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What Are The Benefits of Eggs? Bumbley – What do you think you are doing? You will hurt yourself. Coley – Naah. I am strong enough to handle it. The eggs I have for breakfast gives me required
proteins to make me stronger. Bumbley – Everyone knows that eggs give
you proteins ‘Mr. Know-It-All’. Coley – Hey look! The circus is coming to town! Bumbley – How do you know? Coley – I read it on the hoarding put up at
a distance. Can’t you read it? Bumbley – Where? No I can’t. Coley – Well, eggs also contain lutein and
zeaxanthin which make your vision sharper, Mr. Not-Know-It-All.’ Bumbley– Hmmm. What else? Coley – It contains Omega-3 which helps
in early brain development and helps in building the cognitive memory. Bumbley – I’m definitely going to eat
more eggs from now on. Now let’s go to the circus. Coley – Ok, go put on your clown costume. Bumbley – You know I sting like
a bee.

4 thoughts on “Health benefits of eggs – Ask Coley – Health Tips for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi”

  1. Hi. I'm an English teacher. Normally, I like your videos. But sorry, I don't agree with teaching kids these 2 messages. The circus promotes cruelty to animals, and the egg industry is also terrible to chickens and cause lots of pollution. Please reconsider your messages to kids, and parents. thanks

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