Hampton City Schools – Hampton Education Foundation – March 13, 2017

– My name is Heather Roberts. I’m actually a reading
interventionist here at Aberdeen Elementary School. I have been a classroom
teacher in the past so I’ve taught grades from
pre-k up to third grade. When I applied for the grant, I started doing it actually last year. I’ve applied in the fall and in the spring and this year and I
received it every time. I’ve used the grant to purchase some materials for my small groups. The materials that we use are
based on what students needed within our school itself. Some of the younger activities included sounds, manipulatives. Some of the upper grades
included nonfiction text and then we take those materials, align it with the state
standards and our questions that we use for the SOL practice and those activities are used
for a lot of the students in the school. The Hampton Education Foundation grant has given me the opportunity
to get additional resources for my students. I often try to find highly engaging ones such as wacky weather,
fun science experiments with a lot of pictures to
help draw their interest. So instead of choosing a novel
or a long book for students, I use smaller passages that I’ve received through different
companies purchasing them where the students just have a page or two and they can practice
the skill and strategies that we’re working on with
those smaller passages. Nonfiction is one of our weakest areas so the students I work with are already struggling in reading so this extra support has
actually helped increase some of our test scores. It’s given them a little bit
more motivation and confidence when asking and answering questions. It also helps their overall
reading and comprehension. I really appreciate the opportunity to receive a Hampton
Education Foundation grant because it keeps me from
spending some of my own money and it also helps our
students in the long run getting different experiences. Some of these things we
couldn’t purchase on our own. Some of the times our school within itself doesn’t have the additional funds so the grant gives the
teacher the opportunity to choose the materials
they want for their students based on their students’ needs. I encourage anyone to apply for the grant because it is a little
bit of a lengthy process but when you do receive it, you are given the flexibility
to choose your own items and that you do tell them about everything is aligned
to our state standards but is just a great opportunity that more teachers in my
opinion need to take part in. – [Announcer] The countdown is on. Support teachers like
Heather Roberts on May ninth through the Give Local 757 day. Choose to donate to the
Hampton Education Foundation and help bring creative,
fun learning to our kids. The Hampton Education
Foundation awards grants to Hampton City Schools’ teachers who are developing new programs that make learning more
effective for students. Make sure you give local to the Hampton Education
Foundation on May ninth. (upbeat music)

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