What is going let’s go see hello Nice Halloween costume my goodness It’s like that bendy feel all right This is real Baby has invaded hello neighbor and hello neighbor has invaded baby look. They’re chilling together Okay, oh you scared Oh shun scared well who died hand them to thanks Benny. Thanks for carrying Shawn Maybe we should go check the basement. What do you think? Wait Wow Wendy can jump can you guess what the name of this game is called? Hello hello bendy in the neighbor in the ink machine Ladies and gentlemen are going into the basement. There’s our little buddy shadow guy We’re not gonna mess with him bye-bye shadow guy Is this a navel oh? look Bendis applause, Oh Anyways guys three this one to show you this update bendy hello neighbor they merged And I’d like to say we’re trendsetters. We started this trend I’m pretty sure we’re the first ones to put bendy in hello neighbor together in the two Developers like their ideas so what’s that? They actually did it fj Devers. We did it. It’s time to celebrate y’all Well guys that was just an insane quick little vid 1 it to show you I don’t know if this can be around forever I Know it’s a special event and I also know that to the hello neighbor of bendy was talking about having mod support when the game Act the full game comes out how cool would that be thanks so much for watching. We’ll check you later peace out Billy Bop Wait I forgot to tell you guys something make sure you’re careful when crossing the street on Halloween Many minutes later wait dude I Forgot something what don’t we hope you guys have a happy Halloween? Yeah I’m Sam and check all your candy and stay tuned uh funnel vision cuz we bought seven hundred and fifty Dollars worth of candy and we’re gonna put it on our front steps and see how many honest trick-or-treaters there And it’s gonna say don’t be greedy only take two pieces of candy and They take like a whole bunch that is correct. Then close your eyes because after all that came to me but forgot to get Dinner Oh I am almost a dead man. Oh, no they’re after me. Hey that looks like a minecraft zombie hello minecraft zombie nice Put these faster reload times on this guy’s dead So apparently am I yes he’s down get him. Yeah, I did it Oh fine Teamwork a good. Oh ha poor Herbert dude Oh

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  3. How did you make a Halloween update with Bendy And hello neighbor hello neighbor and Bendys game but then hello neighbor who is still traffic going to Onslow Beach on traps and why are you there a train anyways so why did the

  4. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!

  5. I don't know lol Hi Fgteev Duddy I wish I want to play dark deception I'm little but not scared of any thing

  6. And then I told you that he was gonna he had loud music and I told you I was going down there and then you told him to you I told right I know you I told you that he told you I was gonna was a used car for him Iowa I told him I was going out for him to come and he told you that I was gonna was the time of the time you I told him I was gonna was a good day I was gonna was a good day I was gonna I had my family so we can get together and then we will go get yyy

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