5 thoughts on “HeidiSongs Music for Learning!”

  1. Can I ask why the d is being traced starting with the stick. When lowercase d is formed by first making the letter c it differentiates it from the b which starts with the stick and then the "bump" At least this is how it is taught in Hand Writing without tears as well as in My Father's World and it definitely makes sense. It is the c, a, d, g, o, q, that are made in the same way.

  2. Hey everyone!! We're so glad you're enjoying HeidiSongs!! Take a look at our updated YouTube channel trailer that features some of these videos – now reanimated!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-hnIIkZJX8&lc=z22nfzahgriox3url04t1aokgx5wbtqsefiwaila2qllbk0h00410

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