48 thoughts on “Hard Knowledge Quiz”

  1. This man is smarter than I thought. He keeps getting me to come back and do these dumbass quizzes that a two year old can do.

  2. 10 for 10 again and anyone who had any difficulty with question 1 is a dummy or has been living in a cave the last 60 years.

  3. I have taken a few of these quizzes and can't see why people have a problem. The thing that troubles me the most is American Presidents (this one was easy) but as a Brit I think that is understandable.

  4. You always lie. I answered 10/10 and found none of them hard in the least. You must get paid for each time someone goes on. What a cheat. What a really very uneducated and backward creature if you think that these are hard to impossible to answer and that know one has ever heard of #1. Go back to your cave. Never will give you another click. No one else should either unless you are a moron that likes to be lied to.

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