HANDS UP | 1 – Introduction to Physical & Health Literacy

here we have two kids a boy named Sanjay and a girl named April Sanjay and April are kids just like you although they are cartoons I guess they're not exactly just like you now are they maybe I'll give them jetpacks why not you know what maybe jetpacks are a bad idea my bad now we really want Sanjay and April to be happy kids for that to happen we want them to have fun being active want to learn to make healthy choices but to do this there are skills they have to learn first yeah skills watch this Sanjay let's have you run a race will draw track here and give you a really tough opponent to run against how about a cheetah they're pretty faster oh and let's put April on a baseball diamond she can be playing against someone tough too how about a team of elephants use their trunks to hit the ball now in order for Sanjay and April to get better at their activities they have to learn some basic skills first think about it if Sanjay hasn't learned how to run properly he won't be able to run a race very well 1 and April won't really be ready to play baseball until she learns to catch to be active and to have fun playing lots of games and sports there are a lot of basic skills you should learn things like how to dodge skip jump kick overhand throw catch and run if you learn skills like these you'll end up using them in sports and physical activities and you'll be confident playing them this is called being physically literate if you become physically literate and learn these basic skills then you'll be able to try more activities and activities are fun if you can run you can take part in soccer basketball or hiking if you can throw you can play baseball cricket or wheelchair bocce you can balance you can do yoga gymnastics or even shark riding ok you got me I made shark riding up but imagine now not only do we want Sanjay and April to be active we also want them to learn to make healthy choices there are skills you have to learn for that too but instead of running and catching these are thinking and doing skills things like saying kind words listening to each other and knowing what you're feeling learning these help you make healthy decisions like eating well wearing your bike home and making smart life choices this is called health literacy if you learn the skills of health literacy you might choose to do fun activities like read a book go outside and be active or draw instead of only playing video games and you may choose to eat more fruits and vegetables instead of mostly candy I know mr. cheetah but being healthy is just as important for Cheetahs as it is for kids so if Sanjay and April can learn health literacy and physical literacy they'll really be on the right track then Sanjay and April will feel good about participating in those activities and they'll want to try more activities because they know they have the skills to be good at it they'll also have the skills to make choices for their health and well-being and in the end they'll be active happier and healthier even if you take away their jetpacks sorry guys

8 thoughts on “HANDS UP | 1 – Introduction to Physical & Health Literacy”

  1. These videos are awesome! Show them on the first day of school frequently as a intro to discussing Physical Literacy with my students!

  2. Till the school education system awakens, parents must take this responsibility to make their children physically literate by seeing u-tube on physical literacy..

  3. Must see videos for Physical Literacy and Health Literacy, as a culture this is vital in understanding why we need to invest in health education and physical education.  There is dire need for health and physical education to be treated just like math, science and reading….everyday subjects!

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