HCPSS Curriculum: Early Childhood

(Music playing)>>Teacher: “And then you’re gonna do ABCs, letter R, and then learn to read number six. Good Brady, you got all the steps!” (Music playing)>>Narrator: The Howard County Public School System’s early-childhood curriculum is built upon standards that define college and career readiness. The curriculum is developed by our own teachers. Is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. And is designed to give students the strong fundamental skills they will need to be successful throughout their school experience. The curriculum is rigorous and challenging, yet age appropriate and engaging. And it offers the repeated practice and application of skills and knowledge that early-childhood learners require. Students entering pre-kindergarten and kindergarten bring with them a range of knowledge, vocabulary, skills, interests, and behaviors; and our early-childhood programs provide a range of experiences designed to maximize the potential of every child. Language Arts… Mathematics… Science… Social Studies… Health… Metacognition… and Personal Social Development Content… is developmentally appropriate and differentiated for each student.>>Teacher: “Zoom, zoom, zoom…go, go, go!”>>Narrator: An early-childhood classroom is full of energy. As students learn through interacting with their environment. They investigate and explore with all of their senses and through the use of manipulatives and hand’s on activities that incorporate a variety of learning styles.>>Teacher: “Let’s try 8 and 8. Maybe 8 and 8 equals…no 8 and 8 doesn’t equal 15.”>>Kids: “That equals 16.”>>Teacher: “So maybe 8 and…>>Kids: “7!”>>Teacher: “And that does balance! We learned some new equations.”>>Narrator: Teachers present students with questions that help them make sense of the world, understand literature, increase their vocabulary, and learn new things from each other.>>Teacher: “What’s this?”>>Kids: “A camel.”>>Teacher: “They live where its very hot.”>>Kids: “The desert!”>>Teacher: “The desert where there’s lots of sand and not very much water. They can also live in the Z…O…O.”>>Kids: “The zoo!”>>Narrator: Our early-childhood teachers strive to develop the academic, social, and emotional knowledge and skills needed to participate in a diverse and changing world. Incorporate integrated instruction, metacognition, and expressive language to prepare students for success as lifelong learners. Use a child-centered approach to ensure that each child develops a love of learning. And adjusts the formal classrooms social setting so that students can attain the skills and knowledge of the curriculum while learning how to function effectively in the classroom setting. The Howard County Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten curriculum engages students, teachers, and families and sets our students on track to become excited and capable lifelong learners.

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