Hampton City Schools – The Digital Bridge – February 14, 2019

(light electronic music) – Welcome to the Digital Bridge. My name is Kate Maxlow, Director of Innovation
and Professional Learning here in Hampton City Schools. Today we’re at Phoebus High School, where we’re going to be spending some time in the classroom of Mr. Will Bane. His World Geography students
are going to be conducting an interactive role-playing game, in which they have to work
together to solve clues, and figure out who had stolen some important artifacts
from the Middle East. They’re using their knowledge of the physical and economic geography in order to solve the crime. When they’re not working with Mr. Bane, they’re also using their Chromebooks to learn more about the Middle East. Are you ready to take a trip
with us to the Middle East? All right, let’s go. – Before we get started, we want to fill out this
map together really quickly. It won’t take more than five minutes. So, please everyone get a copy of the map that I’ve placed on your desks, and we’re going to fill it out together up here on the board. Students are going to be
working with each other to solve clues, to solve a mystery, and use their geographic knowledge of physical geography
and economic geography to determine the location of a stolen item in this game. And, get it back to where it belongs. Originally, I had the idea to do this after attending some
professional development that the district led, where they discussed ways to make class more engaging for students. And, how to specifically create these role-playing games
to encourage students to work in groups, and work together. You take your seats, and
she says, “Gumshoes.” That’s her nickname for you all, right? It means detective. Gumshoes, I’m glad you’re here. I’m sorry we couldn’t
get any more of a break. I’m also excited about this program, because not only do I hope
students will master the content, but I hope that by being able to apply it to problem solving, and also to work together in groups, will give them a better
idea of how they can use their knowledge in more
of a real world setting. – We had to try to find the mystery, because where the Pyramid
of Giza was stuff, there was a piece of paper. And, we have to try to find out the clues to find out where she went to. I was a diplomat. I was trying to convince people to talk and give me information. It got me engaged immediately. – [Will] We are always looking for any way that we can not only
make learning more fun, but also deepen those skills that we know students need to be successful in life. And, I think that the role-playing game is just one technique that we can use to try to bring in that engagement. And also, bring in a little
fun in the classroom. – I like working by myself
on certain occasions, but I like my friends, and I like working in group, too. Mr. Bane, he’s a cool teacher. He shows us a lot of emotion. He shows us that he
up, to keep us excited. Even though our game is fictional, and even though it’s fantastic, in terms of the story that it tells, the problem solving skills, such as working as a group, and such as having to collaborate to do critical thinking, are skills that students are going to need regardless of what they
do next in their life. – It’s teachers like Mr. Bane who make Hampton City Schools
a great place to learn. His interactive, engaging lessons get students fired up
about world geography. Thanks for watching the Digital Bridge. Innovating today for a better tomorrow. (light electronic music)

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