Hampton City Schools – HCS Connects – September 23, 2019

(upbeat music) – Hello, and welcome to HCS Connects. I’m Kellie Goral, with
Hampton City Schools. We have a great show ahead of us today, as I have Arial Jones,
our Executive Director of the Hampton Education Foundation with us. So welcome to HCS Connects. – Thank you. – And we’re so excited
to hear what’s going on with the Hampton Education Foundation, but before we get into
some exciting things that are going to happen just next week, tell us a little bit about the Hampton Education Foundation. What exactly is the foundation? – So we exist to help
support Hampton City Schools, and to help provide innovative learning initiatives in classrooms,
and we do that through our teacher grant program and also through student scholarships. – [Kellie] Well the
foundations, it’s not new. – No – [Kellie] It’s been
around for awhile now. So when did the foundation begin? – We started in 2001,
so about 18 years now. – So you’re working on
18 years, and you said grants and scholarships,
grants for the teachers, scholarships for students. – Yes. – About how much money
since 2001 do you think the Education Foundation has
supported in those grants? – We have supported funding for over $100,000 worth of grants. – Wow. I mean as a past
teacher, that’s fantastic. – And that’s right here in Hampton, so we only support Hampton City schools. – Hampton City schools, and there are a difference with the grants. There’s a mini grant and
there’s an innovative grant. – Yes. And so the main
difference between the two is the funding level,
so teachers can apply for either or both. The mini grant funds up to $500, and then the innovative funds up to $1000. – And there have been some great projects. Some great things that the grants have funded for our teachers. I know I’ve had the opportunity to go out into the buildings and see a few of them. Last year there was the murals, correct? – [Arial] Yes. – And where were, the murals were at? – [Arial] At Barron. – At Barron, and the students had the opportunity to work with an artist and bring to life our
very historic figures. And besides the murals I also had the opportunity to go out to a school and see a sensory walk, and I believe that was at Barron as well. – [Arial] I believe so, too. – But I know you have a
few more that you’ve had the opportunity to go out and actually see come to fruition. – So we’ve had, our teachers have gotten very creative over the years,
– [Kellie] They really have. – The types of things that they ask for, so we get things from paint
for the mural project, which still is creative in
how they’re going to use that. And then we’ve funded
projects with Spratley, they needed cameras for
their sea hawk squad, and they go around and
film different things that are happening at
school, and so we funded them purchasing some
Canon cameras for that. And then we’ve also done
a project at Phoenix, where they have a zen den. And so it really is an opportunity for students who maybe need
some sensory opportunity to kind of just get away for a little bit and maybe calm down in
a peaceful environment. That’s working with
their counseling office, and so they have a space where they can go use different manipulatives, have pillows, and just a calm environment for them to be able to hang out for
a little while to get peace. (laughing) – Well and it’s not just our elementary and our middle school teachers. We have a lot of our
high school teachers that apply for the grants as well. I know over at Bethel High
School their media center, they had a basically a mural type of piece there as well, correct?
