GU-Q Writing Center

(light upbeat music) – I really think the most special part of the writing center is the way that it’s able to help all students
of Georgetown Qatar. And by that I mean that there’s no distinctions made
between, you know, a first semester Freshman or
final semester Seniors. (light upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Sarah Al-Mutoteh. I am a second semester
Freshman, and I am most likely going to be majoring
in International Politics. My favorite part about the writing center is how easily accessible it is. How willing and how
helpful the tutors are. Whether your problems are pertained to grammar, or whether it’s brainstorming or, you know, whatever it is. They’re very hands on deck, and like they want to see you succeed, and they want to help you as much as you can. (light upbeat music) – Once decided to come
to the writing center because I wanted to
improve in my essays and my assignments, and also
improve myself as a writer. (mumbles) to know your limits. I mean that’s basically huge. Actually why I would recommend
someone to come here. (light upbeat music) – Writing allows you to have the freedom to express your innermost thoughts and beliefs in a creative way. Going to the writing center, it helps you develop your own voice as a writer. Thanks to the writing center,
I’m a more confident writer. – Everyone has room to grow as a writer. And our goal here is simply to help each individual on their own growth and potential towards the future. (light upbeat music)

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