Harvard Takes the 1964 Louisiana Literacy Test

32 thoughts on “Harvard Takes the 1964 Louisiana Literacy Test”

  1. My question is will somebody NOT in fifth grade yet be able to take this test?? On it it says you have to be able to "prove a fifth grade education" to take that dumb test.

  2. Did anyone pass this test? They deserve a crown! Please, let us know if you did.
    I bet some questions had possible alternate answers so that even if a person got all 30 Q's right, the tester could be like "Wrong… This ONE was wrong!"

  3. fake news, everyone please make sure to find and try to complete the official test and not the fake test slate.com put out. just google please

  4. this video just proves that Harvard is failing in educating their "students". And the maker of the video is too dumb to get that NONE OF THESE AIRHEAD STUDENTS OR PROFESSORS SHOULD VOTE SINCE THEY CANNOT KNOW ENOUGH TO MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION.

  5. I'm all for a mandatory literacy test in order to vote. I'm more than willing to forfeit my right to vote if I fail, in order to ensure that the future of our country is in good hands.

    Although, even though it would take more resources, I would prefer there be a smaller and more specific test for each thing that you vote for. For example, you should know the basics about guns, in order to be able to vote on anything having to do with gun laws. At the same time, you should have a basic understanding of environmental science in order to be able to vote on anything having to do with environmental laws, regulations and, programs. You should not be able to vote for or against something just because you don't like the way it sounds.


  7. Hell, you can find the test on PDF. Each question entails you just follow the instruction in the question. Simplicity. If you are too smart, you will fail. Truly sad that these people cannot follow simple instruction like draw a circle around the first, first letter of the alphabet. Answer: the very first (a) you see, you draw a circle around it. Damn, we did this stuff in the 2nd or 3rd grade and these idiots cant do it. Truly sad, the state our schools are in. Hell, they teach Communism instead of Constitutionalism too! Semper Fi

  8. Don't be so condescending to Black people. Blacks know how to get a State ID just as much as Whites. Good God.

  9. I don't see in any way how this can be compared with voter id laws. People have claimed that having to show id is just as discriminatory as literacy tests… What a joke. I guess according to these people, minorities are not only too dumb to pass a literacy test, but they are also too dumb and poor to be able to prove who they are at the voting booth…. Wow I guess liberals really are a bunch of racists….. I always had my suspicion.

  10. Easy test; what's the problem? It seemed like it required no education at all, and was as the name suggests a literacy test. Also, don't you need to pass a hard test or two to get into Harvard?

  11. Equating this test to the requirement of showing an ID to vote is the most asinine thing ever said. Voter ID laws are put into place due to democrat party tactics of having dead people vote, fictitious persons vote, and people casting multiple votes. Being required to show an ID to vote in no way restricts anyone from voting. Everyone needs an ID to be able to do any banking, driving, applying for loans, credit, start any grade in school or college, to cash paychecks, to apply for any gov't benefits, to open accounts of any kind. So NO you idiot, this test is NOT anywhere close to being like having to show your ID to vote. Morons. I bet he thinks slavery was created by the US. Who else thinks that complete load of turd? The US did not create or invent slavery, the US was probably the first country to abolish it and make it illegal.

  12. White people have created so many traps and pitfalls for blacks and now they ask " How did blacks end up like this?"
    I fucken hate these devils. None, absolutely none of them will go to their imaginary heaven. They will all be slavea for eternity and face the same horrible nightmare they forced on the entire human race. They will spend eternity being chased. Evil will have no rest, it will have no sleep, they will continuosly suffer. Their hearts have been judged and are found heavy and flawed from greed and hate. Their sulfurous skin will fuel the flames of hell.

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