– [Arial] Yes. – So we’ve done murals there. We’ve also done, there
was another mural project at one of our other high schools. It was a previous year, not
this past year’s funding. But really just helping
the children to take what they’re learning and then be
able to use it in real life. And so for that one they had
to do art, draw out the murals, but then learn how to scale
the murals and then how to get them onto the windows
and different things, so it really just helps
bring it to life for them. – And they’ve also, know
you were talking murals at the high school level, I
remember seeing a project, I think it was last year
or maybe the year before, where it was almost like an escape room kind of piece,
– [Arial] Yes. – and they had to really
work through those higher level thinking skills to
escape from their box. It was a box. – Since that teacher funded that project, we’ve also had other teachers
who’ve heard about it who want to do the same thing
for their classrooms as well. That original project was
at Phoebus High School. – See that’s exciting. You’ve got teachers that are
seeing what other teachers are doing then
– Yes. – And applying for grants
so that they can also do those projects within their classrooms. So about how many grants
a year for the last couple years has the foundation
been able to accomplish? – Around 30, 30 to 40. It kind of just depends on
how innovative we’re funding, how many of the mini ones we’re funding, and then what our support looks like and what our donations. – [Kellie] So who makes up the foundation? – So our foundation really
consists of board members who represent different walks
of life in our community. We have some representatives
from the school system, some past teachers, some who
are currently administrators with the school system, but
then also business owners, some parents who used to be with the PTA. So, we really have a
diverse board that knows different walks of life
within Hampton and how we can gather the most funding for the projects that we’re getting requests from. – So they’re assisting with
that fundraising piece? – [Arial] They are, yes. – So there’s the big fundraiser that’s coming up just next week. – [Arial] There is. – So, tell us about that fundraiser. – [Arial] Yeah, so we’re
doing a fundraiser, and it’s going to be held at the Hampton University
Proton Therapy Institute, which is a very big name. And we’re doing that on
October 1st, and it really is just going to be awesome
opportunity for those who support our foundation
to be able to meet some of the teachers and grants that we funded, hear more about the
vision and the things that we’re supporting, meet some
of students who have been impacted by our funding,
and then also be able to tour the facilities there at the Proton Therapy Institute. – That’s excellent, so we’re going to have teachers there with items on display. – [Arial] Yes. – We’re going to have
students there for individuals to speak with and talk
about really how that’s affecting their learning. And then also they get to tour the Proton Institute afterwards. – [Arial] Yes. – So if we have anyone that’s
interested in attending, how would they go about that? – Yes, so you can purchase
tickets on our website. The tickets are $100 per person. All the funding goes
directly to supporting our grants and our student scholarships, and you can purchase that on our website, which is HamptonEducationFoundation.org . – And there’s also right on the homepage of the HCS website,
there’s a button that’s the Hampton Education Foundation, so if anyone’s having a
hard time finding that, they can click right on that button to get to the Hampton Education
Foundation page to get there. So, before the event on
Tuesday of next week, it’s Tuesday, correct?
– [Arial] Yes. – October 1st, they would need
to purchase a ticket online? – [Arial] Yes. – Excellent. Now, you
also mentioned a piece about student scholarships,
so what does that entail? – So we provide scholarships each year that opens up around January,
the deadline kind of varies, but usually it’s around the May timeframe, and you can reach out to
your guidance counselor, they’ll have all the
information about that, but we do $1,000 scholarships. This past year we funded three, for three different students. And they’re not based off of grades. You don’t have to have the highest GPA. Our questions really just want to know, has there been a challenge
that you’ve had to overcome, and how have you overcome
that to be successful and to persevere through that? So, it’s not necessarily based
off of just solely your GPA, but we want to know the
students who maybe are dealing with some things and
how they are overcoming. – And how you can help them.
– Yes. – Very nice, so, you’ve got
the students scholarships, you have the teacher grants,
but our teachers have to apply for those grants. I want to kind of go back
to that for a quick moment because that deadline’s
coming up as well as far as when to apply for a grant and
how do I apply for a grant. – Yeah, so that deadline’s October 3rd, and they can apply online,
so they already should’ve received some information
through their email, but sometimes that can get lost. So, you can always go back to our website, which is on the homepage
for Hampton City Schools. There’s a link there on
how to apply for that, and just, I encourage all
teachers to apply because a lot of times you’re coming
out of pocket for some things, or there may be some
projects that you want to do that maybe you just can’t
figure out how you’re going to make it work,
and those are the things that we really want to help them with. And so, I encourage you,
there’s no project too small, there’s no vision too
big, you know we can help how we can to help bring
those things to life. – And like you said, there’s no project too small, so we’ve brought
up some big projects as far as, you know, the
zen room, a sensory walk, we talked about the escape
room and the murals. Those are larger projects, but you did say there’s no project too small. So, those mini grants,
they really just help also fundraise for potential materials to do something within the classroom. – We’ve purchased textbooks or books for maybe some of the younger
classrooms for them to be able to use, but
then also, with out murals, we only, the only funding that
we provided was for paint, paint brushes, things like
that, so the vision was large, but the ask was really
small to be able to do that. And so, sometimes you might
have a really big idea, but it really takes
something small to help catalyst it, and we’re happy
to help with those things. – And we’ve also said it’s,
we’ve seen elementary, middle, high school, pre-k
through eight teachers apply for these grants.
