Harihar Kaka – ep01 – BKP | हरिहर काका | cbse class 10 hindi sanchyan explanation

Welcome to Bhai ki padhai subscriber. and anyone who did not then DO IT! NOW GO TEACH! So now the story we are gonna study to a story but we have tell the story is from a novel then it won”t be wrong. This chapter….sorry…this novel name is HARIHAR KAKA And its author is Mithileshwar. Mithileshwar don’t even have a brain (no offence)…. after kaka ….he should write ji after the word kaka Since two days, the author is visting Harihar Kaka but kaka was not talking to him. he asked about his health to him but kaka sees him and after that neither he saw him nor replied to him. Even though, the author does not ask much because he does understand the sadness, pain and mind of kaka. The author was very fond of kaka. he respected him a lot and he knew him very well. and even kaka would tell the author everything about him. the author’s mother told to him that kaka treated and loved him as a son and he would make the author sit on his shoulder and play with him. he treated the author as his own child. and maybe because kaka never had his own child. he got married twice but unfortunately his two wives died. In his village, TAKUR JI means a huge temple and the people there called it TAKURBARI. A long time ago, a priest in that exact place made a slum. He would pray there….he would make people listen to his nice saying and would make people inspire by his work. then there became a temple. and since the village grew then since the temple, from a small temple …it became a huge temple. and the villagers had grew more faith And if anyone does a good job then he/she would think “its all because of TAKUR ji” good works like getting a good job, getting married, winning a case, or else being topper in the class. As you do a good job, then they say “its all because of TAKUR ji” and in return, all would go to the temple, give either gold, orphan, rupees and what else more. and when they are very very happy, they would give a piece of their land. The village’s economy would be less but…. TAKURBARI WERE 1000 TIMES RICHER. The nearby village’s temple in compare of TAKUBARI, were nothing towards TAKURBARI. Slowly, received 20 acre land. so the priest formed a community for the security of TAKURBARI, Every three years… they would appoint a saint and a female priest. their work is to sing for God…. have go to house to house for parvarchan and In their heart and mind, to make the villages think that the TAKURBARI COMES FIRST. let it be a Diwali, or Holi celebration or someone marriage, Or in the field crop started growing, the first thing is they have to go to the temple. and people do it. First of all, they come to give flowers to God in the temple. And the people who does not do it, village scare them by talking about the dharam.

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