HBCU – Meet Chinedu

I always like to tell people that I didn’t
choose an HBCU, an HBCU chose me. And that’s the difference between HBCUs and
many other schools. HBCUs they care about you as a personal individual
and not as a number and a statistic and I got to see that because my father has been
working at an HBCU for as long as I have been living. And I was able to see that firsthand not only
in his dynamic of teaching but from the wonderful staff that I see on the campuses and just
the unique energy. I would have loved to go to some other schools,
I thought. But when I stepped foot on an HBCU I felt
like I was at a family reunion, like people who I have never seen but I felt I knew my
whole life. In a sense of people who share the same dynamics,
who share the same ideas, share the same cultures with you all in one place, experiencing the
same thing at the same time. It’s overwhelming and that’s why you know
I’m kind of am glad that I was chosen by the HBCU. And it’s an honorable thing, especially due to the history of what these institutions were founded upon. It wasn’t just me applying to get an education,
it was me actually showing respect and honor to many of those who fought for the HBCUs
to be what they are today.

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