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okay I thought the perfect the perfect a little bit of entertainment and insight after this kind of discussion is guy Bob Lee so we are the meetings of the mind and guy is the master of the mind he's appeared in over 50 countries he's headlined 1200 chosen Caesars Palace he started more than 400 television programs he was recently named by History Channel as a super human and before we bring him out here please cast your eyes on the screen no I bubbly master of the fantastic performer it was amazing awesome time he's phenomenal my name is die pocket I would love to see Elijah minister of the mall so guys gonna come out here and talk to you about Sixth Sense guy thank you thank you very much thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you please please please all of you please sit down oh all right very happy to be what a wonderful place here right that idea city right good ladies and gentlemen I'm very happy to be here let me explain to you what's gonna happen today but before that I have a question for you if it's okay please raise your hand if you believe in the idea that the sixth sense does exist that's wonderful okay if you don't believe in that idea that the six that's exists you think it's a myth or a mystery please rise your hand that's okay I'm one of you in a way and who is not going to raise their hand no matter what I'm gonna ask you one two three exactly what I thought all right so let me explain you today I'm going to try to read your mind whether you like it or not so you better like it try not to think about anything bad you did specially not in the last couple of days because I don't want to get your thoughts said out loud and I don't want to say things you don't want me to say correct the first thing I want to do is maybe explain a little bit about what is the sixth sense but I think in order to connect with you because it's all about connection I want to do a little rehearsal just to see if we qualify to connect and I want to do something with one of you is that okay now one thing that I'm very important for me I will not pick the people myself I'm not just gonna say hey you please stand up because some people think maybe I pay you money before the show and I ask you to say things so I want to be fair is that okay so without being said please ma'am can you stand up please hello what is your name Carmen correct years of experience and a lot of medication involved Carmen I'm not gonna use you we don't know each other correct yeah you seem very happy about that but that's okay I don't know him or Carmen I'm can you say stop out loud very good now I'm gonna move like that just stop me anywhere you want that's it fantastic is that the lady yes okay hello there's the lady over there how are you sorry for waking you up sorry for week can you transfer the microphone to the lady over there yes so now you help me choose a person which I appreciate it very much hello nice to meet you can you please stand up what is your name Judy yeah good memory Judy is it okay if I will try to read your mind very good Judy clear your mind oh that would be easy right the moment you get here a couple of drinks and we're okay Judy I want you to set very small questions very quick first of all don't say anything just think think of your favorite color do you have your favorite color in your mind I do except I'm going to write something here very good mm-hmm fantastic I did it what's your favorite color blue blue yes what's wrong with green blue well if that makes sense to you oh yes yes yes yes very good very good now it's just it's just the start it's just the start so let me ask you another question maybe I'll bring some but something out this is not what I want to bring out here is I want you to very quickly name a number between one and ten think it or say it sorry you can mail it to me but it's faster if you tell me it's only in Canada right right okay go ahead yeah six number six six no no no no no no no no wait wait I know what you're thinking you're thinking that my parents are cousins it's possible I'm from a very small village what you don't understand Judy and ladies and gentleman you see this is a six and this is a six and this is a six and this is a six and this is a six and everything here is the six thank you you can sit down good so you ask yourself what the hell happened here and I'll tell you whatever happened here was a connection between two people a few jokes to break the ice and a little bit of body language here there is no way that I know what you're thinking I'm not a mind reader but I know how are you thinking and that's how we do things now before I even continue I want to talk to you a little bit about the sixth sense because it's the main question that people ask me all the time what is the sixth sense and but I want to also tell you a little bit about Who I am where I come from you can hear by my accent I'm not originally from Canada right or from America I'm originally from Israel a very small town and give a time and I move now a couple of years ago and then I live now in Florida a lot of people ask me why did you move to Florida from Israel Israel is beautiful why Florida for me was a very obvious decision you see there are more Jewish people in Florida than in Israel I don't know if you know that Israel not so many of the Florida a lot let's move to Florida so um but as a child ladies room as a child I was really really fat I was so fat I was obese is that me yeah that's me over there not not the baby just me I'm here about four years old and when when I was 12 I was 106 kilograms which is a privilege about 235 pounds so I was really big actually I was double the size of any other kid in my age let's see oh here this is me and this is my friends you can see nobody sit next to me because there is no space now as a child I was kind of neglected I didn't have friends friends make fun of me I was bullied because people saw me the way I was looking looking another way that I am inside as you can see nobody stood next to me also for that reason I guess but I always wanted to to be special and show people really Who I am from the inside and I loved superheroes when I was a child and I looked at them and I wanted to be like them but I couldn't because they were so skinny and they had six-packs and all that and all I had was just one pack you know