GT Sport Learning The New Track Open Lobbies – Update 1.40

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you hello everyone Oh new track new cars if you by the way if you want to join in some of these races so I would recommend we're going to do gt3 and gt3 in group 4 races but also we're gonna be doing some maybe one or two of the new cars so make sure you get yourself them new cars I've been added today if you can I probably won't be doing the X once the new X 2019 so don't worry about that car because it's free million pound so I don't really well we won't put that on everyone because it you'll have no money left but we may do the Clio v6 and another car maybe the truck just something for fun during the stream as well so make sure you go and get them cars hello everyone in the chat let me know what you think about the new track by the way in my opinion is very good and you've got f 1 2019 today nice gamer I'm gonna be back on that hopefully tomorrow or something I need to get what I'm really not sure whether to do a GP 2 career or f1 career the only problem with the videos with f1 is they don't do very well for me GT sport seems to be a bet obviously the better place for me to get fit like for my video so I might just do that so maybe add a video or something like and release it a bit earlier if I can muscle maybe will stream it I don't know but yeah for this today we're streaming just the new track all night we're gonna do we're gonna try and do every variation now these are gonna be pretty much sprint races we're not gonna Ram we're not gonna worry about doing long races we're gonna take Thai we're off fuel we're off because we don't need to worry about tire and for your wear at the moment because it's just about learning the tracks getting used to the braking zones figuring that way you can overtake and having some fun really so we're gonna note I wear no fuel where they're gonna be like 5 laps and well we'll do yeah five laps should be ok for that track to start with and then we're going to try and do all all variations so let's we'll do grids start with all-star check and remember people if something happens to on the grid and you can't pull away your car bugs out not much I can do about it because it's just the bugs in the game I can't restart a lobby every time this happens so if it happens it's just unlucky you need to go back to Reese rejoin the session or exit the lobby or whatever and try and rejoin because it's just the way the game is there's not not much I can do about it right we don't need any of that and we need to tie we're off yep you need that I'm real if that I'm there did it we're gonna start with some group free I say at this track balance promise on we will do will do racing hearts because that's more likely what we'll be racing in daily races you guna if it – and there's no real point up in time some fuel because you're just making the car heavy I feel I feel you're just gonna make the car really heavy tired times one time where I won't make any difference for a five lap race we're not doing long races so it'd be basically irrelevant but the tire wear but I feel like if we put fuel on times one it's just gonna make the cars heavy think for today's stream you're just gonna keep it fairly simple and just keep it like that yeah and uh I just want to keep it fairly simple I don't want to be acting like time for your we're on for it when we're doing five libraries as it seems a bit pointless will maybe do that a lava stream when we add like longer racism being in prohibited week week on ghosted lap cars is on counter steer yeah we can anyone can delete them because it's just a it's about having fun tonight and learning the truck really so did it to do have you been and blitzen daily race cm Quinton just I couldn't be I really can't be bothered I'm not really bothered about my dr anymore I could have just blitz daily race being just there probably got my my main account off quite a bit but aren't really be bothered doing like they'd erase be over and over again quite like daily racy though but it's the risk of penalties I suppose probably not that bad actually I probably could have just done that on my main account and built it up a bit it's just I don't really want to be racing that front I want to be started from the back on my over account it's more fun and that all seems fairly ok ok so we'll create this lobby the lobby name is YouTube the key 25m Sardegna or sec begging i don't know it's pronounced some people of I've had on my video today free about free people cents come everyone said it's pronounced something different so Uno is bliss there you go that's a tie at all if you've got me on your list I'm online anyway so it should be an open Lobby just search the track and feel free to join we'll start with gt3 guessing you've heard are we talking a perimeter on the VLX Quentin yeah I thought so right sardines everyone we just call the sardines yeah okay so I just go inside Degnan start dekhna ordain eight I don't know I said sardegna sardegna that sounds right to me but apparently that's not how you pronounce it in Italy and it's an Italian parent it's an Italian works it's an Italian country isn't it so that's where the bit 'space all right so I'm gonna go with my Ford GT because why not as well for a bit but then yeah yeah it could be