– Yes. – But it’s not just your core teacher. We’ve had special
education teachers apply. We’ve had media specialists apply. – Counseling. – Counseling has applied,
so it’s when we keep saying teachers, it’s really
any staff member within that building that has a
project that they’re working on with our young people. – Yes, and we’ve seen teachers collaborate and staff collaborate, so
you might have a vision for a piece of it, but
maybe our grants don’t fund the whole thing, but if
you can work together with other teachers to get
certain pieces together and make it great or even scaling
it over a couple of years. We’ve had teachers who
want to supply cameras for their classroom for different things. Well, they can’t write a
grant for all those things at one time, but, if we
get this camera this year and then reapply next
year, you can have a vision that we can help you
over a couple of years. – Well you said if they collaborate, and you’ve got a teacher
that applies for maybe the innovative grant
and then another teacher at that same school that
applies for a separate innovative grant, there’s
the opportunity that, if they both get it, that would be $2,000 instead of 1,000.
– [Arial] Yes. And that just impacts even more students, so that’s a win for everyone. – [Kellie] That is a win for everyone. And what a wonderful opportunity. So, just getting back to that elementary, middle, high, just, and I’m
kind of probably throwing you a curve ball, is there a
certain level that tends to apply a little bit more? – I don’t know if there’s a
certain level that applies more, but I do know that the teachers
who receive the funding reapply.
– [Kellie] They reapply. – And so, once they know
that they can get this from this pot, they’re like,
“I want more,” and they’re telling more teachers, so,
if we have some schools that maybe have some teachers
who are really interested, it kind of catches on like
fire ’cause someone’s like, “Well how did you get those cameras?” And it’s like, well I applied
for this and you can too. So we do see a fireball with
that, but we have over the past probably two funding cycles seen an increase with our counselors. We weren’t seeing requests
from teachers who weren’t the teacher, you know
main, homeroom teacher, and so now we’re starting to see that. And again, once one
counselor finds out that this is an opportunity, they’re
sharing that with other counselors and other schools,
and so it’s catching on. – [Kellie] But that’s great.
– Yes. – [Kellie] That’s absolutely fantastic. – It’s exactly what we want. – That is exactly what you
want, and to see how much you’ve grown in just the 18 years. So again, back to those important dates. Next week you have the grant deadline, so that’s October 3rd
– [Ariea] Yes, October 3rd. – And that’s for staff, Pre-K through, Pre-k correct?
– [Arial] Yes. – Pre-k through 12 that
can apply, and it’s right on your website for the mini
grant, which is the 500, or the innovative grant,
which is the 1,000. And prior to that October
3rd is the big fundraiser – [Arial] Yes. that the board is putting on to raise those funds for those grants. – [Arial] Exactly. – So we really want our
community to come out and really help with funding those mini and those innovative grants. And that’s October 1st? – [Arial] October 1st. – And then go to the website to purchase the ticket prior to the event.
– [Arial] Yes. – Now, let’s say I can’t
make it to the event, but I still want to donate
because it’s obviously a wonderful cause. How do I go about that? – You still can do that online,
and you can purchase tickets for the fundraiser online
or you can send in a check. So we will take check,
we’ll take money order. – [Kellie] You’ll take their money, right? – We’ll take your stocks and bonds, whatever you want to
give us, we’ll take it. And so you can send that in to the Hampton Education Foundation. That website, the
information’s on our website, of where our address is and all of that. – So even if I don’t make
it to the October 1st, and I remember October 4th,
oh gosh I wanted to donate. They can donate even after October 1st. We’ll definitely take your money, right? – [Arial] We definitely will, yes. – Excellent, well, thank you
Arial so much for being here. Lots of great things going
on in our classrooms, and a large part due to
that partnership with the Hampton Education Foundation. – Yes, thank you so much. – And thank you for
joining us on HCS Connects. In the meantime, stay connected with us. Follow us on Facebook,
Twitter, and Instagram. Jump over to our website
or PEG-TV station. Thanks and have a great day. (upbeat music)

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