HELICOPTER: Helicopter videos for kids| children| toddlers. Preschool & Kindergarten learning.

Hi Kids,
Reggie Roo here. What has a really fast spinning rotor, with
blades that lift it into the air? A helicopter. Here is a Blue helicopter ready to go on a
scenic flight. Can you see the Rotor spin?
At the tail of the Helicopter is the Tail Rotor. This helps the Helicopter stay straight
and not spin around and around. And up into the air goes the Blue chopper.
And away it goes. From up high in the Helicopter you can see down the beautiful beach below. Look at the Helicopter fly through the air. swhisshhh swhisshhh swisshhh goes the White
Helicopter as it flies past. Helicopters are very clever; they can land
and take off almost anywhere. That is because they can go up and down.
They can also hover in mid air. Wow. Look at the Red Helicopter spin and then
fly away. There are lots of different Helicopters.
Here is a large Yellow medical Helicopter hovering! It is like a flying Ambulance.
It is much bigger than the Helicopters we saw before.
Away flies the big Helicopter into the sunset! Hoo Roo

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