light side then you probably a silent D so it's our den yeah probably but then you yeah I would think it's sad then you could it be Asylum G and the update I haven't done much out of me we did a video on it it's it's it's a good update there's some nice new features in there I have have another actually haven't had it working properly at the end top-10 feature where now you can load the ghost of anyone in the top ten in daily race time trials and race against that ghost which should be a massive help for everyone to understand where you're losing the time though for these people that you know they say they're always in the bright braking zones to be able to see visually where you're losing the time it should be a massive help now so I'm looking forward to doing that myself as well against lightning for example see where he's quicker and stuff there's a nice little feature although I haven't seen it working yet I'll try it out maybe maybe we'll have a go up before we end the stream just to see how it works and see if it's on there all right let's go to track we need we need up some like two or three laps on everyone on the track so I need to properly run it though I want to try and get really like we'll just keep going from track to track doing a few races I do like the new track though I must say it's got a really nice flow so I think a and B are the better ones Oh I think she's a little bit too short but see could be okay for certain types of car like maybe road cars should have on the from–or forgot about lies flat out this part and then we go with a heavy braking zone at the end up here a Fink have a little look at the mouthy areas which we need to brake a little bit before that hundred I think there I really like this truck though yeah I forgot I said tight left I'm losing it which then just break just before the hundred probably on 100 I think there though going into turn one might have what I say so far breaking zone it's just before the 100 board on the right hand side that's where I'm in group 3 I think the braking will be just before about there may be three I'll break it in off the fro then slowly back onto the power and this is flat-out no need to lift through this section it's completely flat all the way out and then you're going down to about third gear for this called a braking on the 50 about the 50 board and then just hold it in tight while trail braking through the corner down second gear be patient on the throttle then aggressively on the frawls you go through the corner now it's a left-hand corner again you want to brake just after the 50 board down to second gear maybe further or second gear after to see how that goes in then on the power very early because you want to carry as much speed as possible into this section because this is now flat out and then you're coming into the heavy braking zone which again you're braking just before the hundred on the right hand side though brake just before that hundred board down to second gear and again just be very patient before putting that throttle down to run wide of it there and spin like that gonna be careful on that right hand cycle if you go too aggressive you spin the rear like that this section is quite easy it's just a little lift through here I fine and then down to third again there be very clear we got to get on the power again as early you've really got to be brave on that quality on the power early and the same for here braking on one hundred down into first gear and then be aggressive on the throttle as much as you can be getting hit in the wall yeah the perfect example I mean this is my third lap I've thought about though there's to be my fall fluff on this Drive so you gotta bear with me at the moment I'm trying to learning myself I'm just trying to give a genuine idea of some of the brake markers and where you need to be sort like slowing down I'm sure we'll be able to go faster as we get more used to the track I really like this little section here we come out that calling then it's flat out it's really nice flow to it and then this left-hand corner down to third gear and I like the way this corner is you'll be patient and swing it in I was to to impeach that should have been on the front way earlier than that let's see if we can break a bit closer to a hundred boards this again is another nice section when you hook it up or I'll read that in a minute let me just finish this love now this call is just flat-out pre-mortem zany donated five pound free super chat thank you very much you're a legends a knee thank you very much I should have went up into fifth gear and carried more speed then hang the doubt the corner of it Oh super early on the phrase he was in how you can break on the hundred there mate sorry but yeah Thank You st. Denis I need to turn this volume up on these its need to test something I'm just gonna subscribe to myself because I know it won't show up with it what do I should have do I'm gonna donate to myself because or Delos works it can't hear the things very low let's just see there you go much louder I can hear it now nice and clear alright so we'll go for an overlap because that live got a bit ruined I said I'm not sure what cars will be easy apparently the Lexus 2017 car has had a ram in group free that's how they're both so it's even better now though Lexus are like