Hands-On Learning: Junior Ranger Program

We are here today at the Jefferson Memorial
to explore the Junior Ranger Program. This is a nationwide program all around the
National Parks Service that aims to get young people excited about their national parks. So, there are a number of different activities
that you guys can do in this book and when you complete a certain number of activities
you bring it to a ranger, and you can earn a badge. I enjoy being outdoors and so I’m really excited
to do the Junior Ranger Program and I think that it’s going to be really interesting and
fun. Participating in the Junior Ranger Program
is a great way for young people to get interested in their national parks to learn about the
different things we have to offer here. Sometimes there are activities about history,
sometimes they’re about science, sometimes they’re about recreation. Just letting people know that national parks
belong to you guys, and that you should get out and enjoy them, and hopefully if we catch
you as a young person, you’ll grow up to be someone who will spend your whole life going
to national parks. That’s what we hope. Maybe someday, you’ll even wear this uniform.

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