Healthy Food for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Speaking with NEW Stories for Children Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV
Yeah. Yes. Yes. Yes. Nine out of ten. Oh great. Oh hey. Hello boys and girls. How are you? Ou. Oh listen. That’s the bell ringing, because it’s snack
time. Oh. I’m so hungry. Are you hungry? Yeah. I’m lucky, because down here I’ve got some
crisps. Oh I like crisps. Do you like crisps? Yeah. They’re delicious. Hi Steve hi. Hi Maggie. Would you like some crisps? They’re delicious. Crisps? They’ll give Steve a big fat tummy. I’m going to save him. Yeah. No crisps for you. Oh. Don’t take all my crisps. Oh Maggie. What is she doing? Don’t be such a naughty naughty bird. Oh. What is Maggie doing with my crisps? Oh. Oh dear. Oh dear. Crisps. So unhealthy. Let’s give Steve an apple. Yeah. A nice juicy apple. Yummy yummy. Oh look boys and girls. Maggie’s coming back. Has she got my crisps? Hey Maggie. What have you got? A nice healthy apple. An apple? Yeah. An apple. Yeah. Oh, but Maggie. I don’t like apples. Do you like apples? Yeah. Yeah? Oh well. I’m so hungry. I guess I’ll take a bite. Hmm. It’s delicious. Yeah. This apple is delicious. I’d forgotten how much I like apples. Hmm. Great. Pardon me. How rude. Oh. That apple was delicious. But I’m still a little hungry and lucky me. Look. Down here I’ve got some cakes. Oh hey Maggie. Would you like a cake? Cake? Oh. I like a cake. Cake is unhealthy. Oh no. No no no. No more cake for Steve. Yummy yummy. No more cake for Steve. No cake, no cake, no cake. Oh Maggie. My cakes. Not my cakes. Oh I’m saving Steve from a big fat tummy. Oh. Cakes. So much sugar. Let’s give Steve a nice juicy orange yeah. Oh Maggie. Oh look. Has she got my cakes? No she hasn’t. Oh Maggie. What have you got? An orange. Yeah. An orange? An orange. But I don’t really like oranges. I prefer cakes. Oh Maggie. I suppose I should try a little piece of this
orange. Yeah. Yum yum. Oh. That’s great. Oh. I’m very sorry. That was very rude. Well I had an apple that was healthy and delicious. Then I had an orange which was healthy and
juicy, but shhh. Don’t tell Maggie. I’ve got one more special treat just down
here. Chocolate. Oh. I love chocolate. Do you like chocolate? Hey Steve. Are you eating chocolate? No Maggie. It’s not chocolate. Hey. Where is she? Oh Maggie. Maggie. Give me back my chocolate. No. No more chocolate. Naughty naughty bird. No more chocolate for you. Maggie. Hmm. Chocolate. No no. I’ve got to give Steve a healthier snack. Let’s give him a banana. Great. Oh. So Maggie. You haven’t got my chocolate for me. But what have you got? A banana. Yeah. Oh banana. Well. I suppose you’re right. A banana is a better snack than chocolate. I don’t want a big fat tummy. No no no. Thanks Maggie. And anyway, I like bananas. Do you
like bananas? Yeah. Delicious. Great. But now, I need a drink. And all I’ve got is well. This fizzy drink and that’s not very healthy. No. It’s full of sugar. Oh. I wonder what Maggie will bring me instead. Oh look. Thanks Maggie. Orange juicy. Great. Hmm. Delicious. So now. I feel healthy and strong. Ready to go and play hey Maggie. Let’s play let’s play. Oh listen. What’s that noise? I think Maggie needs my help. Oh Maggie Maggie. What’s the matter? Oh dear. Oh Maggie. Are you okay? No. My tummy hurts. Oh dear Maggie. Did you eat all of my chocolate? Yeah. My crisps, all of my cakes, all of my fizzy
drink. I’m not surprised you’ve got a poorly tummy
Maggie. You should eat more healthily. And so should you. Like me. Bye bye boys and girls. See you next time. Bye bye. Oh Maggie. Sorry. Heyyyy. Hey. Did you like that? Yeah? Then please like it, if you love it, you can
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  3. My favourite fruit is watermelon and fruits and vegetables from shop has medicine in our country Bangladesh may be in your country too I don't know but be very very very careful Steve and Maggie love you Steve and Maggie bye bye.

  4. I absolutely ADOREEEEEEEEEEEEE this guy!! Hiii Steve;) IM FROM CHILE! Im showing my kids this videos cuz we are learning and unhealthy food! great job i love everything you do!!!!!!!

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