literally the Opie team because the 2017 Lexus IS are the big boost in its performance because the stats have changed since the latest update it seems like what they're doing they're being sneaky because they don't want to change the Bo P and let people see it they must be altering something else on the cars that we don't know about that gives them better performance which is stuff because that letters did not need a bo P change and the Renault the Renault goofy car got a buff is even slower now it's baffling at a sweared though I'd really don't on the Sun the logic behind it but it's polyphony now there's no rain on the game yet but like we expected that we did say I did say it probably could be up to three four months away no one really knows it's probably not finished yet already but let's try and do a better life this time I'll be a bit more aggressive on some of these corners ah two-bit I'm too scared on the Frog tell them no the track well enough again too scared on the front wall I went too early and there's a buck off Ning you're back on the throttle which is obviously not where you're just going to lose a lot of time doing so flower I need to break through us before this hundred I feel like I can briefly there yeah I can break a lot let me just get more confident on the brakes really at this track we'll start erasing it I just don't know how competitive different cars are around there I mean I don't know what I knew is doing member will take that again ah wrong gear and he's just need to sort that calm losing like free for attempts on that one corner we'll start this race in a minute anyway we're not going to spend too long polyfoam though we'll finish this up and then start I don't know how I've got that into a being fast ever you need to get braver on the frontal there a lot of time to be gained I said take that 100% flat no need to lift there that's a bit bare we go we can get this into the forty ones and well well into the forty ones I think that's just that's happy I might be enough to start a race I feel like I've got the hang of the track now it didn't take long well maybe about ten laps and I've got used to it so yeah the g20 I went really cheap didn't it last flat five it's like 100 and 120 nine at one point but that was without the shifter and then they adjusted it and the one apparently they've adjusted the shortcut and I don't know about the contact penalties they've adjusted the shortcut one so not really sure about what's been changed on that or not and I need to test that out maybe another day beam in daily ready for my over account because we're very likely to get penalties on the other account starting from the back we'll have a little look at that and see what it's like maybe another day yeah this diff I saw mentions think about a court winced at me I about something got Group one and if you all been changed what what what cars have been altered is eyes I'm guessing the Toyota might have been altered and Nazis for nothing yeah apparently they've altered something with it though like I don't know why are the Peugeot is worse on the fuel now what about the Toyota be interesting to see what the toilets is like but we will start this race anyway with a nice little 5 lap race get this started and then we can go on to another track it is the same that's Andy all right let's start this race anyway but I can definitely get well into the 41 through this four they've described be a bit more confident on some of these corners I do like this track though this race a this version a I think a and B on my favorite although I think see map you could track four other tracks is like four overcome like cars and stuff good track though I'm really happy with this track to be fair star nice flow to it enjoyable not too long either it's pretty much the perfect distance I think this I think the problem is there I'm seeing quite a quarry or whatever you call it it was a bit long some of the variations I have to be patient on the frogs they want to hit the hour they and then to patient all going their bit other than that okay so they can be a lot more aggressive through there let's dis will be interesting to see if you can find or overtake some this track I think the main place is gonna be turn one you could whip the long slipstream obviously that was nicely run wise we've got that one back okay I need a way more speed through there oops hahaha don't ever again we might be able to let him go there and get this back anyway should be able to slip to me and go this that Mercedes warming up the speed of the Ford GT down here Oh they've been there what are they doing we're in the lead right concentrate now pull away let's break that slipstream if we can Mercedes will be good on the slower corners compared to this car but we should have the advantage through the fast sections but what we know is that Mercedes is really good than the slipstream we learned I am circled on the staff obviously when force was behind this picking up a massive slipstream I did a wire for that was the other corner I thought that corner was the one where you can break on 100 clearly not this is the one you can break on the hundred I got much better access be free there with the way the gearing is I like the way the overtaking is there you still have to brake quite late to make the overtake where why am