one pack of my own self so one day I went to to a bazaar with my mother and there was a magic stand there and they sold magic and I bought a magic cube that was telepathy cubes you give somebody to pick a color and then I know what color I was amazed I bought that I went back bought few more I start doing magic to kids and and they start looking at me and and I was kind of very cool to my friends and later on when I grew up I started performing magic but magic was not enough for me so I made a transition to the psychological part of magic which is the magic of the mind so I studied psychology and physiology and intuition and and an NLP hypnotherapy and memory work can't remember what else and and with that I became Who I am today so one of the main questions that people wanted to ask me always was what is the sixth sense and I think that the success does exist in each and every one of us we have five senses we can hear we can see we can smell we can taste we can touch five senses but I believe that if we take all the five senses together and put them all together we can create what other people think is the sixth sense and was never counted who for my personal view the sixth sense is our feelings that we have the love who loves somebody here there's a lot of you or some haters there but okay okay so do you love somebody you don't have to see them or touch them correct they might be somewhere but you know that you love them so how do you know if you don't use one of your senses because you'll use one of the most important which is your feeling I want to show you how it is possible to create a connection and have that sixth sense with your permission is that okay is there any married couple in this room any married couple put your hands up married couple married couple married couple America fantastic and good what's your name sir Peter nice to meet you Peter I'm going like that whatever you want to say stop stop any married couple here put kick your head there is hello there nice to meet you and you married are you willing to come and share your love with me you sure give give them a big round of applause can you come over here please all the way I think over from there give them a little bit more love excellent hello please come over here come over here hi oh you're jumping and they're happy you're here sir thank you so much and the ladies over here let's start with the lady first of all what is your name love Jill nice to meet you Jill where you from from California oh so you came to see me thank you so much Jill from California and are you married I am how many years 16 years to that gentleman over here absolutely great let's just find out hello what's your name Martin Marty nice to meet you mark where you from California what a coincidence uh-huh are you married yes do that lady over here correct that's wonderful so this is what we're going to do you know when people are together married together sometimes they're more than just a couple and for example in Martin when you were at home with your pajamas how does she call you do you have any nickname by any chance pajamas when you and your people forget about the pajamas when you're at home without your pajamas all right how does she call you honey let's stick with Martin is that okay with you or this all right so this is the game sometimes you sit down very tired from the whole day and all you want is Martin to give you maybe a drink the cost of wine or coffee you don't want to go to the kitchen and then you think about it and you really concentrate and think about it and then and I'm Tiffany happen right what happened no you look at him and he's asleep it happens so now I'm gonna solve the problem I will connect this couple together can you please stand here Jill Jill right but Martin can you please stand here extend your hand to the front extend your hand to the front I'll turn around to your husband turn around to your wife and turn your hand come up touch each other I want you to look each other in their eyes Martin look at GOG look and Martin remember all the 16 years and many more other things that you've been together remember the family remember anything all the good and the many years to come because I will connect both of you mentally physically romantically and telepathically starting right now kumbaya can you please stand over here can you please step over there thank you so much you feel the chills feel the chills in the microphone now you don't understand what happened they are connected what you see he sees what he sees you feel you are connected not anymore Martin and Jill your margin all right no Jill can you stand over here extend your hands to me just like that okay fantastic and close your eyes I will touch a few times I just want to make sure that you can feel me okay do you feel that I touch you how many times 2 times that wait wait wait wait wait wait wait put your hands put your head and do you feel close your eyes you feel how many times two times that's going to take your hands down take your hand down now Jill I want you to both to connect open your eyes you are going to be the sender you are going to be the receiver all right I'm going to give you for that matter here two boards the sender the receiver okay it's just to see if we can work together because otherwise maybe we can't okay so the sender can you take that please fantastic and the receiver can you take that that's great stand like that okay a marker for you and the marker for you I want you to look at her then look at the board and I want you to write a number look at her look at the board good and write the number big and clear you have to think about a number and write it clear from 1 to 50 1 to 50 ok write the number from 1 to 50 then we will see if we have a commonality between them now if he thinks about 50 and she thinks about 4 it is close all right did you did you write did you write the number big I'll take the marker I'll take the marker that's fantastic write it big write it big big big yet we all want to see it write it big and today we have okay so ready sure your number show you now don't show it yet show the number to everybody here yeah yeah over there okay let's see can you show your number it was close it's close not right we are what is it one off one off but you see some time you have to be prepared can you just take this and open it up open it up can you show