GVI Volunteer Testimonials | Rachelle | Teaching and Education in Cambodia

I'm Rachelle amulet I'm from Canada and I've been in Cambodia with GBI for the last six weeks taking part in the women's empowerment program I think when you're going volunteering and you're signing up for something you think that you have expectations of what the experience is going to be like but what I've learned in the last six weeks is that any of those expectations have been surpassed being here in Cambodia and especially comforting Cham I've gotten a deeper understanding of the Cambodian culture but I also feel like I've gotten a better understanding through teaching young kids as well as young adults and the challenges that they face and one of the things that has inspired me the most is the camo diem people are extremely positive they're very appreciative and they make sure to go out of their way to ensure that you feel that gratitude so I know walking out of this not only has it made me a stronger and a better person but that I feel like the skills and the knowledge that I've learned are gonna allow me to have a bigger impact in the future no matter where I take that skillset you

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