I not recording this this is quite a funny race right it's fun raised to be fair remember not the Honda we got breaking a little bit before that hundred it's about there through there much better let's get out that slipstream come on get away from that slip I'll ease back in it already although he struggles to take as much speed as a fourth through there though well it don't think you'd be able to go for a move into the braking zone by one one if they battle we might be able to break the slipstream well it was horrible for there ah too scared to go on the front needs to be earlier not on the throne it bear on the frontal there Oh nearly been there oh my god mmm nearly lost the lead then with a silly mistake need to carry more speed through that corner lose a lot of time there other terrible laughs of the mmm yeah the new ghost will show you where you losing the time so you'll be hand I don't think I'll make much of difference for me it'll probably just show me a little bit where I'm losing a bit compared to some people it's been on pretty much I mean most games about that kind of feature in a way I mean it was on project cars when you in time try you could raise the in several people this goes are we gonna do Thai Rak tonight maybe it's like different tonight because we may use the trucks for something different maybe a rec fest in the trucks I don't know all right so make sure you get yourself the truck and the clear with v6 I'd say if you want to do all the races tonight so let's go to save that replay it was my first racer so made a few mistakes but at least we got the hang of the track so now we're going to go to Ocean B and we'll go to group 4 we go group B for the rip this one now there's where the hell oh yeah down we're gonna go to B and we're gonna go to group before not Group B what I don't know why I say kriby group 4 that's all long thingy yep and we'll do 6 laps of this one a bit shorter so ticks up should be fun yeah that's what I was thinking that the the the Ford and the even the fourth or the raptor and rec fest and we'll do it around one of these tracks maybe maybe I think that a will be the best bet because it's got all the barriers around the side so it's quite well you can't really go too far off the track will you do it as a race but what we'll do when we do that we'll do it as kind of a full-on contact race so you still need to win the race but there will be massive contact in it because we're racing truck so anything always basically when we do that one but not now proper racing now so what car we gonna go there we go the Mustang after it'll be like I don't know actually it's got a lot of corners this isn't it Oh what should we go and edit it there everyone's gonna go the Lexus aren't they I forgot about that the Lexus is so overpowered let's ban the Lexus no Lexus let's ban up because it's just so overpowered let's just make sure is anyone in the Alexus know no one's actually oh yeah they are someone's in it out the Lexus yeah you rather increase haven't yeah your car's been increasing group free as well been buffed off even more it's a piss-take really but let's just see if everyone's oh it's not out that need to get out Lexus or you will be kids but not having lactis in group forward is so overpowered it's just pointless having it in the race well just if he if he doesn't listen by the time we've got a bit of practice the what car do I go my Ford or do I try something yeah I think we're gonna go forward I want to keep used to that so let's go in the fourth and there's been slightly a piece of rapid that though the Bo P changes have been done on the slide they haven't been telling everyone if you look at the stats stats on cars have been increasing without Bo P changes so they've been just changing it other ways though that's why but the the lectures in group 3 it's now add an increase so it's even faster I mean if you will give him a few minutes if he doesn't want to listen then we'll kick him we don't want the lecture single it just ruins the racing it just it's way too overpowered about remember this track enough right wait there this is the medium version isn't it so I'm not really up to speed on this but Oh God I've only driven a fat for I think it was four laps that did around the inner group for e car this is my first time in a group we obviously did the laps for the video but that was just basically crawling round there wasn't really pushing break around the hundred I think I wrote that I like this track I love the ever late like the elevation changes on the track it feels really really go it's very rare you you get the sense of so much elevation on a track this you really feel it on this oh well oh we going it right there oh I really like the track to be fair Said's I think it's a good try I like the flow of bow for all of them so far one minute the little ones woke up well she's not been asleep yet mad pumpkin what it's ami her that's introduced any thought I was just paying it hey one minute I'll be back in a minute let me just go and I'll spectate where I just go and sort this one out who can respect a who's in there you go expecting some air and fire somewhere back in a minute okay we're back oh right about to try and try and learn a bit so need to a couple of laps here now yeah they are the oldies fast on most trucks to be fair I've