Helen Quinn: A Wormhole Between Physics and Education

Interviewer: What is the biggest challenge
in transitioning from your physics career to your science educational efforts? Quinn: Well, I guess the biggest challenge
was giving up my physics career. I was about to retire, and I wanted to retire
for various reasons. But most physicists go on doing physics
research, particularly theorists like me who don't need any equipment to do it. However, I was committing myself to a project
that would take a year and a half, full-time work, to chair the committee that developed
the framework for K-12 science education. And it was a choice: Do I take this one on
or do I continue doing my physics? And I thought, well I could write a few more
physics papers that would be read by a few people, but if we really could do something
that improved science education nationally, that would be a worthwhile effort. So I decided to stop doing physics and start
doing education work.

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