Haiti Tablet Company Uses Tech and AI to Expand Education

we Syrian photographs we are making my fractures of dumbness but not that we provide solution for education and right now trading for the last few years also true that has been working with an organization integrating action technology inside Cosmo so we have certain education that has started configuring and actually creating solutions or skills and either and having them be equipped with a tech equipment even program am training in contacts also for students a mobile have four children and you can just app we use augmented reality to help children understand what they are reading this is different parts like animals and geography and a solar system with geology I don't find the dealership parts but so it's the animal part there are people do so what the Nazis and 3d models with animation and if you click on the object you can feel information about it depending on where you living and then prints or maybe a need you might I mean here about some of the animals in never been seen them and looking at this and a 2d perspective yeah it's may be interesting but really being able to relate and interact with the images with the I mean the concept is that's me what user pen is about and it creates interaction it's either would be even with you happy actually looking at the department's looking at different word and we all know that people learn retain more and stuff that they're able to interact with you know imagine the teacher being able inside a classroom while they're showing to Kazuki this is the lavishly quad I've actually mmm this is a theory but interacting actually with the concept it's a it's another level the important part is I want to create something for children to Lin and I use air to lynch a children's easily special marginal sushi tub optional guitar so our sushi table table or a F we have Jamie superstore in play give you fennel coefficients little is equal to yeah mmm to do biofeedback for cannot have a family apology

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