got me indicate your arm the Ferraris definitely better on the new physics definitely seems a better car but then again the Ferrari was always a reasonable like it was always a well-balanced car because when I used that in the preseason for last year's official season I found it was really good they got me good results so I quite like the Ferrari I just think it's one of them cars that people overlook a lot oh it doesn't matter I'm not just let him be he's not even in he's not up the front so I mean just let them stay in it's not going to cause any really problems anyway I mean I just don't want people like obviously the top drivers going in the Lexus because then it just becomes a boring race where they pull away by second a lap yeah I've not got mine because I didn't I've not made it because even North Peter in the UK it's only – only twelve drivers from the Europe can go to the nations final I braked way too early there so yeah only twelve drivers in the EU can go which doesn't make much sense but I'm 24 from the EU but then you've got some people that can't go because you can only have two drivers from each nationality so I think I've missed out on about by about two places or one or two places something like that but I wouldn't have been out to go anyway so it doesn't really bother me I've said it like I can't go to World Tour event so it's not really a concern for me I'm more bothered about just doing me videos and I'm playing on the game and then I'm trying to have some fun as well now you're like I'm quite a way off here on terms of lap time I've got kids and the missus works six times a week so there's no way we can get people to look after the kids and take them to school and pick them up every day it'd be impossible because her mom the only person lives near is her mom but she works and she's the only person with a car they'll be able to do it so it's just it's just physically not possible and it wouldn't be fair on the mrs. Eva I just wouldn't bother to be fair the mrs. lets me do all this in the bedroom you know streaming and that and there's a lot and it'd be it'd be physically impossible for her to cope with kids for like five days on her own when she work six times a week I don't think that would be fair on her to be honest but my I wish I could afford to bloody go to new users grace how much money do you think ha ha maybe we haven't been on holiday in 7 years we can't afford to so there's no way I'd be able to take the whole family plus it would probably be when the kids are in school or I I don't know whether it will be but even then it just we can't afford that kind of thing and they ain't gonna pay for the whole family to go they'll only pay for you they won't pay for anyone else finally get used to strike I think I'm gonna take more speed through there I can take more speed there let's need to improve by quite back-breaking a lot later into this corner that's terrible Oh God you may live near me me but you don't you probably owe more money than me a lot more money than our family being too hesitant on the throttle uh-huh Oh God paid vacations in the UK what you mean by paid vacations how late can we break into this corner okay that's flat why have I been listening there [Applause] I'll probably do that in third gear [Applause] I mean for what I work from home and I only get paid by YouTube so yeah I mean no I wouldn't get I would have to make loads of videos when I was away and plus I don't know not flight I don't know how much money you think you make off the amount of subscribers I've got but it's it's not particularly great I can tell you that go on watch Erie's video if you want have an idea of the kind of money you get for depending on type of views bearing in mind the Erie's that's quite high high viewing figures on some of his videos but then I tend to get more content out the Neary's so brings around the mouse you don't know much on YouTube with them until you get tight 100k and then you once you've got like I think once you're like 50 200k subscribers that's when you can really you can probably start to afford to do all the stuff as well this car feels really weird there yeah Momo is probably an Aries about half of his income gotta be third gear I mean for one I've got to save up for my missus for an engagement ring also we're not engaged yet so that's my priority at the moment really is to get engaged to the missus that's number one priority out of anything I mean there's not many women that will just let you know that will support your doing this kind of thing in like encourage you to do it and without there I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now so that's that's number one aim oh the little ones woke up again I can see her out the corner of my eye what's the matter feel like you're gonna be sick wanna go and put you just wanna watch some telly until mommy comes own one you can get Italian okay have some juice nope I'm gonna do it no matter what Samantha you don't like your room one minute everyone okay she's been sick so I'm gonna I'm gonna run the stream and I'll be back alive in about 15 minutes when the missus is home okay sorry everyone but she's she being sick so I have to apologize I will see you all in about 15-20 minutes I'll be back very soon bye everyone

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