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  1. The F-16C, the Workhorse of the Aegean! We've also got some hand-launched UAVs but these are used by the Infantry, not the Air Force. Nicely done as always. Cheers

  2. Pofff few fishers cauntry. İn the world no body scare from you and no body care you. Cause you are just a few fishers. You can be just big cauntrys soldiers dor.them goal. You can't step by yourself.

  3. At 3:28 the Utility/VIP aircraft picture is mixed up with the next photo of the photo recon picture… Greece forever!

  4. μια χαρά οπλισμό έχουμε αλλα θα έπρεπε κανονικά f16 να είχαμε 50 παραπάνω mirage 2000 20 επιπλέον ελικόπτερα bell πολύ περισσότερα και apache αντί για 28 48 παρόλα αυτά είμαστε δυναμικοί!!!!Μπράβο ρε Ελλαδάρα

  5. If only Greece and Turkey could get along and they would have been the superpowers of the region. Unfortunately once again History, Politics, Dictatorship and Religion will never allow that but if Turkey ever modernises as a country this might hopefully be the case one day …I Love Greece!!!

  6. Greece, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus. The owners of the Eastern Mediterranean.
    Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria. The rulers of the Balkans.

  7. Look at this joke they call air force. Mirage 2000 ??? :D:D Target practice for turkish F-16 Block 70s…

  8. Ugly inbred black turks , a rent suppsoed to have jets,planes,tanks,crovettes,friggates, missiles, those are european inventions

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