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Hazal Kaya is one of the most popular
Turkish actresses she was born on 1st October 1990 in a small town of Turkey
named kazantip she received early education from météo italiano t Istanbul
and later graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University care speaks Italian and
English fluently in addition to her native language turkish she was also
said to be learning a fourth language german in 2013 the young celebrity left
her native country to live in USA for a year
unfortunately the girl’s parents who are both lawyers got divorced when she was
merely 7 years old as a child she displayed her talent through music and
dance she was fond of ballet and violin and so attended lessons with pleasure
she also succeeded in Argentine tango best of all
soon she was invited to cast commercial the girl became the face of worldwide
famous companies such as Nescafe and rich mix later on her focused I worked
at words cinema and theatre she decided to enter the algún theater school in
order to make her dream come true kia started her acting career in 2006 with
TV series gancho she played the character of us gay in 2008 they played
Nihal circle in a modern-day adaptation of the novel ish game um new written by
holitzer she had her cinematic debut in Celtic a
Demers movie chock HMG in 2011 at the same time she took lessons from ila al
GaN in drama she then joined amateur at modern acting techniques workshop and
took acting lessons from amateur rock himself kiya acted in the first two
seasons of the TV series a teeny freedom in 2011 as the lead character free al
Mars she played the role of a Porter’s daughter trapped between two life and
falls in love with the most popular student at her university a rich and
handsome boy Armour played by Chuck the blue soil the series had one of the high
TV ratings in Turkey later together with her mother
I should go Kia she appeared in the commercials for bingo Kia is one of
turkeys highest-paid actresses she was among the most influential names in the
world and was granted a medal of international excellence in the category
of artists the website world’s most beautiful slammed her fifth on the list
of 10 most beautiful women of 2016 she owned several different houses each
designed distinctively she owns many different cars as well including a
racist sports car and an Adi

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