Handling the blue tongue lizard

So, when handling your Blue Tongue always let them know that you’re going to enter and pick them up in their enclosure. So, you want to give them a gentle touch before picking them up. And always be aware that they can get a little bit grumpy sometimes and they have quite a hard bite when they do get grumpy. So, they often hiss, open up their mouth and pop out their tongue and sometimes they flatten themselves quite wide so they look larger than they are just to look scarier. So, just be careful that you’re quite happy that he knows that you’re going to pick him up. So, try and use two hands when you’re handling a Blue Tongue Lizard. Support his back legs and his front legs. It makes him feel secure and he’s got something to hold onto as you’re holding him. Using your hands behind his legs allows you to get a better grip on him. They get quite wiggly at times especially when they’re warm so he feels safe and happy that you have a good hold on him. You can also utilise your forearm and lay him and rest him if you need to hold him for extended periods of time he feels happy again and safe that you have a good hold on him and not going to drop him. If you were needing to transport him to maybe to the vet or take him in a car there’s a few simple things you could utilise. You can use something as simple as a bin or a plastic enclosure with a secure lid on it so he can’t get out. The other thing is just using a pillow case or a calico bag and you can pop him inside and he’s happy in his dark surroundings and it’s safe as well. Just pop an elastic band around the top so he can’t get out. .

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