every anyone you have to predict that sometime these things happen give me a big round of applause see all right so uh I think I think I can work with you I think I think I can work with it okay put your hands like that fantastic put your hands like that now I'm going to touch your hands few times and you're going to feel it only in the end you'll tell me how if you filled it how many times in words that okay close your eyes close your eyes I will start ladies and gentlemen right now everybody will see they will feel please open your eyes open your eyes look at the audience take your hands down look at the audience good now don't look at each other just listen to my question if you felt that I touched your hand take it one hand up if you feel that I touched your hand and can you point where you felt a little tight that I touched you where did you feel it here there yeah okay and how many times in fingers 1 2 3 4 5 how many times 1 2 3 4 5 3 times you fell for that one off you see why not always the case but isn't that weird isn't that weird ah okay wait let me let me let me let me try it one time so I know you don't know what's happening I'll tell you in the end but do you think starting it there might be connected yes okay wait wait wait okay the next thing is I want you to be aware of your entire body is that okay I want you to be aware of your entire body so close your eyes open your eyes did you feel that I touched you we're very good and close your eyes okay open your eyes where did you feel it good so now be aware of your body everybody will watch they will see I want you to take both hands to the front both hands to the front when I snap my fingers I want you to take your hands down but you're going to look to that side and you are going to look to that side okay with your eyes closed ready set let's start right now close your eyes close your eyes close your eyes take your hand down and turn to the side over there close your eyes just be aware open your eyes look at the audience if you felt that I touch you take one hand up if you filled it more than twice take both hands up okay if you enjoyed it just move your hands to the right and the left after so many years doesn't matter who touch you right all right can you point where you feel that I touched you show everybody isn't that weird huh isn't that weird so I want to wrap things up but this time I want to do it differently all right differently I call it will be the thing that convinced the convince sir can you take this please or can you hold that over there like that great now this is how it is in a moment I will ask you to close close your eyes when I touch this give it a quick ring okay there's just one ring just one ring okay close your eyes just one ring you have to just move your hand and follow me is that right okay close your eyes close your eyes now they can also hear not just feel so watch very carefully close your eyes parking close our Jill let's do it the last time right now if you feel me touching just give a ring open your eyes open your eyes did you see the ring isn't that weird isn't that weird in there not weird now I know you don't know what's happening let me explain to you it's about time we tell them what happened okay so first of all how many times did I touch Martin a lot how much did that time did I touch he'll never come to the microphone over here you filled the head you remember the hands they touch you like that did I ever came close to her my hand were up like this and down like that I never touched you remember that I touched him in the back and then I didn't want to do this I didn't want to but he told me see he told me but I didn't really touch you for sure I had my invisible hand but this touch you but what happened when I touched him behind there she jumped you saw did they ever came close to her and the last thing is the bells did you feel they rang the bell did they came closer but every time I move the hands like that with your husband you felt it so are they telepathically connected or what – give me a big round of applause think about think about you will test them now wait a second let me just a few things first of all come here come to you why first of all I give you this as a souvenir thank you so much and no one for you come to your husband I will be happy to sign it to you outside and you have about hundreds of people here in ideas city that will confirm and talk to you about how did I touch your husband how did he enjoyed it and you too and and and when I say and also I want to congratulate that's a great couple because from the love I see tonight nine months from now I'm just kidding go back to your seat thank you so much so much and remember one thing remember one thing always believe in yourself no matter how you look no matter who you are and also remember that the love that we have is our sixth sense in the essence of every sense that we have thank you very much guys

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  1. Hey why don’t u do the million dollar challenge by James randi or u are the shit and don’t need to prove yourself to him which I understand cuz this is amazing to me. I would love to be your apprentice

  2. Im so bummed – I couldn't watch past the few first minutes with all the advertising . You tube sucks now.

  3. Odd. Every video that I have seen where he bends a spoon or Fork starts with the exact same plain design. When you watch other magicians bending a spoon, surprise surprise surprise all the spoons look the same. He does seem to be a good magician great sleight-of-hand. I would love to see him on Penn & teller's show called fool us. Why because everything he does just happens to be a copy of another trick somebody else has done.

  4. My parents saw him last week. They were chosen for the couple touch and bell skit. My mom is still blown away and has no idea how it happened. She felt every touch and heard the bell ring. Her friends in the crowd assumed she was in on it, but not the case.

  5. It's not real, I will give away a sample ,check that left lady hand when he touch that man hand ,that is something pulling her hand to give a warning on her

  6. Is there a mentalist school in Israel or something. Where ever it is they teach them to say "You seem very happy about that" when asking if someone knows them and they answer no.

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