GVI Volunteer Testimonials | Annie | Teaching and Education in Quepos

hello my name is Danny Tennessee I'm from Jackson Hole Wyoming and I was recommended to GBI child care program by a friend some of my favorite things about working at the child care program is we get to see the same faces every day and make relationships with the and propel and people in the town a big highlight for me things that I really enjoy about this the role models that I have around me especially the staff they are very dedicated and passionate about the cause and that makes me very passionate about the cause and learn about get to take part in childcare in to take English which lets me work with adults and children I feel more than even more connected one thing that I learned from working with GDI is how nonprofit organizations works especially working with one I have seen learn about how they changed and evolved and how those are steps that are crucial to bettering the program and I've learned that there's no perfect group but in order to be better changed as needed

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